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    50 Money Affirmations to Manifest Abundance

    You possess the power to manifest limitless abundance, and positive affirmations are the perfect tool to get you in a high-vibe state to receive. Discover 50 money affirmations to manifest financial prosperity, plus download free printable affirmations to keep with you whenever you need to raise your vibrations! And for even more abundance affirmations, click here.

    money affirmations
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    Creating an Abundance Mindset

    What is an abundance mindset?

    An abundance mindset is knowing that you have access to an infinite source of all good things: joy, love, peace, freedom, creativity, passion, and yes, even financial prosperity. At any and all times, you have the ability to attract these positive forces to you simply by vibrating at the frequency of abundance.

    It doesn’t just stop there, though. An abundance mindset means you know that this limitless abundance is available for all. Thus, your abundance can’t take away from someone else’s, and someone else’s abundance cannot take away from your own.

    There is more than enough to go around for everyone to survive and thrive.

    One way to think about this is to imagine you’re at a party, and they’re serving pizza. You look on the table, and you see only one pizza sitting there. However, there are dozens of people at the party. “How on earth is this one pizza going to feed everyone?” you think.

    Someone with a scarcity mindset might dive right in to grab a slice of pizza before it runs out. Because they see only a limited amount of pizza, they believe their options are limited. Selfishly, they want to get their piece before it runs out.

    But when you have an abundance mindset, something kind of magical happens. You don’t see limits. You’re handed a slice, and you decide to cut it in pieces, sharing it with the people next to you. But every time you share, your slice of pizza doesn’t get smaller; in fact, it multiplies. More and more comes to you. You keep sharing, and you keep receiving more and more.

    When you have an abundance mindset, you don’t see that metaphorical pizza and think you need to get your slice before it runs out; rather, you trust that there’s more than enough to feed everyone. You know, inherently, that the pizza is just going to keep getting bigger and bigger.

    That’s an abundance mindset.

    And not only do you have access to this abundance, but you are absolutely worthy and deserving of every single bit of it. Abundance is your birthright. You deserve limitless joy, freedom, and love. You deserve to create a life doing what you love. And you deserve to get paid well doing it.

    So it’s time to release any negative beliefs you may be holding onto regarding scarcity and lack, and embrace the abundance you deserve.

    Because however much you think you deserve?

    You deserve more.

    Always more.

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    How to Use Money Affirmations

    I love money affirmations because repeating them gets me in a high-vibe, positive state that I can carry with me throughout my day. Anytime I notice that my mindset is drifting back into scarcity zone, I repeat a few positive affirmations to myself and this instantly gets me feeling joyful, upbeat, and thriving.

    The first step to using money affirmations is to consider your money mindset and release any blockages you may have to receiving money. For instance, if you grew up believing that money is the root of all evil, you can reframe these beliefs, knowing this isn’t true. What if, instead, you believed that money is a powerful force for love? What if money allows you to spread more love, kindness, and compassion throughout the world?

    Secondly, decide how you want to incorporate these affirmations throughout your day. For instance, if you have a journaling practice, you might decide to repeat some positive money affirmations in your journal every morning. You could also recite affirmations while you’re in the shower, getting ready for work, or commuting. I also love to write positive affirmations on post-it notes and stick them up around my workspace to keep the positive energy of these words around me at all times. Another fun way to use affirmations is to set some notifications on your phone to pop up during the day with high-vibe affirmations written on them!

    If you’re looking for more ideas on how to use affirmations, I go into more detail in my blog post, How to Use Affirmations (So They Actually Work).

    Finally, remember to have fun with this. The road to manifestation isn’t paved in stress and hardship; it’s paved in joy. The times when I received my quickest manifestations have been when I let myself be a little silly and didn’t take myself too seriously. So if you want to repeat these empowering money affirmations while dancing in the living room?

    I don’t just support it; I encourage it.

    money affirmations

    Money Affirmations

    • I am worthy of infinite abundance.
    • Endless prosperity flows to and through me.
    • Money is an exchange of energy, and I both give and receive it in love.
    • My inspired actions create neverending prosperity.
    • I am connected to the endless abundance of the universe.
    • I am open to the flow of abundance in all areas of my life.
    • I am ready and able to receive more money than ever before.
    • I am open to attracting even more abundance into my life.
    • I create limitless prosperity doing what I love.
    • My talents are worthy of being paid abundantly.
    • I am worthy of increasing my income.
    • I am worthy of financial security.
    • I am worthy of being paid highly for my time, skills, and effort.
    • I am able to freely accept abundance into my life.
    • I am at peace with being wealthy.
    • It is easy for me to make money.
    • It is safe for me to be wealthy.
    • Money flows easily and effortlessly to me.
    • I am a money magnet.
    • Money is being drawn to me at this very moment.
    • I love money and money loves me.
    • Every dollar I spend comes back to me multiplied.
    • Money is a limitless resource and is always flowing my way.
    • I always have access to more than enough money.
    • I release all worries about money because I know I am always in a state of receiving.
    • I am rich in love, health, wealth, freedom, peace, and prosperity.
    • I embrace new opportunities to increase my income.
    • I embrace all of the unique ways money flows to me.
    • I am open to inspired ideas and opportunities for creating new streams of income.
    • Abundance is my true nature.
    • Abundance is my essence, my foundation, and my being.
    • Everything I need to create infinite abundance is within me.
    • I choose abundance, and abundance chooses me.
    • I am aligned with the energy of abundance.
    • Wealth is my birthright. Wealth exists within me.
    • The Universe wants me to be massively abundant.
    • Everything I touch turns to gold.
    • Making money is joyful, fun, and easy.
    • I am financially secure.
    • I am financially free.
    • My abundance cannot take away from another’s, and another’s abundance cannot take away from my own.
    • There is more than enough abundance to go around.
    • The energy of abundance flows to and through me at all times.
    • I choose to view money as a source of love.
    • The more I give, the more I receive.
    • I am tuned into the vibration of pure joy, positivity, and prosperity.
    • I am healthy, wealthy, and thriving.
    • am abundance.
    • I am deserving of all the wonderful abundance coming my way.
    • I am grateful for the infinite prosperity that overflows into my life.

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    money affirmations
    Pin this! 50 Empowering Affirmations to Manifest Limitless Abundance