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7 Chakra Healing Crystals to Restore Inner Harmony

Discover 7 powerful chakra healing crystals to balance your energy and restore harmony within, plus get some bonus crystals for each chakra! And be sure to check out the recommendations and links below to start adding to your crystal collection today! (Scroll to the bottom of this post for some beautiful chakra healing crystals and stones sets!)

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chakra healing crystals
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Chakra Healing Crystals

The word chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning “wheel” or “disk.” In your body, you can think of a chakra like a wheel of energy that allows energy to flow freely within you (when your chakras are open). When one or more of your chakras are blocked, this energy stagnates, and you may experience mental, emotional, spiritual, and even physical misalignments.

(To read more about chakras, check out my complete beginner’s guide here.)

Your body has seven main chakras, starting at the base of your spine and working upward: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown.

Each of these chakras is responsible for the total wellbeing of your body, mind, and spirit. When all of your chakras are open and the energy is flowing freely through these energy centers, you become aligned with your highest and most authentic self. This is the you that is confident, creative, passionate, loving, truthful, intuitive, and connected to your purpose and truth.

If any of your chakras becomes blocked, there are ways to unblock and open that chakra back up again so that energy can flow freely through it. Some of these methods include meditation, yoga, color therapy, spending time in nature, journaling, and using positive affirmations.

One of the most powerful ways to heal a blocked chakra is through crystal healing.

Each chakra has powerful crystals associated with it, and these crystals can be used various ways to balance and heal the energy within. For instance, you can meditate with crystals, wear crystals as jewelry, keep them in your pocket throughout the day, create crystal grids, or keep them in a prominent spot nearby where you can easily see them.

For more details on how to use crystals to protect your energy, manifest your dreams, and help you heal from within, check out my post, How to Use Crystals: Grids, Pendulums & More.

Below, I provide you with info on the most powerful chakra healing crystals for each of your body’s main energy centers, plus I share some awesome links and recommendations so you can start building your crystal collection today. And at the end of this post, I even share my recommendations for some beautiful chakra healing crystals and stones sets so you’ll be able to heal imbalances in any of your chakras whenever your energy becomes misaligned.

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Root Chakra

Located at the base of your spine, the root chakra is your energy center for safety, security, and stability. When your root chakra is balanced, you feel grounded and centered. This energy center truly represents your foundation, so if it’s not balanced, it’d be nearly impossible for the energy in the rest of your body to be in harmony.

When you feel like your foundation has been shaken, Hematite is the ultimate grounding stone to pull you back to the earth. Hematite will restore your steady foundation while also guiding you to release feelings of stress, worry, and insecurity.

Another major benefit of this stone is that it’s a protective stone. So not only will it help you to feel grounded and centered when you’re feeling off-balanced, but it will protect you from negative energy and toxic vibes.

Read more about the root chakra here.

Hematite Recommendations

  • I absolutely love this Triple Protection Bracelet with Hematite, Black Obsidian, and Tiger’s Eye. Hematite and Black Obsidian are both powerful root chakra stones, and Tiger’s Eye is associated with the root, sacral, and solar plexus chakra to protect you from negative energy. This is a powerful trio that will work together to keep you grounded, secure, and safe from external negative energy.
  • There’s something about this Natural Hematite Healing Guardian Elephant that amplifies the stone’s protective vibes. It’s a beautiful stone that’s also small enough to keep in your purse!

More Root Chakra Healing Crystals: Obsidian, Onyx, Smoky Quartz

Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra is your energy center for creativity, passion, pleasure, and pure joy. This energy center reminds you that life isn’t all about work and to-do lists. Fun and play aren’t just frivolous, impractical activities; they’re an essential part of your total self-care routine. And creativity isn’t just for people who work in creative jobs. (In fact, even those working in a creative field often need a stress-free, non-work-related creative outlet to unwind.) It’s important for all of us to embrace our playful, imaginative side.

Within you, you have access to an infinite source of creativity. I know it may not always feel like it (hello, writer’s block), but that’s because your inner creative source can become blocked or obscured. This is where Carnelian comes in. Carnelian is a powerful stone that unlocks your inner power and boosts your confidence. It also unlocks your passion and excitement for life while stimulating your creativity.

