• Course Review: Mindvalley's Unlimited Abundance
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    Course Review: Mindvalley’s Unlimited Abundance

    Below, you’ll find my full review of Mindvalley’s Unlimited Abundance program, including my personal experience and whether I would recommend this course for you.

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    Mindvalley’s Unlimited Abundance

    Mindvalley’s Unlimited Abundance program is an online course dedicated to helping you release and clear any blockages that may be holding you back from receiving your true abundance. There are 24 total sessions, each focusing on a different abundance block.

    This is a pre-recorded, audio-based course led by Christie Marie Sheldon, a world-renowned energy healer. The program is designed to give you the same transformation you’d experience if you worked with Christie in a one-on-one session. However, the course comes at a fraction of the price of a personal session, and all of the clearing sessions are repeatable, so you can continue to use them time and time again.

    I’ve recently completed the entire program, and below, you’ll find my full write-up. I know that these types of course reviews can often be filled with hyperbole, and I won’t do that here. This is my authentic experience, including how I felt during the course, what internal and external shifts I perceived, and who I believe would benefit from this course.

    You can use the links below to skip to my results, but I will tell you here that I’m a believer. To be honest, I’m still trying to comprehend all of the shifts that have happened since I started this course. It’s been a truly incredible journey, and I’m excited to share some of it with you today.

    In This Article

    Sign up for the free Unlimited Abundance masterclass here.

    What Is Mindvalley?

    Mindvalley is the industry leader in providing personal development content. They give you the tools and resources to improve the quality of your life experience as well as the quality of your relationships, health, mindset, and well-being.

    The focus of Mindvalley is learning. Their curriculum is designed to unleash your fullest potential in every aspect of who you are: mind, body, and spirit. To do this, they work with world-renowned authors and speakers. Course teachers include Jim Kwik, Marissa Peer, Sadhguru, Lisa Nichols, Donna Eden, Michael Beckwith, and Mindvalley’s founder, Vishen Lakhiani. (And this is just to name a few.)

    Mindvalley’s personal mission is to create personal transformation that raises human consciousness.

    I’ve had a deep respect and admiration for Mindvalley for a long time, so when I decided I wanted to find some personal development courses that could help me with where I’m currently at in my life, they were far and away the top pick for me.

    I talk more about the Mindvalley membership at the bottom of this article, but if you’re interested in learning more, you can click here. (They have a risk-free 15-day trial period, and you can refund yourself at any time with just one click if you’re not satisfied with your experience.)

    Who is Christie Marie Sheldon?

    Christie Marie Sheldon is a globally renowned energy healer, intuitive life coach, and author. She’s conducted tens of thousands of private sessions for clients, many of whom are world-renowned authors, celebrities, and business leaders. She’s also led over 200,000 students worldwide through her courses on Mindvalley.

    Christie is one of Mindvalley’s most popular teachers, and I can see why. She has a unique energy about her that makes her seem fun and accessible while also making it clear that she knows what she’s talking about. My brain doesn’t typically respond well to anyone who has a more aggressive/loud teaching style, and she didn’t have that at all. I trusted her guidance and genuinely enjoyed the energy she brought to the course.

    The Set-Up (What To Expect)

    In the Unlimited Abundance course, you’ll be guided through 24 sessions that each focus on a different abundance block that may be holding you back from receiving your true abundance.

    While financial prosperity is the main focus, it’s not solely about your finances. It’s also about releasing old energy to allow an abundance of love, joy, health, passion, creativity, and success into your world.

    You’ll begin by taking an Abundance Block Diagnosis Test, which is an online self-assessment that simulates a one-on-one session with Christie. After you take your test, you’ll get your results, which will tell you which abundance blocks you should focus on first. (After I received my results, I first focused on the abundance blocks that came up for me in my results. Then, I went back and completed all the other sessions.)

