How to Ask the Universe for a Sign
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How to Ask the Universe for a Sign (A Complete Guide)

Are you looking for loving guidance from the Universe? In this post, learn how to ask the Universe for a sign, plus get examples of common signs and synchronicities you might experience in your external world.

How to Ask the Universe for a Sign
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Speaking to the Universe

How often do you pause in the middle of the day to simply talk to the Universe?

For a long time, the idea of speaking to the Universe felt like a strange, foreign idea to me. Even as I grew deeper in my spiritual journey, I had learned how to accept and receive love from the Universe, and I had found a way to communicate with a higher power through visualization, but rarely did I actually speak out loud to the Universe.

When I did finally start speaking to the Universe, it was usually when I was at my lowest and was looking for some kind of guidance. But in time, I started talking to the Universe more often throughout my day, and now, it’s rare that I don’t speak aloud to a higher power at least once a day.

Sometimes, I pause to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for all that I have.

Other times, I might ask for guidance when I’m in the midst of uncertainty.

And often, I just speak without needing or expecting an immediate answer. For instance, a couple months ago, I was experiencing a period in which I was feeling lost and uninspired. I felt like I didn’t have the words to share to help people; I wasn’t sure if I had anything meaningful or of value to offer the world.

So I laid down on the couch and started talking to the Universe:

“I feel like something has been missing this week. I feel like I don’t have the right words to help people right now. I’ve been feeling off. And I realize that’s okay. I don’t have to label that as good or bad. It just is. Maybe if I stop labeling it as bad, I’ll see that in some ways, this experience is a gift.”

I paused after I finished speaking and almost laughed at the irony of it all; in 20 seconds of slowing down and speaking to the Universe, I’d found words more profound and meaningful than in a week of struggling to find inspiration outside myself.

In any moment, you can choose to slow down, step back, and communicate with the Universe. Below, I’ll discuss the ways you can ask the Universe for a sign as well as some of the ways you know the Universe is speaking back to you.

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How to Ask the Universe for a Sign

Speaking to the Universe and asking for a sign is a deeply personal experience. Ultimately, the best way to ask for a sign is to do what feels best to you, regardless of what someone else does or doesn’t do.

Below, I discuss two ways to ask the Universe for a sign. The first way is to ask for a specific sign. For instance, you might ask to see a butterfly sometime during the day to show you that you’re on the right path. The second way is to ask for any sign and trust your intuition to recognize the sign when it comes.

Neither way is better or worse than the other; it’s simply about what feels best for you.

No matter which way you choose to ask for a sign, remember that this practice isn’t about getting the answer you want; it’s about getting the answer you need. As Gabrielle Bernstein writes, “Asking for a sign means that you’re willing to collaborate with the Universe. It means that you’re committed to releasing structure and control to instead be led by a power greater than you. “

That means accepting that the sign you receive may not be what you were hoping for. This can be difficult at first, especially when you’re in the thick of your emotions, but I can tell you this from my experience: every single time I haven’t gotten what I wanted, it’s because the Universe was leading me somewhere better.

Every. Single. Time.

So the best thing you can do for yourself is to release your attachment to the outcome and simply trust the Universe to guide you exactly where you’re meant to be.

How to Ask the Universe for a Sign

How to Ask for a Sign: Asking for a Specific Sign

The first way to ask for a sign is to ask for a specific sign. As I mentioned above, this might mean asking to see a butterfly or another animal or creature during the day. You can ask to see something completely random that you don’t normally see, like an origami swan or a white feather.

It doesn’t matter what you ask for as long as it feels right to you.

The key to this practice is to not manipulate the outcome. For instance, don’t ask to see the numbers “111” and then stare at the clock until it’s 1:11. Or if you know there’s going to be rain, don’t ask to see a rainbow and then stand outside, staring at the sky the entire evening. Because chances are, even if you do see it, it won’t feel as meaningful as if the sign had come naturally.

So how exactly do you start the process of asking for a specific sign?

Choose a time and place when you feel safe, comfortable, and undistracted. If it feels right, you can close your eyes. Take a deep breath. You might choose to put your hand on your heart or to extend your hands in front of you with your palms facing the sky. Again, this is all about what feels best for you.

Then, speak out loud your request:

“Dear Universe, if I’m on the right path, please send me a white feather sometime in the next 24 hours.”

