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    10 Manifestation Tips to Create the Life of Your Dreams

    In this post, discover 10 powerful manifestation tips to become a master manifestor and create a beautiful life of joy, peace, love, and abundance.

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    What is Manifestation?

    Manifestation is the practice of visualizing your dreams and desires and vibrating at the frequency of your desires to attract more of what you want into your daily experience. It’s based on the idea that what you put out into the universe is what you receive in return.

    So if you’re constantly complaining that nothing ever works out for you and viewing your life from a perspective of scarcity and lack, you receive more of the vibrations you’re emitting: more scarcity, more lack.

    But if you believe that everything is always working out for you and that you live a life of pure abundance, you attract more success and abundance into your daily experience.

    Feel joyful. Attract more joyful experiences into your life.

    Feel gratitude and appreciation. Attract more wonderful people, experiences, opportunities, and things to be grateful for.

    Now, I’ll admit: this kind of simplifies manifestation in a way that isn’t always healthy. Why? Because it makes it seem as though manifestation should be just that easy. In theory, it is that easy, but when you’re first starting out, it often requires a journey of inner child healing, understanding your limiting beliefs, and cultivating self-compassion and self-love, two concepts we often struggle with.

    Even worse, it may make you believe you need to suppress negative thoughts and only think positively, which may cause you to fall into the trap of toxic positivity. To be clear, manifestation is not about suppressing negative feelings and thoughts. This was what I believed when I first started out, and it left me feeling constantly anxious and insecure. When we suppress negativity, the negative energy doesn’t just go away; it becomes trapped in our body, resulting in energy imbalances within. (You may understand this energy to be part of your chakra system. To learn more about your chakras, click here.)

    Below, I discuss more on how to approach negative thoughts and feelings, as well as 9 more powerful manifestation tips to create the life of your dreams. These manifestation tips will help you to become a master manifestor and create a life of true beauty, joy, peace, and abundance.

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    Manifestation Tips

    Manifestation Tip #1: Live “As If”

    This is one of my favorite manifestation tips because it is rooted in the idea that you get to feel pure joy and happiness today (and every day).

    Think about all of your most beautiful dreams and desires. Now, imagine how you’ll feel the day all of your dreams come true. What positive feelings will blanket your life? Joy? Peace? Freedom? Whatever it is, get in touch with those emotions.

    Then bring those emotions back to the present moment, and live your daily life as if all of your dreams and desires have already come true. How do you feel when you wake up in your dream life? What are the first thoughts you have in the morning? How do you interact with the world around you? What kinds of things do you do during your day?

    Manifestation is all about vibrating at the frequency of your desires, and there’s no better way to do that than to live each day as if all of your dreams have already come true. When you do this, you become a magnet for everything you could ever dream of (and more).

    You can start right now by taking a deep breath and releasing any tension you feel in your body. Align with the person you imagine yourself to be: the person who is living the life of his or her dreams. Become that person. And if you find yourself misaligned and not living as if? That’s okay! Simply choose in that moment to realign with your highest self. And as you keep choosing, it will become easier and easier, so eventually, you no longer have to remind yourself anymore; you just are.

    Manifestation Tip #2: Express Gratitude Frequently

    There is no vibration higher than that of gratitude and appreciation. Gratitude ties in with abundance, as when you choose to view your life from a perspective of gratitude, you’re able to see all that you have rather that focusing on what you don’t have.

    When you express gratitude, you’re essentially telling the universe, more of this please.

    More joy. More love. More peace, freedom, and abundance.

    This also directly ties in to the idea of living as if. If you’re constantly living in lack, waiting for something to happen and focusing on its absence, you disconnect yourself from the experience of having that thing. But when you live as if your dreams have already come true, you feel true gratitude and appreciation for this life of your dreams.

    And because of this, you’re no longer searching for that thing out there; it’s within. And when it’s within, you’re directly connected to that thing.

    Connect yourself to the life of your dreams by expressing sincere gratitude and appreciation for the abundance that already exists within.

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    Manifestation Tip #3: Release the How

    This is one of the biggest obstacles to manifesting your dreams because it’s so easy to get caught in the trap of trying to figure out how your manifestation is going to happen.

    For instance, say you want to manifest a million dollars. In your head, you’re already playing out the scenarios of how your million dollars will come to you. You narrow it down to two options: win the lottery or win a reality TV game show. You’re not a big fan of the game show idea, so you figure you have to try to win the lottery. It’s the only possible option, you think. So you go out and buy lottery tickets every single day, growing more frustrated every time you don’t win.

