How to Manifest Money

How to Manifest Money (A Comprehensive Guide)

Want to learn all about how to manifest money? Below, I give you a comprehensive guide filled with techniques, tips, and tricks to manifest financial abundance. I also give you some tips on what to look for to know whether your manifestation is coming true. It’s a jam-packed blog post, but all of these tips, tricks, and techniques will serve and support your manifestation journey!

How to Manifest Money
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Money Mindset

Before we dive into how to manifest money, we need to first talk about something that will set the foundation for your manifestation success:

Money mindset.

If any inkling of you felt weird about clicking on a blog post titled “How to Manifest Money,” I want to stop you right there.

This is what you need to know:

Financial prosperity is your birthright. You were made to live an extraordinary life of joy, success, passion, peace, freedom, and abundance.

At your very foundation, you are limitless.

Money is not the root of all evil. It only becomes that when you choose that perspective. But if you’ve ever believed that statement, I urge you to flip it on its head.

Money is an exchange of energy.

Money is an exchange of love.

If you’re like me, you don’t desire money because you just really love green paper and shiny things. Rather, it’s the freedom associated with money that you desire. Freedom to live the life you feel called to. Freedom to give and help and support others. Freedom to empower others to live their passions and truths. Freedom to spread really, really good things across a wider and more expansive scope.

This is not bad. This is not selfish. This is not evil.

This is your very essence: to give, share, and receive love.

Don’t buy into negative beliefs about money if they don’t align with your truth. Money may be the root of all evil for someone else, but not for you. Not when your heart is aligned with goodness and compassion and love.

Before you begin your manifestation journey, release any negative beliefs you hold about money. These beliefs don’t serve or support your ultimate wellbeing or highest good.

In fact, this is your opportunity to restructure your beliefs. What does money truly feel like to you? Does it feel like freedom? Does it feel like a source for helping your family and friends? Does it feel like a way to help and support and empower others? Does it feel like opportunity? Does it feel like something that could be truly beautiful if you let it?

Release everyone else’s stories about what money is and isn’t.

Today, set the intention to choose your own story – one that aligns with your values and beliefs.

And know that you are so, so worthy of living a life of deep, profound, neverending abundance.

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How to Manifest Money

How do you manifest money?

If you’ve found your way here, I’m assuming you know a little bit about manifestation already, but just in case, let’s backtrack and define what it means to manifest something.

Manifestation is the process in which you set an intention for something (often an experience, object, or feeling) that you want to create in your life. For instance, you might want to manifest a relationship or your dream job. After you’ve set your intention, you attract your desired manifestation by vibrating at the level of your desire.

For example, if you want to manifest a relationship, you don’t wait until that relationship comes to feel loved, joyful, and secure; you choose to feel loved, joyful, and secure now, thus attracting even more of those positive vibes to you.

And if money represents freedom to you, then you wouldn’t wait until you make lots of money to feel free. Feel free now, releasing any negative beliefs and thought patterns so you can attract even more positive feelings of freedom towards you.

(You might also hear manifestation referred to as the Law of Attraction, which is the basis of the bestselling book, The Secret.)

Essentially, manifesting is as simple as consistently vibrating at the level of your desire so that you attract that outcome to you.

But it isn’t always easy to be “on” 24/7, which is why there are some awesome practices and techniques that will support you in your manifestation journey.

Below, I’m first going to detail 9 different practices and techniques for manifesting financial abundance. Then, I’m going to give you a few extra tips and tricks that have served me in my own manifestation journey. And finally, I’m going to give you some things to look out for to know whether your manifestation is on its way.

It’s a lot of information packed into this single blog post, but every bit of it has been designed to serve and support your manifestation journey.

So let’s begin!

Practices and Techniques

Below, I’ve listed 9 practices and techniques that will help you in manifesting financial prosperity. You can try any combination of some or all of these practices to aid in your manifestation.

Just remember, quality > quantity here. You could choose to do all of these practices every single day, but if you’re only halfheartedly writing in your gratitude journal and rushing through your visualizations, you’re actually doing more detriment than good.