You can also ask about a more specific situation:

“Dear Universe, if I’m meant to take the job, please send me a seashell in the next 24 hours.”

After you’ve asked, the key is to let go. Don’t obsess over whether you’ll see your sign, and as I said above, don’t manipulate the outcome.

Trust your path, and trust your inner knowing to guide you.

How to Ask for a Sign: Asking for a General Sign

Whenever I ask for a sign, I usually take the path of asking for a more general sign and trusting my intuition to recognize the sign when it comes.

The steps I wrote above are the same, except in this instance, I might say something like, “Dear Universe, please send me a clear, loving sign of alignment that I’m on the right path.” Or, “Dear Universe, please send a gentle, clear, loving sign in the next 24 hours that I’m meant to accept the job offer.”

You can phrase this however you’d like. I always like to use adjectives like clear, loving, and gentle, and I might also add in a request that the sign brings harm to no one. You can play around with this and do what feels best for you.

What to Do After You’ve Asked for a Sign

So after you’ve asked for a sign from the Universe, what do you do?

First, open your heart and your mind. Allow whatever comes forth to be, exactly as it is. Trust that whether or not you get your sign, it’ll be okay. The Universe is supporting you in every way possible.

As you walk through your day, let go of any obsession over seeing the sign and simply walk forward in faith and trust. If I’ve asked for a sign and want to let go of my preoccupation with seeing the sign, I’ll choose to find things in my world to be grateful for. Gratitude becomes my anchor that keeps me grounded, centered, and at peace.

And no matter what, whether or not the sign comes, I always say a little thank you to the Universe after. This is how I recognize that the Universe has my back – always.

Common Signs and Synchronicities

If you’ve asked for a more general sign from the Universe, you might wonder how exactly you’ll know when your sign comes. Below, you can find some common signs and synchronicities you might experience. For more, be sure to check out my blog post on signs and synchronicities here.


Is there a certain number that has a special meaning to you? Seeing that number somewhere in your external world could be the sign you’ve been waiting for. You might also see a certain number sequence over and over again. If you see a specific number sequence that doesn’t have a particular meaning to you, I encourage you to look up the spiritual meaning of that number. For instance, “222” is often associated with sitting in faith and trusting that everything is working out for you. A number sequence could be the Universe’s way of communicating with you.


An object might be a toy, letter, article of clothing, picture, piece of jewelry, or anything that holds meaning to you. Did you have a favorite childhood book that you haven’t seen in years, and suddenly it’s in front of you in the used bookstore? This might be your sign. Or, if a book literally falls off a shelf in front of you (I’ve actually heard of this happening to someone, and the book completely changed her life), take this as your sign and receive the guidance the Universe is offering you.


Feathers, trees, flowers, shapes, and mountains are just a few of symbols that might show up for you. For instance, if yellow tulips have a special meaning for you, seeing or receiving a yellow tulip could be the sign you’ve been waiting for.


A song title appears on your Spotify playlist that seems to be written just for you. An old song that reminds you of a certain friend comes on the radio. You hear a lyric of a song that speaks straight to your heart. Don’t write these moments off. Let them speak to you.


Does a certain animal show up for you in different places and times? It doesn’t have to be the actual physical presence of the animal. It could be a picture or a wood carving of the animal, or the image of the animal could randomly appear in your mind. (This has happened to me with eagles.)

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What to Do After You’ve Received Your Sign

Did you receive the sign you were looking for?

If you asked about a specific situation, such as whether you should accept a job offer, and you received a sign that indicates you should, then this is the time to take inspired action and accept the job.

If you asked about a more general situation, such as whether you’re on the right path, and you’ve received a sign that you are, then keep going with what you’re doing. Walk forward in faith, trusting that everything is working out for you, just as it’s meant to.

And if you didn’t receive the sign you were looking for? Know that it’s okay. This does not mean the Universe is ignoring you. Truthfully, every single time I haven’t received the answer I wanted, my inner knowing already knew the answer. And there lies your greatest power: your intuition.

Because it’s very likely that your intuition already knows the right next step. Your intuition may have already known whether or not you’d receive the sign before you even asked.

Your intuition is one of the ways the Universe speaks to you.

Trust it to guide you forward.

Have you ever asked for a sign from the Universe? What practices feel best to you when it comes to asking for a sign? And what signs and synchronicities have shown up in your life? Share your story in the comment box below!

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How to Ask the Universe for a Sign
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