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Chakra Affirmations: 70 Affirmations for Your 7 Chakras

In this post, discover 70 powerful chakra affirmations for your 7 main chakras. You’ll get 10 of my go-to affirmations for each of the body’s main energy centers, plus you can download images to your phone or device to save for later!

chakra affirmations blog post
Pin this for later! Chakra Affirmations: 70 Affirmations for Your 7 Main Chakras

Your 7 Main Chakras

Before we dive into chakra affirmations, let’s first break down what exactly a chakra is and why it’s important.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning “wheel” or “disk.” A commonly accepted definition for the word chakra is a wheel of energy in your body. This wheel of energy isn’t something you physically see, but rather you experience it through feelings, sensations, and your own inner knowing.

When talking about chakras, we typically focus on the seven main ones in your body: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown. However, your body actually has 114 energy centers in your body, and some people believe there to be more.

So what exactly do these energy centers do? Through your body, your life force, or prana, flows. Ideally, your life force is always flowing freely throughout your energy system, but sometimes, it might get stuck, causing one or more of your chakras to become underactive or overactive.

One of the most profound ways to heal an imbalanced chakra is to incorporate powerful affirmations into your daily routine. Chakra affirmations allow you to realign with your highest and truest self: the person you are when you strip away external stresses, experiences, and circumstances. This is the real you: the part of you that is eternal, limitless, and infinite.

Below, you’ll find 70 total affirmations for your 7 main chakras (10 for each of your energy centers). You’ll also find images that you can save to any of your devices if you want to come back to these affirmations again and again. I also provide you with some suggestions for how to use chakra affirmations to get the most out of them.

And if you’re interested in exploring more about chakras and want to begin your own powerful journey of chakra healing, you can check out my Chakra Healing Bundle, which contains a Chakra Healing eBook, Chakra Healing Workbook, and 8-Week Chakra Healing Guide. These healing resources are designed to help you begin a profound journey into aligning with your highest self, healing your soul, and cultivating unconditional self-love.

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How to Use Chakra Affirmations

  • Meditation: You can choose to connect with one or all of your chakras during a single meditation. For instance, if you’re connecting with the root chakra, envision it as a bright red glowing orb at the base of your spine. As you breathe in, see the orb getting bigger. As you breathe out, see it growing brighter. As you do this, recite grounding root chakra affirmations. To connect with each of your chakras in a single meditation, start at the root chakra and recite one or two affirmations. Then, move to the sacral chakra and continue to work upwards along your spine.
  • Mirror Work: Stand in front of the mirror and look yourself in the eyes. Take a deep breath and focus on one chakra at a time. You can look at the physical location of the chakra in the mirror, but also try to connect to it within. Recite the chakra affirmations that your soul needs most in this moment.
  • Post-Its: Leave post-it notes in visible places that you’ll see throughout the day. On each post-it note, write a chakra affirmation that resonates with you. Whenever you see the post-it note, recite the affirmation either silently or out loud, feeling the positive words in every cell of your being. For an added bonus, you can use post-its that correlate with the color of each chakra.
  • Color Therapy: Color therapy is the act of immersing yourself in the color associated with that chakra. One way to use color therapy and affirmations in conjunction is to make it a game. For instance, if you’re working with your heart chakra, as you go about your day, pay attention to the world around you. Whenever you see something green in your external world, recite a heart chakra affirmation either silently or aloud. You can do this with one or multiple chakras at a time.

Chakra Affirmations

root chakra affirmations

Root Chakra Affirmations

  • I am safe and secure.
  • I am rooted in this present moment.
  • I am strong, steady, and grounded.
  • I have access to all the resources I need to survive and thrive.
  • I am equipped with all the tools I need to succeed.
  • Everything I need comes to me at exactly the right place and time.
  • I vibrate powerful, abundant, peaceful energy and attract this same energy in return.
  • Deep inner peace is my natural state.
  • Even when the world around me feels chaotic, I remain rooted firmly to the ground.
  • All my needs are always met.