But if you choose to only focus on your gratitude journaling, your vision board, and your daily affirmations, and you put your whole heart into these three practices, you’re setting yourself up for pure manifestation success.

Whatever you choose to do, do it with your whole heart, and most importantly, have fun with it. I’m going to repeat that many times across this blog post because it’s so incredibly important. There’s a tendency sometimes to take manifestation super seriously and to want to be a perfect manifestor, but I encourage you to release your attachments to perfection.

Instead of perfection, choose authenticity. Choose joy. Choose what feels right.

And let that right feeling guide you through your journey.

5 x 55 Method

The 5 x 55 method is one in which you choose an affirmation and write your chosen affirmation 55 times a day for 5 days straight.

The steps here are pretty straightforward:

  • Choose an affirmation regarding the thing you want to manifest. For manifesting money, you can choose an affirmation that centers around manifesting a specific sum of money or financial prosperity in another form (i.e. your bills are unexpectedly paid off or you receive something you’ve been dreaming about for free). Phrase your affirmation as if the manifestation has already happened, and express gratitude for your manifestation. Here are some examples:
    • “I am so grateful for the $500 I received this week!”
    • “I feel so thankful that I doubled my usual income this week.”
    • “I am so grateful and happy that I received an extra $1000!”
  • Find a spot where you can sit uninterrupted for 10 to 20 minutes. Write down your chosen affirmation 55 times in a row. As you write, visualize your affirmation coming true. Let true joy and happiness blanket over you. Feel truly grateful as you write your affirmation.
  • Repeat this for 5 days straight.
  • One of the big secrets here is that you don’t want to just leave your affirmation in your notebook without ever thinking about it during the day. Live each day as if that affirmation has already come true. If you catch yourself in a scarcity mentality, that’s okay. In that moment, simply choose to switch your mindset back to an abundance mentality, and let yourself feel really, really good about it.

Vision Boards

I love vision boards. It’s likely that if you’re reading this, you already are aware of the basic idea of a vision board and its function. Just in case, a vision board is a collage of images that represent your ideal vision of the future. The options for a vision board are limitless. You can fill it with images of your dream homes and cars, incredible vacations, your dream career, a visual representation of your perfect partner, and so much more.

To create a vision board, you first want to pick a medium to lay your images on. You could tack images to a bulletin board or tape/paste images to a poster board. You could also attach the images to a notebook or binder page. (Just make sure it’s easily accessible and something you can look at often.) You can also create online vision boards through websites like MindMovies and DreamItAlive or an app like Visuapp.

Once you’ve chosen your medium, fill it with images that represent your dream life. When manifesting money, you can fill it with images of all the awesome and positive things that money will allow you buy. You can also fill it with images that represent emotions. For instance, if money represents freedom to you, you might put an image of a person standing on top of a mountain with their arms outstretched as if they’re flying. You can also add images of physical money or even write a check to yourself for a large sum of money and add it to the board.

The key with vision boards is that you can’t just create it and then never look at it again and expect for everything on the board to materialize in your reality. If possible, put your vision board somewhere you can easily see it every day. If you can’t do this, then make sure it’s somewhere easily accessible so you can pull it out and look at it often. Make time to sit with your vision board each day, and visualize the things on your board coming true. Feel the positive emotions you associate with the images. Let the feelings of joy, peace, love, freedom, and abundance permeate your cells and fill every part of you.


One of my favorite ways to align with the energy of abundance is through meditations that incorporate visualization and affirmation practices.

When I first started these practices, I primarily did guided meditations. I definitely recommend trying out guided meditations, especially if you’re a beginner or trying out a new meditation practice or technique. Not only do they allow you to surrender while providing experiences you may not otherwise have encountered, but they equip you with tools you can use in the future for your own non-guided meditations.

For guided meditations, I personally love the Insight Timer app. I’m not an affiliate; I just truly love this app and can wholeheartedly say that it has improved my life. With the app, you get access to thousands of guided meditations for free (plus music, podcasts/talks, and more).