Carnelian is often associated with the element fire, not just because of its outer appearance, but because of its ability to light a fire within your spirit. Carnelian will truly make you feel more of everything: more passionate, more motivated, more confident, more spontaneous, and more creative. It’s the perfect stone to ignite your passion and heal any energy imbalances in your sacral chakra.

Bonus Fact: Carnelian has often been nicknamed The Artist’s Stone.

Want to learn more about the sacral chakra? Check out my post here!

Carnelian Recommendations

More Sacral Chakra Healing Crystals: Orange Calcite, Jasper, Red Tiger’s Eye

Solar Plexus Chakra

The solar plexus chakra is your energy center for confidence, positivity, and empowerment. This energy center is associated with all the powerful “self” words: self-esteem, self-respect, self-image, and self-worth. Furthermore, a balanced solar plexus chakra means you’re aligned with your purpose and core values and have a high sense of integrity. You do the right thing not because you have to, but because you want to. When your solar plexus chakra is in harmony, you have an influx of empowering self-belief, and you feel secure, driven, and above all, confident.

Confidence can be fickle, though, and all of us experience lapses in confidence from time to time. That’s where Citrine comes in. Citrine is a stone of pure sunshine. It’s a stone of joy, positivity, and good vibrations. It allows you to release any negative emotions that don’t serve your wellbeing so you can embrace your inner light.

Citrine will help you to feel more positive, optimistic, and joyful while boosting your confidence so you can go after what you want most in life, whether that be a job, a relationship, or something else you feel called to pursue. You might imagine it’s like pure, beautiful sunshine filling your soul and radiating through your entire being.

(And an added bonus? Citrine is also associated with manifesting abundance!)

Learn more about the solar plexus chakra here!

Citrine Recommendations

  • This Tumbled Grade A Citrine Crystal is the perfect stone to keep with you throughout the day. It’s small enough to keep in your pocket, purse, or even your wallet, allowing you to keep a little burst of sunshine with you all day long.

More Solar Plexus Chakra Healing Crystals: Carnelian, Topaz, Tiger’s Eye

Heart Chakra

Located in the center of your chest, your heart chakra is your energy center for unconditional love, compassion, peace, empathy, and connection. When your heart chakra is balanced, your thoughts and actions are aligned with pure, genuine love, and your heart is open to forming deep connections with others. One of my favorite things about a balanced heart chakra is that it allows you to become more compassionate and forgiving, not just toward others but toward yourself as well. This means finding grace in your imperfections and knowing you are worthy of love, even when you make mistakes.

Rose Quartz is the ultimate heart chakra healing stone. When you use Rose Quartz, you aren’t simply allowing yourself to feel more loving. Rather, you’re opening yourself up to deep, powerful healing. Rose Quartz opens up your heart chakra and helps you to heal past pain that you might still be holding onto. And once your heart is fully healed, you’re able to open up your heart to love, connection, and trust.

While we often think of romantic love when it comes to matters of the heart, Rose Quartz will gently guide you to open yourself up to all kinds of love: romantic, friendship, familial, and perhaps most importantly, self-love. This stone will help you deepen your relationships and strengthen your bonds both with others and yourself.

Learn more about the heart chakra here!

Rose Quartz Recommendations

  • This Rose Quartz Crystal Stone is undoubtedly one of my favorite products on this list. It’s absolutely gorgeous and can balance on any flat surface, so you can keep it nearby at work or in your home to keep your heart center open to love, compassion, and trust.

More Heart Chakra Healing Crystals: Apophyllite, Rhodonite, Pink Opal

Throat Chakra

Your throat chakra is your energy center for communication, and a balanced throat chakra means you’re able to speak with clarity, calm, and confidence. But this energy center is about so much more than just speaking. It’s about living authentically and speaking your truth. And it also means having a high sense of integrity and speaking with honesty, no matter what.

With a balanced throat chakra, you speak your authentic truth and remain true to yourself and your guiding principles.