For more affirmations, check out my post, 35 Root Chakra Affirmations to Remain Strong, Steady, and Grounded.

sacral chakra affirmations

Sacral Chakra Affirmations

  • I am creative, passionate, and inspired. 
  • I feel joyful, energetic, and alive.
  • My emotions flow freely in a balanced and healthy way.
  • Endless prosperity flows to and through me.
  • I find new ways to express my creativity.
  • It is right for me to choose joy, fun, and play in my daily life.
  • I deeply respect and honor my sacred body.
  • My body is a masterpiece.
  • I listen to my sacred body and give it what it needs.
  • I am worthy and deserving of respect from myself and others.

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solar plexus chakra affirmations

Solar Plexus Chakra Affirmations

  • I am strong, powerful, and confident.
  • I can achieve anything I set my mind to.
  • I am motivated, persistent, and successful.
  • I am aligned with my purpose.
  • I have the confidence and power to take big leaps.
  • I hold the key to my own happiness.
  • My soul is radiant, my body is strong, and my mind is brilliant.
  • I am fearless in the pursuit of what sets my soul on fire.
  • I have the courage and confidence to accept my dreams as reality.
  • I am enough. I have always been enough. I will always be enough.

For more empowering affirmations, check out my post, 35 Solar Plexus Chakra Affirmations for Confidence, Motivation, and Positivity.

heart chakra affirmations

Heart Chakra Affirmations

  • I am loved, loving, and lovable.
  • I am patient, peaceful, and calm.
  • I choose to be kind to myself and love myself unconditionally.
  • I am aligned with the highest frequency of love.
  • I am a beacon of love and compassion.
  • I am kind, generous, and compassionate.
  • I lovingly nurture my mind, body, and spirit.
  • I am a loving and powerful force in the world.
  • I honor my heart. I honor my loving energy. I honor who I am.
  • am love.

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throat chakra affirmations

Throat Chakra Affirmations

  • I am able to calmly and effectively speak my truth.
  • I live an honest, authentic, wholehearted life. 
  • I express myself clearly and openly.
  • I speak with calm, clarity, and confidence.
  • I add value to every conversation I participate in.
  • My insight is welcome, needed, and valuable.
  • I am empowered to speak my truth.
  • I am a good listener and give others my undivided attention when they speak.
  • I value the words of others.
  • I remain true to myself in all that I say and do.

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third eye chakra affirmations

Third Eye Chakra Affirmations

  • I see and think clearly. 
  • My mind is strong, open, and clear. 
  • I trust my intuition to guide me in making good decisions.
  • My inner knowing always knows the way.
  • I follow my intuition and know that nothing is put before me that I can’t handle.
  • All that I seek I can find within me.
  • I am insightful, intuitive, and imaginative.
  • My imagination is vast, expansive, and endless.
  • I trust the signs and synchronicities that show up in my daily life.
  • I honor my inner knowing and trust my path.

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crown chakra affirmations

Crown Chakra Affirmations

  • I am a spiritual being in a human body.
  • I honor the sacred divinity that exists within me.
  • My body is a beautiful home for my radiant soul.
  • I am divinely protected, inspired, and guided by the Universe.
  • I surrender to the loving will of the Universe.
  • I am aligned with my soul’s purpose and truth
  • Eternal peace flows to and through me.
  • I release the need to control my life and surrender to a higher power.
  • Even when the world is immersed in darkness, I walk forward in faith, love, and light.
  • I am love. I am light. I am connected to all.

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What are your favorite ways to use chakra affirmations? Are there any chakra affirmations that especially resonate with you? Leave your comments in the box below!

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chakra affirmations blog post
Pin this for later! Chakra Affirmations: 70 Affirmations for Your 7 Main Chakras

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      • Summer

        Hi, I just wanted to express, the one affirmation that really spoke to me, that I liked, was
        My insight is welcome, needed, and valuable.
        I needed to hear that,
        Thank you

        • Zanna Keithley

          Hi Summer,

          I love that one, too. And it’s so incredibly true. Your words, thoughts, and the unique perspective you bring to the world – it matters. It’s needed. It’s valuable.

          Sending you my love and light.

          – Zanna

        • Laura

          I love these so much! I recorded myself saying these affirmations and have used it as a type of guided meditation I can use anytime, even while sleeping. It works wonders while asleep. I am able to maintain that high vibration all day! Thank you so much!

          • Zanna Keithley

            Oh my goodness. Hearing this lights up my heart. Thank you for sharing! Sending you my deepest love and light. ♡

            – Zanna