Here are a few of my personal favorite meditations on the Insight Timer app for manifesting abundance:

Once you feel comfortable, I definitely encourage you to try some unguided meditations as well. You can choose whether or not you want to set a timer, and you can also choose whether you want to play some soft, instrumental music in the background. There is no “right” or “wrong” way to meditate. There’s simply what feels best for you.

One of my favorite meditation techniques is to play a mental movie of my perfect, dream life in my mind. This is an especially powerful tool when it comes to manifestation. Start with finding a quiet, comfortable spot, and take a few minutes to ease into the meditation by relaxing your body and taking some deep, cleansing breaths.

Then, visualize what a life of pure abundance looks like to you. See every moment of your day play out, from the moment you wake up to the last thought you have before falling asleep at night. Think positively. Visualize without limits. Allow yourself to surrender to this beautiful visualization. As you visualize, feel the positive emotions that you imagine yourself feeling in that visualization. How does it feel for you to be financially abundant? To know that you are connected to a limitless source of wealth? Feel those feelings. Breathe into them.

This is a profound practice for two reasons. First, those minutes you spend visualizing and feeling truly abundant are breathing life into your manifestations. Second, the more you do this, the better able you are to carry these positive feelings with you throughout the day.

More than anything, I encourage you to release your logical brain during meditation and simply allow yourself to believe that anything is possible.

Because it is.


When you were younger, did you ever keep a diary to capture everything that had happened that day on paper? You might’ve started with what you ate for breakfast and narrated the events that happened throughout the day.

Well, scripting is kind of like that, except you’re using visualization to script a day in your perfect, dream life.

Scripting uses a lot of the same practices as the Meditation/Visualization section above. When you script, you use all of your senses to capture the sights, sounds, aromas, feelings, tastes, and experiences you encounter in your perfect, dream life. You can describe your living space, what you do during the day, and the people who surround you. Describe anything and everything that will make this visualization come alive for you.

Most importantly, always use the present tense (i.e. “I wake up in a luxurious bed and . . .“), and let joy, peace, freedom, positivity, and any other uplifting emotions flow through you.

If scripting is going to become a regular practice for you, I’d definitely recommend getting a notebook or journal for your scripting. If you already have a regular journaling practice, you might incorporate scripting into this practice and dedicate entries purely to scripting.

I’d also recommend incorporating some high-vibrational words and phrases to enhance your manifestation. Focus on positive words that center around abundance and prosperity. Here are some examples:

  • I am receiving more and more every day.
  • I am ready and able to receive even more abundance.
  • My life just keeps getting better.
  • I have surpassed all my goals and have exceeded my expectations.
  • I am so grateful for the abundance of joy, love, peace, freedom, and prosperity that surrounds my life.
  • Miracles and magic are unfolding around me all the time.
  • I am so grateful for how everything worked out for my highest good.
  • I feel peaceful knowing that I have limitless access to financial prosperity.
  • I receive wealth doing what I love while adding value to other people’s lives.

If you’re interested in learning more about scripting, you can download my free Law of Attraction scripting template here. And be sure to check out my 30-day manifestation journal, which contains 30 unique scripting prompts to help you to live as if you already have your dreams and desires right now. (Plus more!)

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Gratitude Practices

When it comes down to it, manifestation is all about vibrating at the energy of your desires so that you walk through your day as though you already have everything you dream of. When you feel the positive emotions associated with your dreams and visualizations, you’re attracting more of that positivity to you.

Embracing practices like visualization and scripting allows you to vibrate at the level of your desires.

Gratitude is the amplifier that enhances all of these practices and causes your manifestations to flow even more effortlessly and easily into your experience.

There are two ways to approach gratitude in your daily life:

The first is to feel grateful for all that you already have. Want to manifest more money? Make it a point to feel truly grateful for the money that you currently possess. Every time you buy groceries or pay a bill, feel thankful for the money that allows you to make these purchases. When you look at your bank account, don’t let yourself focus on a perceived lack of funds. Rather, focus on any money you do have, even if it’s only $20. Allow gratitude to light up your heart, and let this be the only thing that truly matters.

The second approach is to feel grateful for all the money that’s coming your way. This may seem strange to some, but it actually makes sense when you take a step back and look at it from a wider perspective. Imagine that you knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that you were going to receive an extra $1,000 next week. That money is signed, sealed, and delivered; it’s yours.