    This is the problem a lot of us face; we get tunnel vision, thinking our options for manifesting our dreams are limited, and because of this, we miss opportunities and signs from the universe that are right in front of us if we’d just step back and widen our perspective.

    So what should you do? Release the idea that you need to know how it’s going to happen. Trust that the universe is working behind the scenes to make all your dreams and desires come true. Meanwhile, your job is simple: live a joyful life, express gratitude, find uplifting ways to raise your vibrations, and if you hear your inner knowing telling you to do something, take inspired action and follow it. This inner knowing is a gentle nudge from the universe pointing you to your dreams. It may not be the path that you expected, but if you surrender and let go of the how, it will likely be even better.

    Manifestation Tip #4: Give to Receive

    The more good you put out in the world, the more good you receive in return.

    Often, when we think about giving, we first think about money and donations. And this is definitely one of the ways you can give. If you feel inspired to tip your waiter or barista an extra $20, or donate to a really great charity that resonates with you, this is absolutely a powerful way to manifest more good vibes your way. When you give money to another from a place of sincerity, you’re not only spreading kindness, but you’re telling the universe that you trust that money will always come back to you, so you don’t have to hold on tightly to what you have.

    Money isn’t the only gesture of kindness you can give, though. Smiling at a stranger is a form of giving. So is texting someone out of the blue just to let them know you’re thinking about them. Time is also a powerful thing to give to another. Do you know someone who is struggling? Does a friend need help studying for a big test? Give them your time without expecting anything in return.

    Now, I do want to note this: only give when it feels good to you. Don’t force or pressure yourself to give because you think you have to, especially if deep down, you feel any resentment towards giving. When you do this, you may be emitting negative vibrations, so you’re not actually helping yourself to manifest what you want. Release the pressure on yourself, let go, and allow the perfect moment to unfold instead of forcing yourself into it.

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    Manifestation Tip #5: Set Specific Intentions

    This is actually one of the first things you want to do, and while it may seem obvious, it can often be overlooked.

    In order to manifest your dreams, you first need to know what exactly it is that you want to manifest. It’s like placing an order at a restaurant. You assess your options, decide what you want, place your order, then sit back and wait for it to be served to you.

    Manifestation is the same. To manifest something, you must place your order with the universe, telling it exactly what it is that you want. Visualization, journaling, and simply talking to the universe are all powerful ways to do this.

    Often, this is actually less of a problem for beginners and can be more of an issue for experienced manifestors. Why? Because they’ve been doing it for so long, they may lose sight of their intentions. That’s why it’s important to realign with your intentions every once in a while. You don’t have to place your order again since it’s already been placed. Just make sure that you’ve set clear intentions with the universe and return to that better-feeling state of having everything you desire. (One powerful way to set and return to your intentions is to create a vision board. For 30 empowering vision board quotes to lift your vibrations, click here.)

    Manifestation Tip #6: Cheer on Others

    It’s very likely that you know others who are also working on manifesting their dreams. And you may even know someone who has a dream similar to yours.

    Maybe you want to manifest the love of your life, and so does one of your closest friends.

    Or maybe you want to make it as a singer, and you know others singers who are trying to make it, too.

    There’s a chance that you may know someone whose manifestations appear before yours. That friend could meet the love of her life, or one of your singer friends could sign a big contract.

    In those moments, it can be easy to fall into a scarcity mindset. You may think that’s one less spot for you to succeed, or you may grow frustrated at what you perceive as lack or scarcity in your life.

    This can be a normal human reaction, but I gently urge you: don’t do this.

    When you take this manifestation journey, walk forward knowing in your heart that there is always space for you in the life of your dreams. Trust that this dream has been placed in your heart for a reason.

    When you see someone succeed, cheer them on, knowing their success has no effect on your own (and vice versa).

    You can also view each success story as a sign that your manifestation is on its way. Did someone in your state win a big amount of money in the lottery? Take it as a sign that financial prosperity is on its way to you. Did your best friend just get engaged? Trust and believe that your love story is coming.

    Turn the old stories about lack and scarcity into new stories of prosperity and abundance.

    Manifestation Tip #7: Let It Go

    This may be one of the hardest parts of manifestation: letting it go.

    To let it go means that once you’ve placed your order with the universe, you release your worries about when and how it’s going to happen. Simply trust that it will happen, and begin to live as if.

    I’ll fully admit, this can be easier said than done, especially when you’re first starting out. It’s easy to get impatient as you start to wonder when everything will finally work out for you. You may try to get a move on with your manifestations by buying lots of lottery tickets or going to coffee shops in your best outfit to stage your own meet cute. And when it doesn’t happen as quickly as you want it to, you may give up and decide that manifestation doesn’t actually work.