    Then, it’s time to begin. You’re empowered to go at your own pace during this course. You can either follow the daily schedule and do one session a day, or you can create your own schedule depending on what works best for you. (For instance, 3 sessions a week.) I mostly did one course a day, taking just a few days off during the holidays.

    Here’s a look at the basic outline of the course:

    • Part 1 – Intro Session: Clearing Resistance
    • Part 2 – Clearing Fear-based Abundance Blocks (5 Sessions)
    • Part 3 – Clearing Abundance Blocks That Make You Feel Stuck (4 Sessions)
    • Part 4 – Clearing Abundance Blocks That Cloud Your Clarity (5 Sessions)
    • Part 5 – Clearing Abundance Blocks That Weaken Your Sense Of Personal Truth & Ownership (5 Sessions)
    • Part 6 – Clearing Money & Career Abundance Blocks (4 Sessions)

    And here’s what you get:

    • 24 lessons (for a total time of 22 hours 8 minutes)
    • 24 energy clearing sessions
    • 6 bonus sessions
    • Unlimited Abundance workbook
    • Abundance Block Diagnosis Test & results

    Learn more about Unlimited Abundance here.

    My Experience

    Like I said above, after I received my results, I first went through the energy clearing sessions that came up for me in my results. Then, I decided to do all the clearing sessions. I set aside an hour a day to complete the sessions, allowing me to focus fully on the energy clearings without distractions.

    I usually completed the sessions in the mornings, and if a session especially resonated with me, I’d make a note of it and come back to it again later to repeat the clearings. What I really love about the course is that each session comes with a full lesson as well as a shorter energy clearing session. So if you’ve already completed the full lesson, you can come back and repeat just the energy clearings later on.

    An unexpected positive outcome from this course was that I felt like Christie actually empowered me to feel confident in clearing my own energy when needed.

    So, for instance, if I’m running errands and I start having fear-based thoughts or feeling some heaviness inside me, I don’t have to fully rely on the course audio to clear this energy. The more I practice, the more I’m able to do this myself with the tools Christie provides. This alone has been such a profound positive shift for me, and like I said, it was completely unexpected.

    Now that I’ve completed the course, I’m still repeating the energy clearing sessions, focusing especially on the ones that have resonated most with me. My personal favorites were Clearing Lack Of Self Worth and Clearing The Feeling Of Being Stuck. (But you’ll likely find different ones that resonate personally with you.)

    Did It Work?

    Starting the Unlimited Abundance course, I had zero expectations. None. I actually barely even read the course sales page before I decided to just dive right in. I’m one of those people who usually skips reading instruction manuals and instead tries to figure something out on my own. (Seriously. Instructions are my kryptonite.) Usually, that doesn’t work out so well for me.

    But I’m kind of glad I didn’t have any expectations starting the course.

    There was no pressure. No lofty expectations. I just had an open heart and open mind and decided to see what happened.

    In the first few sessions, the biggest shift I noticed was within me. I suddenly felt an urge to become organized. One of my biggest weaknesses (besides not reading instructions) is that I tend to keep ideas and to-dos in my head without ever writing them down. At any given moment, I’ll have a few dozen ideas in my brain for future blog posts, products, website maintenance, Instagram posts, and other tasks I want to complete.

    Around Day 2, I felt a desire to get all of these things out of my head and onto paper.

    So I made a list of all these tasks. Then, I looked at it all and asked myself what I could get done in a day. I crossed a handful of items off the list the first day. Then, I crossed more off the list the second day.

    By the end of the first week, I’d completed both small and big tasks that had been in my head for months.

    And this practice is continuing to this day, where I’m writing weekly lists and continuing to complete more than I ever have before. (But despite the fact that I’m completing more, it doesn’t feel like I’m working harder. I actually feel lighter. My energy feels aligned with each action I take.)

    What surprised me was that Christie actually brought this up in the course. She said it’s a common thing after these energy clearings to feel a need to declutter and get organized. When I heard that, it felt like extra confirmation that the energy clearings were working for me.