If you knew that money was coming to you, would you wait until you physically possessed it to feel gratitude, or would you feel gratitude for it now, knowing it’s on its way to you?

This is what it’s like to manifest through gratitude. You get to feel grateful right now because you know your desire is already on its way to you.

And if this wasn’t enough, it also makes life a lot more joyful and fun. And at the end of it all, what’s better than just truly feeling happy and thankful each and every day?

There are tons of ways to incorporate a gratitude practice into your life. Here are some of my favorites:

Gratitude Journaling

If you were to do only one gratitude practice on this list, I would definitely recommend gratitude journaling. I know you might feel like you don’t have time to journal, and trust me, I get it. One thing I’d recommend here is to purchase a small notebook or gratitude journal, and simply write three things you’re grateful for every single day. These don’t have to be money related, but it definitely doesn’t hurt to include one or two money-related items when you’re manifesting financial abundance.

If you have a little more time, you can write entire journal entries expressing gratitude for all that you have (and all that’s on its way). For some inspiration, check out my post, 53 Gratitude Journal Prompts to Uplift, Encourage, and Cultivate Joy Within.

Mental Gratitude Lists

You might prefer to mentally think about the things you’re grateful for (or, combine this with a journaling practice). One way to make this a habit is to think of three things you’re grateful for when you wake up in the morning and three things you’re grateful for when you go to bed at night. Again, definitely try to fit in a few money-related items on your list.

Flip Frustrating Experiences into Opportunities

Did you just miss out on that green light and now you’re stuck waiting at the red light that takes forever to change? Are you stuck in line at the grocery store behind the person who is double checking every coupon and slowly writing a check?

I know. I’ve been in these experiences, and when I’ve reminded myself to focus on gratitude, I kind of wanted to give myself a mental eye roll. It’s so easy to sit and type up these words, telling you to choose gratitude in these frustrating moments. It’s a lot harder to actually follow through and do it.

But I promise, it’s worth it.

It’s so, so worth it.

Next time you’re in one of these situations, take a deep breath. Then, say this:

“Thank you for this opportunity to pause in the middle of my day. Today is a truly beautiful day, and I am so grateful to get to experience every part of it. I’m grateful for the abundance of money that allows me to purchase gas for my car and food for my family. I’m grateful for all of the signs that show me that financial prosperity is flowing to and through me. I am grateful for my abundance, and I love each and every moment of this messy and beautiful life.”

While you don’t have to word it exactly like that, I’d definitely recommend finding a script that serves you in these moments. And as always, consciously choose to feel the joyous and positive feelings that align with these words.

Be Extra Grateful for Bills and Purchases

This can be a hard one, too, but it’ll only serve and support your manifestation to flow faster to you. The next time you pay a bill, release any negative feelings associated with that bill and choose to feel grateful for the funds that allow you to pay it (as well as the services that the payee provided to you). Do this every time you make a purchase, whether it’s at the grocery store or a restaurant or a service provider like a hair salon. Always choose gratitude over resentment, frustration, and especially lack. When you make a payment, know that even more money is on its way to you, and put down your mental barriers so you can allow and accept this abundance into your current experience.


Crystals are a powerful tool for manifesting financial wealth because they not only help you vibrate at the energy of abundance, but they guide you to discovering the abundance that already exists within.

To use crystals for manifesting money, you first want to choose the right crystal. Citrine is one of the most power crystals for manifesting abundance as it’s associated with wealth, prosperity, and financial success. Pyrite (“Fool’s Gold”) is also another great abundance stone as it’s not only associated with wealth and success, but it’s also a protective stone, so it’ll shield you from external negative energy and protect your positive vibes.

Once you pick your stone, you’ll want to cleanse it of any negative energy it might still be holding from past owners. I talk more about how to cleanse crystals for manifestation here. After your crystal is cleansed, you’ll want to program it with your intentions. A simple way to do this is to hold your crystal while visualizing your most abundant life, feeling the positive emotions you associate with manifesting abundance.