    That’s why letting it go is so important. Don’t worry about the timeline. Don’t try to force something that doesn’t feel right. Know that the universe is doing the hard stuff, and instead of focusing on your external world, focus on your inner world.

    Create an inner world so peaceful, patient, and calm, it spills into your outer world and creates something beautiful.

    Manifestation Tip #8: Gently Probe Negative Thoughts & Emotions

    So here’s where we get back to what I said in the intro. If I had to name my biggest obstacle when I first began manifesting, it was this: I (wrongly) believed that high vibrations and emitting a positive frequency meant that I had to be upbeat and positive all the time. Because of this belief, I thought I had to suppress negative emotions and pretend they weren’t there.

    Rather than manifesting the life of my dreams, I found myself in a pit of constant anxiety, worried that every bit of negative energy was going to ruin my manifestations and bring horrible things into my experience.

    Eventually, I became frustrated, because sometimes, I wanted and needed to feel those negative emotions. I was tired of trying to be perfect and suppressing everything.

    With time, I learned that there’s a difference between having a fixed negative mindset as opposed to sometimes experiencing negative thoughts and emotions.

    Having a fixed negative mindset means constantly complaining, believing that only bad things happen to you, and viewing life from a perspective of scarcity; nothing you have is ever enough.

    Experiencing a negative thought or emotion once in a while means you’re human. If you’re reading this right now, I’m guessing this is you. You believe in yourself and your dreams. You express gratitude for all that you have rather than complaining about what you don’t have. You just have bad moments, sometimes even bad days, once in a while. (And truthfully, I’m not sure I like the label of bad, because you may see that these moments and days are actually serving and supporting your growth).

    When you have these moments, don’t fight it. Don’t try to pretend it doesn’t exist for the sake of false positivity.

    Instead, acknowledge it. Fully. And then, allow yourself to gently probe it. Where is this source of negative energy coming from? Is it from an external source (i.e. something someone said) or something that’s been building within? Would it help to write it all out and release it on paper? What does your soul need in this moment? And can you trust that even though you’re feeling some negative energy right now, the universe still has your back and everything is always working out for you?

    Instead of criticizing yourself for the negativity, speak to yourself the way the universe would speak to you: with unconditional love and compassion.

    Also, remember that having a negative thought doesn’t make it true. I sometimes still have reactionary thoughts about myself in which I criticize or put myself down without thinking. But I know that in every moment, I have the power to step back, probe the thought, and ask, “Is it true?” And when I realize it isn’t, I also have the power to choose a new, better feeling thought that aligns with my truth.

    scripting journal

    Manifestation Tip #9: Embrace Your Morning Routine

    One of the biggest game changers for me has been developing a consistent morning routine that supports my mind, body, and spirit.

    Every morning, I journal for 30 minutes with a hot cup of coffee by my side. Then, I meditate. After my meditation, I eat breakfast and then work out. On rest days, I’ll usually go out on a morning walk around the neighborhood. (Unless it’s a Sunday and my body tells me it wants to lay on the couch reading a book all morning . . . then, I listen to my body!)

    My morning routine isn’t anything overly complicated, but it helps me to set a solid foundation for the day. In my journaling, I always express gratitude and lift myself up with high-vibe affirmations. I also take the time to set my intentions for the day, and I even write what I want to manifest that day. (This doesn’t have to be anything big! I might decide to manifest an inspired idea, a joyful moment, a good conversation, or a sign from the universe).

    A morning routine can be a powerful tool in manifestation because it allows you to take some time for yourself in the morning to align with the feelings of your dreams and desires. Rather than hurrying through your morning with anxious thoughts, you can take a deep breath and assert that everything will work out perfectly for you.

    Now, I fully admit that a 2-hour morning routine is easier for me than many people because I (a) am a morning person and love to wake up early; (b) work for myself; and (c) don’t have kids. So if you feel like you’re too busy in the morning for a full-on morning routine, that’s okay! See if you can take 60 seconds to cultivate a positive mindset for yourself. This might mean simply closing your eyes and breathing consciously for 60 seconds; reciting positive affirmations in the shower; or expressing gratitude as you get ready for work. If you have a couple minutes, you could write three things you’re grateful for, three positive affirmations, and your daily intention in a notebook.

    However your morning routine looks, know that the length of your routine matters less than your ability to align with the positive thoughts and vibrations you want to emit during the day.

    Manifestation Tip #10: Practice Self-Compassion Daily

    I think this might be one of the most overlooked aspects of manifestation, but it’s critical not only in manifesting the life of your dreams but in cultivating unconditional self-love and self-belief.