Blue Lace Agate is one of my personal favorite stones, but beyond that, it’s a powerful stone for healing your throat chakra. First and foremost, Blue Lace Agate is a stress-relieving stone. It gives off calm and soothing vibrations to lift anxiety and soothe your spirit. Stress and anxiety are often major factors that hold us back from speaking our truths, so Blue Lace Agate clears the way for you to speak with clarity and confidence.

If you have a big speech coming up, or if you have trouble expressing yourself in your daily life, Blue Lace Agate will work with your throat chakra to release fear and embrace a peaceful sense of calmness and tranquility.

Want to learn more about the throat chakra? Check out my post on the throat chakra here!

Blue Lace Agate Recommendations

  • I love the idea of wearing throat chakra stones as necklaces to keep them physically near this energy center and remind you of your own inherent power to speak your truth. This beautiful and dainty Teardrop Genuine Stone Pendant Nacklace is the perfect piece to soothe your spirit. It also comes beautifully packaged and makes a great gift!

More Throat Chakra Healing Crystals: Celestite, Aquamarine, Turquoise

Third Eye Chakra

Located at the center of your forehead (between the eyebrows), the third eye chakra is your energy center for intuition, insight, imagination, perception, and clarity of vision. When your third eye chakra is balanced, you feel aligned with your inner knowing, and you trust your intuition to guide you in the right direction. Furthermore, you’re often more open-minded, imaginative, and mentally strong.

I like to think that all the lower (location-wise, not lesser) energy centers fill you with confidence, passion, and power to live an authentic life in which you’re connected to your purpose; your third eye chakra gives you the vision and clarity to take that first step and walk forward in your journey.

Amethyst is an absolute must-have for anyone who is on a spiritual journey. Like other crystals, using Amethyst doesn’t immediately connect you with your intuition. Rather, it’s going to do the deep work first, clearing out anxiety and worries that may prevent you from accessing your inner knowing. Amethyst is a stone of peace, tranquility, and stillness. When you’re feeling stressed and anxious, Amethyst will restore inner balance and harmony. (Plus, it helps you to get better sleep!)

This calm feeling will clear out any lingering negativity in your mind. And once you’re in a state of trust and surrender, you can find clarity in your vision and connect to your inner knowing. Spiritually, Amethyst will deepen your sense of self and work with your third eye chakra to connect you to your innate intuitive power within.

Learn more about the third eye chakra here.

Amethyst Recommendations

More Third Eye Chakra Healing Crystals: Lapis Lazuli, Lepidolite, Apophyllite

Crown Chakra

The crown chakra is your energy center for spiritual connection, inner wisdom, and enlightenment. Located at the top of your head, this energy center helps you to connect to your highest self and allows you to feel more peaceful and trusting so you can surrender control to a higher power.

And while the “surrender” part might seem kind of scary, I promise, this does not mean you give away your personal power. When you have the strength and courage to surrender and trust your path (even when it doesn’t make sense to the outside world), you discover that you possess a power you never knew you had before.

I know that I just said this above with Amethyst, but Selenite is another incredibly powerful stone you want to have on your spiritual journey. In fact, if you were to ask me what one stone you should have to start your journey, I’d tell you Selenite, without hesitation. Why? Because Selenite has the ability to clear up any heavy or stagnant energy in the air, and it has the unique ability (along with Clear Quartz) to cleanse the energy of other crystals. This means that as you add more crystals to your connection, Selenite will help to cleanse any remaining energy from previous owners so you can start anew with your healing stones.

Beyond that, Selenite is connected to the crown chakra, and by using this stone, you’re able to connect to your highest self and raise your vibrations, which enhances your manifesting power. It’s also going to help you release any negative energy that’s holding you back from stepping into your purpose. Furthermore, it’ll act as a spirit guide and help you to tune into signs, synchronicities, and messages from the Universe.

Discover more about the crown chakra here!

Selenite Recommendations

  • This Selenite Skyscraper is the perfect start (or addition) to your crystal collection. It’s about four inches tall and is both beautiful and soothing.

More Crown Chakra Healing Crystals: Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Lepidolite

Bonus: Chakra Healing Crystals Sets

Do you use crystals in your daily life? What are your favorite practices for using crystals? Share your tips and experiences in the comment box below!

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chakra healing crystals
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