Once the crystal is programmed, there are several ways you can use it for manifestation. One of my favorite ways is to wear crystals as jewelry because it’s an easy way to keep them with me at all times. You can also keep them in a spot where you can see them at all times, like your desk at work, or you can hold them during meditation.

One powerful practice for using crystals to manifest money is to physically place the crystal in a spot that you’d normally associate with money. For instance, if it’s small enough, you could place your crystal in your wallet. You could also place it in your workspace to promote the flow of paychecks and money coming in.


Affirmations are your secret weapon. They’re one of the absolute best tools you have in your manifestation toolkit because they can give you an instant pick-me-up, and you can use them pretty much anywhere and anytime. It doesn’t matter how much time you have or how busy you are; you can always find moments to invite positive affirmations into your experience.

There are two kinds of affirmations you’ve probably come across through social media, books, blogs, and other sources. I refer to these as Future Pacing Affirmations and Mindset Affirmations.

Future Pacing Affirmations are ones in which you assert that your desired manifestation has already happened. A Future Pacing Affirmation usually sounds something like this: “I am so happy and grateful now that I’ve made $10,000 in my side hustle and the profits keep increasing every day.” Even if this hasn’t happened yet, you recite the affirmation as though is has, feeling all the positive emotions associated with the words.

A Mindset Affirmation is closer to the standard affirmation you often come across. These are statements like, “I am worthy,” and, “I am enough.” There are truly an infinite amount of possibilities for coming up with Mindset Affirmations.

When it comes to manifesting abundance, neither type of affirmation is better or worse than the other. In fact, I’d encourage you to use both.

Starting an affirmation practice is one of the easiest things on this list you can do. First, come up with a list of powerful money and abundance affirmations that resonate with you. I’ve written some below, and I’d also definitely encourage you to embrace Pinterest as your friend here. There are tons of uplifting affirmations on Pinterest, so if you feel called to, start a Pinterest board for Abundance Affirmations. (I have boards for Daily Affirmations, Manifesting Abundance, Manifestation, and so much more if you want to connect with me on Pinterest! And I’m adding more incredible inspiration to these boards every single day.)

Once you have some empowering affirmations to start with (you can always continue to add more to your mental list), explore all the ways you can incorporate affirmations into your daily experience.

Here are some ideas:

  • Start an Affirmations Notebook/Journal and write three to five positive abundance affirmations in it every morning.
  • As you get ready in the morning (brushing your teeth, eating breakfast, showering), continue to recite positive affirmations in your head. Your morning commute also makes for a great opportunity to silently repeat some uplifting affirmations. (Or, if you’re comfortable, say them aloud!)
  • Stick post-it notes around your home and workspace with abundance affirmations written on them. As I type this, I have six different post-its in front of me with a mixture of Future Pacing and Mindset Affirmations written on them.
  • Set notifications on your phone to pop up during the day with positive affirmations written on them.
  • Pledge to say three inspiring money affirmations at night before you go to sleep.

Future Pacing Affirmations

  • I am so happy and grateful now that I . . .
  • Every day, I am becoming more . . .
  • I receive so much . . .
  • My life is the best it’s ever been because . . .

Mindset Affirmations

  • Wealth is my birthright. Wealth exists within me.
  • I am worthy of increasing my income.
  • My talents are worthy of being paid abundantly.
  • I am open to inspired ideas and opportunities for creating new streams of income.
  • I am able to accept beautiful abundance into my life.
  • I am deserving of all the wonderful abundance coming my way.
  • I am grateful for all of the money I have now.
  • I am grateful for all of the money pouring into my life.

For more info on using affirmations, check out my post, How to Use Affirmations (So They Actually Work). And for more affirmation inspiration, here’s 65 Positive Affirmations for Manifestation.

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The Wallet Trick

I love this one because it’s such a simple yet profound mindset trick. I first read it in Esther Hicks’ Ask And It Is Given and have loved it ever since.

The basic idea is to pull out money, usually a $100 bill, and put that money in your wallet. Now, you’re not actually going to spend this money. But when you go to the store, you know it’s there. You know that you have a fresh, crisp $100 bill in your wallet that you could spend anytime and anywhere.