    After the inner shifts began, I started to see shifts in my outer world, too.

    Below, I share some of the changes I’ve seen on my website and social media accounts. Believe it or not, this is actually just a fraction of the magic that’s been swirling through my life lately. I’m still trying to comprehend it all, but I want to show you just some of the incredible results I’ve had.

    • Website: I’m currently seeing a 40% increase in my total website viewership over a 28-day period. Forty percent. That’s huge. I’ve blocked out the actual numbers, but you can see the percentage increases in the image below. (The bounce rate going down is a good thing!)
    Website analytics
    • Instagram: This is where I’ve seen some of my greatest shifts. Honestly, I’m still not sure how this happened. I took a couple screenshots of my Instagram insights, which you can see below. The first shows the insights on January 2nd, and the second was two weeks later, when I was nearing the completion of the Unlimited Abundance course. Look at the difference between the accounts reached, accounts engaged, and total followers. It’s astounding. Additionally, my writing has been shared on two of my dream accounts: @moonomens and @writers. (You can see those below as well.) For me, this is abundance beyond anything I’ve ever experienced; this is my dreams coming true before my very eyes. I don’t know how to explain any of this, but my heart has been in a constant state of beaming through my chest over the past few weeks.
    Instagram Analytics – January 2nd
    Instagram Analytics – January 16th
    • Pinterest: My entire Pinterest account has seen substantial increases over the past month, which you can see from the analytics of my 30-day overview below. Pinterest is an important platform for me to drive traffic to my website, so this has been big. Early on in the course, I received the email below, letting me know that one of my pins was being featured in the Today tab. That was an unexpected but happy surprise!
    30-day Pinterest analytics – captured the day I completed my final session for the course
    Email from Pinterest
    • Product Sales: From my personal spreadsheet below, you can see that I actually saw a 24.47% decrease in product sales before I started the course. While I was taking the course, I saw a 118.86% increase in sales. Since this happened around the holidays, I removed any product sales that were labelled as gifts. (All of my products are digital, and customers have the option of buying a digital product and having it sent directly to a gift recipient with a personalized message.) So the percentage below only accounts for sales in which customers bought products for themselves, not as a gift. Additionally, I’m currently on pace to sell more in January than I had in December, which I wasn’t expecting. (February 6th Update: My January sales did end up beating my December sales – by 1%. Since January is historically one of the lowest spending months for retail sales, I’m really grateful for this small increase.)
    Product sales

    Is This Course For You?

    If you’re someone who feels like you’re doing everything “right” yet still aren’t seeing results in your outer world, I definitely believe you could benefit from this course. I’m someone who firmly believes in the power of energy healing, but I had never experienced it to this level before. What I especially liked about this course is that I didn’t have to label or name all of the subconscious blocks that have been part of my energy field. I just had to be open to healing them.

    Truly, I’d recommend this course for anyone who wants to clear the old, stagnant energy holding them back, especially if you feel stuck, fearful, unclear, or that somehow abundance is something that’s for “other people” but not for you.

    However, if you have a hard time buying into energy clearing, this might be a tough one for you. It’s completely okay to be skeptical of these things. I don’t think anyone should feel forced to believe in something that doesn’t feel true and real to them. But if you think your skepticism is too strong to ignore, then you may want to pass on this course. And like I said, that’s completely okay. You’re empowered to find something that aligns with what feels right to you.

    I also want to note again that the courses are all audio; there’s no videos to go with the lessons. I didn’t have any issues with this, but it’s an important factor to note when you’re making your decision on whether this course would be the right fit for you.

    You can check out the free Unlimited Abundance masterclass here.

    My Tips

    Show Up (Even When You Don’t Want To)

    This is a big one. If you go at your own pace and complete this course by yourself, you have to be self-motivated and self-disciplined. This is especially important because there will be days you don’t want to show up. I had many of these days. In fact, even at the end, I’d often stall pressing the play button and busy myself with random distractions.

