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    Selenite Wand: Meaning, Benefits, And How-To

    Below, discover the powerful benefits of using a selenite wand to cleanse and protect your energy and connect you to your highest, most authentic self. Plus get tips for using a selenite wand to heal your chakras and protect your sacred space.

    selenite wand
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    Selenite Wand Meaning & Benefits

    If you’re new to collecting and using crystals, a selenite wand is one of the first pieces you’ll want to acquire, as it’ll likely become the foundation and centerpiece of your collection for years to come. (And there’s also a good chance that you’ll end up with more than one!)

    So what makes selenite so important?

    Selenite is unique in its properties and abilities, as it can cleanse the energy of people, spaces, and even other crystals. But that’s not all: in addition to clearing unwanted energy, it can also replace this energy with something more uplifting and positive.

    Selenite is also a protection stone, but it has a softer, gentler energy than common protection stones suck as Black Tourmaline and Obsidian. It will help you to release anxiety and negative emotions that aren’t serving your highest purpose and fill your spirit with light, compassion, and love.

    Additionally, selenite is a deeply spiritual stone. It will help you to unblock energy that’s stopping you from reaching your highest potential. It will also connect you with your inner light and the light of the Universe, allowing you to remain spiritually open and connected to the divine. Using a selenite wand can help you to become more receptive to the signs, synchronicities, and messages of the Universe.

    At its foundation, these are the meanings most intrinsically tied to the selenite wand:

    • Light
    • Clarity
    • Focus
    • Consciousness
    • Protection
    • Harmony
    • Serenity
    • Deep Peace
    • Positive Energy
    • Soul Healing
    • Divinity

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    Selenite Wand & Chakra Healing

    Because of its power, selenite can actually be used to heal all of your life force energy. That means selenite will work with all of your chakras in healing stagnant energy and clearing up any blockages within.

    However, it’s most often associated with your highest chakras, namely your crown chakra and third eye chakra.

    Your crown chakra is located at the crown of your head, and it’s your energy center for spirituality, enlightenment, peace, trust, transcendence, and connection to a higher power. Your third eye chakra, located between your eyebrows, is your body’s energy center for intuition, imagination, insight, open-mindedness, and mental strength. When these two chakras are balanced, you’re in highest alignment with your most divine self: the unchanging, infinite part of you that’s untouched by human experiences – the part of you that remembers your power to create, to love, and to live a life of pure bliss.

    To use a selenite wand to balance your internal energy and heal your chakras, place it on the physical location of the energy center you want to clear in silent meditation. You can also clear your energy by hovering the selenite wand a couple inches over your body and sweeping it over your skin from top to bottom (kind of like you’re brushing your hair). You can read more about how to use a selenite wand to clear your energy below.

    How To Use A Selenite Wand


    Meditation itself is a profound practice for releasing negative energy, inviting light into your body, and connecting your mind, body, and spirit as one. Selenite can deepen your meditations and amplify these effects even further. You can also use a selenite wand (or multiple wands) in your meditations when you’re feeling dull, negative, or stagnant energy within. Additionally, some people find that using selenite wands regularly in their meditation practice helps them sink into their meditations quicker. (Me included.)

    If you have two selenite wands, you can hold one in each hand as you meditate. This allows you to invite light and restore balance into both sides of your body. If you have one selenite wand, hold it within both of your palms clasped together. You can also set it on your chest if you’re laying down.

    Clear Your Energy

    Every day, you’re picking up energy from all around you. Sometimes, you’re able to let this energy flow to and through you with ease, and other times, you might need a little extra help. When you aren’t able to spend time recharging under the sun or sitting beneath the moon, selenite can act in place of these light sources. It not only helps you clear up any negative or dark energy within, but it’ll replace it with a higher vibrations and overall more positive feelings.

    And as I mentioned above, it can also clear up any stagnant energy blocking your chakras, helping you to find alignment with your highest, most authentic self: the real and true you.

    One way to use a selenite wand to clear your energy is to rest it on your chest while you’re laying down. You can do this in meditation or simply in quiet stillness.

    You can also sweep it over you from your head to your toes, keeping the wand just a couple inches over your body. You might also find it helpful to keep a piece of selenite nearby or wear it as jewelry on days you’re needing an extra pick-me-up. (Be careful when you wear selenite as jewelry, though, as it’s very soft and can get damaged more easily than harder stones.) You can also keep a piece of selenite in your purse or pocket to carry this positive, cleansing, and protective energy with you throughout the day.

    Cleanse Your Space

    Just like selenite can clear your own energy, it can also cleanse the energy of the space you’re in and replace it with lighter, more positive energy. Because of this, you might find it helpful to have multiple selenite wands that you can keep in various places around your house and workspace. Your office, bedroom, car, and main living space are all ideal places to keep a selenite wand. It can also be good practice to travel with a selenite wand to clear and protect the energy of the place you’re staying in.

    *Tip: For even deeper cleansing and energy protection, you can place a selenite wand at all four corners of a room. You might do this when you’re traveling or in any room that can often get weighed down in heavy, dull, or negative energy.

    Crystal Cleansing

    One major reason to add selenite to your crystal collection is that it has the ability to cleanse other crystals. If it’s been a while since you’ve cleansed one of your crystals, or if you’re feeling some dull or negative energy coming from one of your stones, set it next to a piece of selenite for 24 hours (with their sides touching). You can also set crystals and gemstones on a selenite plate like this one. If you keep your crystals in one area, try to put your selenite wand near the center. It can be helpful to have a selenite wand devoted solely to cleansing and replacing the energy of your other crystals and gemstones.

    How To Cleanse A Selenite Wand

    So if selenite can cleanse other crystals, what cleanses the selenite?

    Selenite is different from most other crystals in that it can be self-cleansing. This means you don’t have to do very much to keep its energy clear. However, it still pays to show it a little extra love every once in a while. You can charge it under the moon for a night, and when you do want to cleanse its energy, immerse it in some cleansing sage. It’s usually recommended to keep your selenite away from water, though, as this soft crystal can dissolve when it gets wet.

    Do you use a selenite wand in your daily life? What are your favorite practices for using selenite? Share your tips and experiences in the comment box below!

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    selenite wand
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