Now, say you see a beautiful sweater you really love, but its $98 price tag is beyond what you’d normally pay for clothes. In the past, you might’ve thought, “I can’t afford that.”

But you’re not going to think that now.

Because you’re going to remember that you have that $100 bill in your wallet, and actually, you could afford it if you wanted.

This completely shifts your mindset from a scarcity mentality to an abundance mentality.

I can’t afford that,” becomes, “Actually, I can afford that, but I choose not to buy it right now.

This is an immensely powerful practice. It puts the ball back in your court and reminds you that you have complete power over your experience. You’re in charge, and you dictate what you do and don’t purchase.

Eventually, this might even become kind of fun, as you see all the things you can afford but choose not to (because you’re in control).

I’m going to be completely honest with you here: when I first started learning about manifestation, I had a hard time with this one.

I often heard, “The more you give, the more you receive.” And also, “Everything you give completes the circle and comes back to you.”

I wholeheartedly believe these statements to be true.

But when I first started out on this journey, I thought I was supposed to give just for the sake of giving. I was trying to be a model manifestation student by donating money at every grocery store check stand and finding charities I could donate to. And don’t get me wrong; this wasn’t an innately bad thing.

But I was doing it because it was what I thought I was “supposed” to do, not because it aligned with the feelings in my heart. I was trying to be an A+ student to the Universe rather than a sincere and compassionate human being who was giving out of goodwill.

The Universe gave me a loving and gentle lesson in this one day when I was out buying coffee. I found a penny on the floor and decided to put it in the barista’s tip jar. I knew it was “only” a penny, but in this moment, my giving felt sincere and true. I wanted to give her the penny. I wanted to share this gift with her.

After I ordered, I went to stand at the pick-up area and waited for my drink order. When I got there, I looked down: another shiny penny was on the floor, waiting for me. And I knew, in that moment, that this was the Universe’s way of telling me that everything I give from a sincere heart will always complete the circle and come back to me.

Donating money is a wonderful way not only to show love to others, but to show the Universe that you trust that money will always flow back to you. Just make sure you feel good about it. This might mean that whenever you receive an unexpected sum of money, you put aside a small amount to donate. It doesn’t have to be a lot. It just has to be sincere.

Tips & Tricks

Release the “How”

I’ll admit, this one was more difficult for me at first than I thought it would be. I remember the first time I heard it: “Don’t focus on how your manifestation is going to happen. Just focus on the positive energy and good feelings! The Universe will take care of the rest.

Cool,” I thought. “That makes this easy.”

Except, it isn’t always as easy as it should be. Especially when our anxious little brains get in the way.

When you’re manifesting financial abundance, it’s natural for your brain to start thinking about all the ways you might receive your incoming prosperity. Will you win the lottery? Will you get an unexpected bonus? Will you suddenly get loads of clients eager to sign up with you?

But at the end of the day, the “how” isn’t your job. It’s the Universe’s.

So when you find yourself thinking about how your manifestation is going to happen, don’t berate yourself or think that you’ve ruined everything. You haven’t. Simply notice, and then reshift your focus. Instead of thinking about the “how,” let yourself sink back into the good vibes and positive energy you want to feel.

Eventually, if you do this enough times, the anxiousness and curiosity surrounding the “how” will just disappear, and you’ll be able to solely focus on your own energy.

Live “As If”

This is another one that sounds easy in theory but can be a bit more difficult in practice. And that’s okay. None of us are perfect in the beginning. This is a journey, and it’s about learning and growing along the way.

One of the pieces of advice I had often read when I started my manifestation journey was to live as if my visualizations had already come true. I heard this many times, but it took me a while to really understand what it meant.

So if I’m manifesting financial prosperity, should I go out and buy a new Tesla today?

Well, no. Not unless you feel called to. If you feel a deep inner knowing that you’re supposed to be buying that new Tesla, that’s one thing.

But if you’re buying it just because it’s expensive, that’s not necessarily what it means to live as if your manifestation has already come true. (Especially not if internally you’re freaking out about it all.)

