crown chakra journal prompts
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30 Journal Prompts to Open and Heal the Crown Chakra

Discover 30 powerful crown chakra journal prompts for opening, activating, and healing your body’s energy center for spirituality, enlightenment, divine peace, and connection with a higher power. For more healing resources, check out 35 Crown Chakra Affirmations for Connecting to Your Highest Self. Plus, don’t forget to scroll to the bottom of this post for your free printable crown chakra journal prompts and affirmations!

crown chakra journal prompts
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Healing the Crown Chakra

Growing up, I always believed in a higher power, but I wasn’t sure how to view this being that I saw as existing outside of myself.

I hurriedly said the same prayer every night before going to bed because I believed it was what I was “supposed” to do. In the back of my mind, I even believed something bad might happen to me if I didn’t do it. I believed that God was an entity that valued perfection, and the more perfect I was, the more this being would love me.

I think it was inevitable that as I got older, I’d begin to question the existence of this higher power. After all, it was exhausting trying to be perfect 24/7 just to earn the love of this invisible force that I had never built a true connection with.

The journey between then and now has been long, with many ups and downs, but my belief in a higher power, and my connection with this power, has completely transformed.

I tend to call this higher power the Universe, as that’s the name that feels most comfortable for me. I believe that the Universe loves me unconditionally, no matter how many mistakes I make, and no matter how flawed I may be. I am deeply loved, cherished, treasured, and adored. And whenever I’m hard on myself, I can close my eyes and feel this love all around me like a warm blanket draped around my shoulders, cloaking my entire being.

And I also believe that the Universe isn’t something I solely find outside of myself. I believe that the love and energy of the Universe flows within me. So when I’m seeking answers, I don’t have to look out there; I simply look within, and the answers appear. These may not be the answers I want to hear, but they’re the answers I need, and I know that I’m always being guided toward my highest good.

Your belief in a higher power may look slightly different from mine, and that’s okay. I don’t think one singular belief is the right belief. We all have our own truths, and our own journeys to reach these truths, and we all deserve to honor our truths without being judged or criticized.

The crown chakra is your body’s energy center for spirituality, enlightenment, connection with a higher power, and connection with yourself. When this chakra is open and healed, you feel a deep sense of divine peace. You trust the Universe to guide you where you’re meant to be, and you trust yourself to follow your inner knowing. You also feel connected to your soul’s purpose, and you’re able to surrender control and honor your path.

You deserve to feel the deep sense of clarity and peace that comes with an open and healed crown chakra. You deserve to know you are unconditionally loved, and you deserve to know this divine love exists within you.

You are on the right path. The Universe is gently guiding you every step of the way. So take a deep breath and know that you are exactly where you’re meant to be, and all is really well.

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How to Use These Journal Prompts

The journal prompts below are designed to help you gently explore your deeply set beliefs and how your past experiences have shaped who you are today. These journal prompts will help you to get in touch with your inner self, including your beliefs about spirituality and your connection to a higher power. They’ll also allow you explore who your highest, most authentic self looks like and how you can embody that person throughout the day.

As you read through these journal prompts, you can choose whether you want to answer all of them or only the ones that resonate most with you. There is no right or wrong way to approach these prompts; your specific needs likely differ from another’s. If you do decide to only answer the ones that resonate most with you, I always recommend throwing in a few “extras” as you may discover something that you weren’t expecting about yourself.

I encourage you to find a quiet spot where you can answer these questions without being interrupted. If you don’t have an ongoing journaling practice already, fifteen to twenty minutes of solitary journaling time is a good place to start. However, feel free to write for a longer or shorter amount of time. If you’re answering one prompt a day, then you may only need a few minutes for some of the prompts. If you decide to lump the prompts together and answer several at once, it could take longer.

The most important part of this practice is to withhold self-criticism and self-judgment as you explore your own inner world. If uncomfortable truths arise, let it be. Have love for the person you once were, the person you are now, and the person you’re becoming. The fact that you’re here right now, showing up to do this work, is incredible. Instead of judging yourself, find immense gratitude for your courageous heart; it isn’t easy to pursue this type of self-growth, but it is always worth it.

And, more than anything, know that you are always, always worthy of love. Unquestionably. Unconditionally. Always.

Finally, don’t forget to scroll to the bottom of this page, where you can download your free printable crown chakra journal prompts and affirmations. These free resources are designed to support you in your journey of healing, self-discovery, and unconditional self-love.

Crown Chakra Journal Prompts

  • What (or who) is God to me? What is my relationship with a higher power? 
  • How do I communicate with the Universe? How does the Universe communicate with me?
  • Did I have any childhood experiences that negatively affected my belief, attitude, or relationship toward God? Have I been able to heal from these experiences, or is there still healing to be done?
  • What evidence do I see in my life of the Universe always looking out for me? What are some visible and non-visible signs of the Universe’s love?
  • Describe your connection to other living beings: people, animals, plants, the earth, and the universe as a whole. What does it mean to be connected to all?
  • Can I retain my sense of individuality while still feeling connected to all? Is this important to me?
  • Even when I’m alone, how can I forge a sense of connection with not only myself, but other living beings and the Universe as a whole?
  • What does it mean to me to surrender to a higher power? Is this easy or hard for me?
  • What are three ways I can practice surrendering in my daily life?
  • Surrendering to a higher power can be difficult because it may feel like giving up personal control and losing a sense of personal power. However, in what ways does surrendering actually give me a greater sense of personal power?
  • Do I always feel worthy of the Universe’s love? Why or why not?
  • Write ten affirmations to affirm that you are worthy of unconditional love from the Universe (and from yourself). Repeat each affirmation twice.
  • What is my soul’s purpose? Do I feel connected to this purpose? Do I believe this purpose can change throughout my life, or do I have a singular all-encompassing purpose to lead me in my journey?
  • Who is my highest self? How does my highest self show up in the world?
  • How can I connect with my highest self in my daily life?
  • Do I consult my highest self in my actions and decisions? If not, how can I begin to include my highest self in my life’s journey?
  • What does spiritual enlightenment mean to me?
  • What is a time in my life when I had faith and trust in the Universe, and everything worked out perfectly?
  • What is a time in my life when my prayers weren’t answered (or it seemed as though they weren’t answered), and this actually worked out positively for me?
  • What are some examples of past experiences when the Universe gave me exactly what I needed at exactly the right time?
  • When do I feel most peaceful? What does divine peace feel like to me?How can I cultivate this feeling in my daily life?
  • How can I remain peaceful, focused, and trusting when my outer world feels chaotic and/or when I’m surrounded by the negative energy of others?
  • Reflect on this statement: “I am a spiritual being in a human body.” What does this mean to me?
  • List ten blessings in your life right now. How does each of these blessings support your highest good?
  • In what ways is my daily life a miracle? List all the miracles about this day and your life right now, exactly as it is.
  • Where is one place in this world where I feel most connected to a higher power? What makes this place so special? Even when I’m not physically in this place, how can I carry the feelings of being there with me throughout my daily life?
  • Write ten affirmations about your spirituality, spiritual enlightenment, and your ability to trust and surrender. Repeat each affirmation twice. (If you need help, check out these crown chakra affirmations here.)
  • What does my highest, most authentic self look like? Describe who this person is, including both their outward appearance and their inner world.
  • Why is it important to me to have an open and balanced crown chakra?
  • What does an ordinary day as my most trusting, peaceful, spiritually enlightened self look like? How do I carry myself throughout the day? How do I treat others and myself? Write about this day in detail.

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crown chakra journal prompts
Pin this for later! 30 Journal Prompts to Open and Heal the Crown Chakra
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