    Christie actually says throughout the course that this is totally normal. As she says, this isn’t actually you speaking; it’s your stuff: the heavy, stagnant energy that isn’t ready to be released. And even more, it’s usually the days you don’t want to show up that you need it the most.

    Every single time I didn’t want to show up but showed up anyway, I felt 1000% better after the session was up. Every. Single. Time.

    So show up. You won’t regret it.

    Be Present

    Most sessions are somewhere between 40 to 60 minutes in length. Set aside time when you can be fully present for the sessions. Reduce distractions as much as possible. I promise, this time you set aside for yourself is worth it.

    Repeat Clearing Sessions

    If any of the clearing sessions especially resonate with you, repeat them at least twice. I repeated sessions in which I experienced a noticeable tightness somewhere in my body, as I could feel that I was still holding onto some of the old energy. I also repeated sessions that made me feel really light and good. And now that I’m done with the course, I’m continuing to repeat sessions and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

    This is a powerful tool. Use it as much as it feels good to you.

    Complete The Entire Course

    While you don’t have to do all the sessions, I found a lot of value in completing them all. The sessions I felt I got the most out of were often the ones I least expected. The time you invest in yourself will come back to you a hundred fold. I can wholeheartedly tell you that it’s worth it.


    To get access to this program, you must become a Mindvalley member. If that sounds scary, I promise, it’s not. Mindvalley has a risk-free 15-day trial period, and you can refund yourself at any time with just one click if you’re not satisfied with your experience.

    Here’s what’s included with your Mindvalley membership:

    • 60+ programs for all areas of your life
    • Daily live classes with world-renowned teachers
    • 500+ advanced meditations
    • Mindvalley connections through a private social network and meetups

    With your Mindvalley membership, you can choose to either be billed monthly or yearly. The monthly membership cost is $99/month, and the yearly cost is $41.60/month.

    The 15-day risk-free trial period is available for both monthly and yearly memberships, so again, you can refund yourself without any hassle if you’re not happy.

    I felt 100% satisfied (honestly, that’s an understatement) with my experience in the Unlimited Abundance course, so I’ll be moving forward with completing more courses. I’ll be reviewing any future courses I take, and I’ll always be thorough and honest in my reviews. So if there’s something I really don’t like, I’ll share that as well. But I have a lot of faith in Mindvalley, and I’m excited to keep going in this journey.

    If you’re still unsure, you can sign up for the free Unlimited Abundance masterclass here.

    Final Thoughts

    Like I said above, I really had no expectations going into this course. So to say that my experiences with this course has exceeded my expectations is an understatement. I still don’t really have the words to adequately express how everything has unfolded for me over the past several weeks.

    Your journey will likely look different from mine. I don’t know how your path will unfold or what kind of energy you’re holding onto right now. I just know that the Unlimited Abundance course is one of the most worthwhile investments I’ve made in myself.

    Internally, I feel lighter and more empowered. Externally, I’m experiencing shifts unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before.

    If you decide to take the leap and start your own Unlimited Abundance journey, my greatest tip would be to have a completely open heart and mind. Every once in a while, when you’re clearing something, your brain may ask, “Can I really let this go?” Whenever I had that thought, I decided that my answer was yes. I knew that truth and love can never be cleared, so the only things I was letting go of were lies, fears, and limiting beliefs holding me back.

    Knowing that, I was able to let go of everything that my conscious mind wanted to hold onto. I knew in my heart that this was for my highest good.

    I don’t want to risk my reputation or name on something I don’t believe in. I believe in this course. I believe in Christie. And honestly, I believe in myself in a way that I hadn’t before.

    Learn more and sign up for Unlimited Abundance here.

    If you have any questions about the program, please feel free to use the comment box below!

    And for more manifesting tips, daily affirmations, and lots of positive vibes, be sure to follow me on Pinterest and Instagram.

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