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Free PDF Printables

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Law of Attraction Scripting Template (Free PDF Template)
Click for your free Law of Attraction scripting template.
Learn more about scripting here.
Manifestation Challenge: Free 30-Day Calendar
Click for your free 30-day manifestation challenge.
Learn more about this manifestation challenge here.
monday morning affirmations
Click for 50 empowering affirmations for Monday mornings.
Click for affirmations and journal prompts for the new moon!
Click for 100 wholehearted promises to make to yourself today.
Click for journal prompts for deeper self-growth and self-love.

Chakra Affirmations & Resources

root chakra affirmations
Discover more root chakra affirmations here.
sacral chakra affirmations
Discover more sacral chakra affirmations here.
solar plexus chakra affirmations
Discover more solar plexus chakra affirmations here.
heart chakra affirmations
Discover more heart chakra affirmations here.
throat chakra affirmations
Discover more throat chakra affirmations here.
third eye chakra affirmations
Discover more third eye chakra affirmations here.
crown chakra affirmations
Discover more crown chakra affirmations here.
root chakra affirmations
Click the picture above for a PDF file of all these chakra affirmations.

Affirmation Wallpaper

To save this wallpaper to your phone, just hold down the image and save to your photo gallery! Click here for more affirmation wallpaper images. For your convenience, I have not included my name or logo on these designs. I just ask that you use these for personal use only, and if you do share on social media, please tag and/or link back to this page.

Free Affirmation Coloring Pages

positive affirmation coloring page