So what does this mean, then?

It means when it’s time to pay your phone bill, instead of groaning, choose to feel joyful and grateful that you have plenty of money to pay it. As I mentioned in the Gratitude Practices section, choose appreciation when it comes to paying bills.

This truly comes down to your attitude and energy. So walk around like you’re a million bucks, because you are. And maybe you won’t go buy that new Tesla today, but that purse you’ve been eyeing? If you feel called to it, and if the act of purchasing it feels right, then buy it!

So to sum it up, live as if your manifestation has already come true doesn’t mean go out and drain your bank account right this instant.

It means choosing a mindset of gratitude and abundance over lack and scarcity, and following your inner knowing to purchase items that feel right to you. (Or donate, as mentioned above.)

Have Fun

This one can’t be overemphasized enough.

You know what my favorite thing is about manifestation?

It’s meant to cultivate true joy in your life.

Manifestation isn’t meant to make you feel bad. It’s not about being perfect. It isn’t about “proving” anything.

It’s about allowing true joy into your life, and knowing you are worthy of such joy, so that even more positive feelings and experiences can flow in.

When I say to have joy, I’m not telling you to cover up or suppress your negative feelings. It’s important to make space for all of your feelings, and it’s okay to have bad moments. You’re human, and that’s part of our human experience.

But ultimately, your manifestation should feel really good. It shouldn’t feel like this heavy, grave, serious thing. It should feel fun! Playful. Adventurous. Magical, even.

So let yourself have fun with it. I don’t think of myself as a “silly” person usually, but all of my quickest manifestations have happened when I released the heaviness and just let myself be silly for a while.

This is your journey, and it isn’t all about just getting to the outcome. Feel joy during the journey. Feel happy. Feel alive.

This is your life you’re creating.

Make it magical.

Get Specific

Turn “I’m grateful to have received financial abundance this week,” into, “I’m grateful to have received an extra $1,000 this week.”

There’s a time for generalities, and there’s a time for specifics. When it comes to manifesting, it’s important to be very clear about what you want. Don’t leave anything up to chance. You call the shots here, so go ahead and announce exactly how much money you’re going to receive.

Now, here’s the tricky part:

Once you’ve set a specific figure, let it go.

Release your attachment to that number, and more than anything, release attachment to the outcome. Why? Because attachments take up space. When you’re constantly thinking about whether you’re going to reach that number and when it’s going to happen, you invite stress and anxiety into your life. (This is another one I learned firsthand.)

In the words of Gabrielle Bernstein, the Universe has your back. Once you’ve released your intention into the world, let it go and focus on your own joy and happiness, trusting that all will come to you exactly when it’s meant to.

Dream Big

You’re not here to play small.

And you’re not meant to just “get by.”

You are meant to thrive. To succeed beyond your wildest dreams. To blaze a trail so that others can see what’s possible and follow in your light.

Dare to dream beyond any limits you’ve ever set for yourself.

Because it is possible, and you are absolutely worthy.

How Do I Know if My Manifestation is Coming True?

Now that we’ve talked about the practices, techniques, tips, and tricks you can use to manifest money, let’s talk about the actual manifestation.

Let’s say you’ve been utilizing these different practices for a few weeks now, and you’re starting to feel pretty good.

How do you know if any of these practices are actually working? And how long are you supposed to wait until abundance comes your way?

Here’s some of the major things you should look out for to know whether or not your manifestation is working:

Signs and Synchronicities

Signs and synchronicities are all around us at all times; we just have to know to look for them.

Signs and synchronicities are essentially signs of alignment. They often come in the form of something that holds a particular meaning to you, such as a particular song playing on the radio or a number sequence that you’ve seen shown up multiple times. (Think less Hurley on Lost here, and more “11:11” type sequences.)

Maybe a book falls off the bookshelf right in front of you. Or maybe that person who popped into your head this morning suddenly calls you out of the blue. These are examples of synchronicies, and we can choose to either ignore them as coincidence or follow them and see where they lead.

When it comes to manifesting abundance, one of the most profound signs you’ll experience is finding coins on the ground. It might be pennies in the grocery store parking lot or a dime on the sidewalk during your daily run.

