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35 Journal Prompts For Unconditional Self-Love

Are you ready to create a deeper, more loving relationship with your innermost self? Below, you’ll find 35 self-love journal prompts designed to help you cultivate unconditional love for your whole being: mind, body, and soul.

35 Journal Prompts to Cultivate Unconditional Self-Love
Pin this for later! 35 Journal Prompts to Cultivate Unconditional Self-Love

Cultivating Unconditional Self-Love

You are worthy of unconditional self-love.

And you deserve to be loved every single day of your life.

Is that hard to say? It used to be for me. I had a hard time believing I “deserved” anything good in this world. I remember the first time I tried to say the affirmation, “I deserve joy.” Almost immediately, my inner bully heard these words and stampeded right out to speak her mind:

“Who are you to say that you deserve joy? How selfish can you be? What have you done to deserve anything?”

For most of my life, I’ve let that voice dictate my thoughts and actions. But one day, instead of immediately taking my inner bully’s words as truth, I paused and decided to reframe my perspective.

I believe my best friend deserves infinite joy and love, right? Absolutely.

And my nieces and nephews? Always.

What about my neighbors, community members, and strangers I see on afternoon walks? Well, sure. I don’t know them, but I believe they deserve joy, too.

It’s just me, I realized.

The only person I was being unfairly hard on was myself.

With this newfound perspective, my attitude started to shift. I began to incorporate positive affirmations into my daily routine and slowly started to speak more lovingly to myself.

And that question my inner bully had asked before?

“What have you done to deserve anything?”

Well, nothing. And everything. You see, I realized that I don’t actually have to do anything to deserve love, joy, peace, abundance, and all the good stuff in my life.

I was already deserving, just because I existed.

And the same is true for you.

Your very existence makes you worthy of unconditional self-love. You don’t have to do anything. You don’t have to prove anything. You don’t have to achieve anything.

You are worthy.

You are deserving.

And you are more than enough—just because you’re you.


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How to Use These Journal Prompts

The journal prompts below are designed to help you love, celebrate, and honor everything that makes you uniquely you. These journal prompts are all about you: what makes you special, how you can fall in love with yourself a little more each day, and what self-care practices you can incorporate into your life to cultivate even more unconditional love within.

There are no rules for how to approach these prompts. If you want, you can answer them one at a time, or you can skip around and find the ones that resonate most with you.

If possible, try to schedule 15 to 30 minutes for your journaling time. Find a quiet spot where you won’t be distracted, and set the intention to be open and honest with yourself.

Most importantly, release all judgment as you start to write. If an uncomfortable feeling arises, choose to have compassion for yourself.

Remember this:

Self-love isn’t about cultivating perfection. Self-love is about loving your imperfections perfectly.

Self-Love Journal Prompts

  • What are ten things I love most about myself?
  • What superpower do I have that makes a positive difference in other people’s lives?
  • What makes me a great friend?
  • How can I show myself unconditional love in my daily life?
  • What positive habits can I practice every day to show myself more love and self-acceptance?
  • What self-care practices can I incorporate into my daily life to take care of my mind, body, and soul?
  • What powerful affirmations can I repeat to myself to foster deeper feelings of unconditional self-love? How can I include these affirmations in my daily routine?
  • When my inner bully comes out and speaks down to me, what can I do to show myself kindness and compassion?
  • Do I possess any fears or limiting beliefs preventing me from showing myself and accepting unconditional love? How can I begin to release these fears and limiting beliefs?
  • What is one moment in my life when I felt proud of myself? Describe this moment in detail, including all of the feelings you experienced.
  • Am I able to easily express love to myself?
  • How do I express love to myself? What are my favorite ways to show myself love?
  • How have I grown in the past year? What led me to experiencing this type of growth?
  • How have I grown in the past ten years? What positive changes am I most grateful for?
  • When do I feel happiest? What brings me true joy? How can I invite more joy into my daily life?
  • Who is one person who loves me unconditionally? Why am I deserving of this person’s love?
  • What special talents do I have that make me unique?
  • Why do people love to be around me? What positive characteristics do I possess that make me a joy to be around?
  • What limiting beliefs do I need to release in order to cultivate more unconditional self-love?
  • What five-minute practices can I incorporate into my routine that will nourish my mind, body, and spirit?
  • If my family and friends were to describe me, what positive things would they say?
  • What’s one thing I can do every morning to support myself before I start my day?
  • What hardships have I experienced that have made me stronger? How did I show courage, strength, and resilience while experiencing these hardships?
  • What’s a compliment I’ve been given multiple times? How does this compliment make me feel?
  • Why is my unique perspective valuable and needed in this world?
  • How do I inspire others?
  • What are ten things about my body that I truly love and feel grateful for?
  • Who is the highest, truest, most authentic version of myself?
  • Why am I grateful for my past self?
  • What can I do today that my future self will be grateful for?
  • Why would I not want to be anyone else in the world but me?
  • What’s one of the greatest things I’ve ever done?
  • How do I exemplify greatness in my daily life?
  • What parts of myself do I want to explore deeper? Why are these parts of me worthy of exploring?
  • What’s my favorite thing about being me?

For more resources on spirituality, meditation, manifestation, and all things self-love, be sure to connect with me on Instagram and Pinterest, where I’m posting positive affirmations and empowering messages daily.

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A list of self-love journal prompts
Pin this for later! 35 Journal Prompts to Cultivate Unconditional Self-Love
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