When you see these signs, say a little thank you to the Universe for sending you a sign that abundance is on its way. Treat that penny with as much joy and gratitude as you would if it were a $100 bill.

If you want to learn more about signs of alignment, check out this blog post, where I talk about 5 times I experienced signs and synchronicities, plus 12 common signs of alignment for you to look out for.

Ask for Signs

And if you’re not seeing any signs? Ask for them!

This may feel a little weird at first, and that’s okay. It gets easier with time and practice.

Find a quiet spot where you feel safe and comfortable. You might choose to put your hand on your heart or outstretch your palms facing the sky. Do whatever feels comfortable and right to you. You might also choose to close your eyes if you’d like.

Now, all you have to do is simply ask.

Your words might sound something like this:

Dear Universe, please send me a clear, gentle, loving sign that I’m on the right path and my manifestation is on its way.

Once you’ve asked for a sign, let it go. I’d encourage you to stay open, but don’t ask for signs every single day. Sometimes, we have to surrender our attachments to the outcome and just trust. I’ve often found that the more I let go and surrender, the quicker my manifestations come to me.

Things Suddenly Become . . . Worse?

I know. This isn’t what you want to hear, but in my experience, I’ve found it to be true time and time again.

You experience great heartbreak weeks before meeting the love of your life.

You’re at an all-time low at your job before getting an awesome offer to do something you love.

Your finances hit rock bottom before money suddenly starts flowing in easily and effortlessly.

I’ve here to tell you this: I have experienced every single one of these situations.

And it always gets better.

Out of all of these signs and tips, this might be the most important one, because it is so, so easy to see your current hardship as a sign that your manifestation isn’t working. But I promise, it’s often the exact opposite.

Why does this happen? I don’t think there’s a one-size-fits-all answer. For some, it may be a gentle test of faith. For others, it might help us to feel even more appreciation and gratitude when our manifestations do come true. And still for some, it might just be an opportunity to embrace the beautiful messiness of life. And it might be a combination of all of these things, or something else completely.

When I left my full-time job to follow my inner knowing and pursue my dreams, I knew there was a possibility I wouldn’t have a sustainable income for a while. And I was prepared for that.

You know what I wasn’t prepared for?

My car breaking down and my 13-month old Macbook Air completely and unexpectedly dying, only a month after its warranty had expired.

I’ll admit that I had a few moments where I just wanted to break down and give up. And there were even a few days in there where I thought it’d be best for me to put a pause on my dreams to return to a “normal” full-time job.

But ultimately, I stayed on the path that aligned with what felt right to me.

And you know what happened?

Slowly, everything began to turn around. And money began to flow in. But not just money. New opportunities as well. It took patience and trust, and I had to take a few leaps and trust that I wouldn’t fall, but I can tell you now that every single step of the journey has been 100% worth it.

It might not happen overnight, but it will happen. So when you’re in the midst of the bad stuff happening, this isn’t the time to give up; rather, it’s time to hold onto your vision with absolute certainty. To trust and believe.

And when the good stuff begins to flow into your experience, you’ll be grateful for these moments and for all that they taught you. And you’ll be grateful for your strong heart for carrying you through the storm with dignity and grace.

You Feel Deep Inner Peace

There’s a moment when you’re in the middle of your manifestation when suddenly, everything just clicks. You stop striving. You stop hustling. You stop trying to control every piece.

You just . . . let go.

And surrender.

And when this happens, you release any negativity weighing you down, and you make space for more wonderful experiences to flow into your life. You make space for joy and love and freedom. You stop looking for signs that your manifestation is on its way because you know, without a single doubt, that it is.

Don’t try to rush to this stage. Let your manifestation unfold naturally. It’s important to allow yourself to experience the ups and downs of the entire journey.

When you get to this part, you’ll know it because of the way it feels.

It feels like peace.

Phew . . . 7,000 words later, you have a complete guide on how to manifest money! Have any questions? Leave them in the comments below! And be sure to share any manifesting success you have to inspire the rest of us in our own journeys!

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How to Manifest Money
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