    Like I said above, you’re human. And I’m guessing that as a human, you probably aren’t perfect. None of us are. You may experience times when you find it difficult to maintain a positive attitude. You may find yourself growing impatient and frustrated because your manifestation hasn’t yet shown up in your reality. You may realize that a part of you is skeptical that any of this can truly work for you.

    And that’s okay.

    The worst thing you can do in this moment is judge or criticize yourself for the thoughts and feelings you’re experiencing.

    Instead, treat yourself with self-compassion. Tell yourself, “I am doing the best I can, and my best is enough.” And more than anything, acknowledge that even though you are imperfect and flawed, you are worthy of unconditional love. Accept love from yourself. Accept love from others. Accept the universe’s perfect love for you.

    Because you are always, always worthy of love.

    This is how you manifest the life of your dreams: not through self-criticism but through self-love. Not through self-judgment but through self-compassion.

    If you can do this, I promise: you can have anything and everything you dream of and more.

    Do you have any powerful manifestation tips that have worked for you? What’s your secret manifestation success formula? Share your comments and questions in the comment box below!

    And for more resources on spirituality, meditation, manifestation, and all things self-love, be sure to connect with me on Instagram and Pinterest, where I’m posting positive affirmations and empowering quotes daily.

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  • love affirmations
    Affirmations,  Self Love

    35 Love Affirmations to Manifest Your Own Love Story

    Are you ready to open your heart to pure and unconditional love? Below, discover 35 love affirmations to manifest your own beautiful love story.

    love affirmations
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    Attracting Love

    What does it mean to attract love?

    Does it mean you have to be a perfect version of yourself so that love can find you? Or that you have to turn yourself into what you think a partner would want in order to entice someone? Does it mean being alluring and seductive to catch the right person’s attention?

    You probably already know where I’m going with this: attracting love is not about being perfect or turning yourself into someone else to please another.

    Attracting love is simply about being love.

    It means not waiting until you’ve found a partner to finally feel loved but to feel loved right now and to walk through your day knowing you are loved unconditionally.

    That is, essentially, the foundation of manifestation. To manifest something means to visualize your dreams and desires and to vibrate at the frequency of your desires as if they’ve already come true.

    So if you dream of finding a romantic partner, and you imagine that a romantic partner will make you feel loved, cherished, and adored, you wouldn’t wait until a romantic partner enters your life to feel those positive emotions; you’d choose to feel loved, cherished, and adored right now.

    The same goes for anything you want to attract, or manifest, into your reality.

    If you want to manifest financial abundance, become the embodiment of abundance now, no matter what your bank account says.

    If you want to manifest the perfect job, then walk and talk like you have that job right now. Even if you don’t like your current job, when you vibrate at the frequency of loving your job, you’ll attract more of this to you. That means attracting a job you actually do love.

    Vibrate at the frequency of having everything you want now, and it’ll begin showing up in your daily life in incredible and sometimes magical ways.

    Releasing Your Limiting Beliefs

    Often, the biggest barrier to attracting love isn’t external circumstances; it’s our own limiting beliefs.

    Below, I’ve listed a few of the biggest limiting beliefs to manifesting love.

    Limiting Belief: “In order to be loved, first I need to . . .”

    “. . . lose ten pounds.”

    “. . . get a tan.”

    ” . . . make myself more interesting.”

    ” . . . have a successful career.”

    One of the biggest limiting beliefs to manifesting love is the idea that you have to change yourself in order to be loved.

    This is absolutely, unequivocally not true. You deserve to be loved right now, exactly as you are. You don’t have to change yourself. You don’t have to achieve more. You don’t have to lose or gain anything.

    By believing that something must first change in order for you to be loved, you essentially withhold love from yourself. The first and most profound step you can take to release this limiting belief is to love yourself unconditionally, exactly as you are. Let your friends love you as you are. Let your family love you as you are. And if you believe in a higher power, allow yourself to receive love from that higher power every single day.

    I promise, the right person will love you as you are, and it won’t matter if you’re 10 pounds heavier or lighter, or if you’ve achieved career success.

    They’ll love you because you’re you, and no external factors can change that.

    Limiting Belief: “I refuse to meet someone. . .”

    ” . . . on a dating app.”

    “. . . at a bar.”

    “. . . on a blind date.”

    I have a very unscientific, not-at-all-tested theory that the more we hone in on a specific way we’re not going to meet someone, the more likely it is that that’s exactly the way we’ll end up meeting the right person.

    (Okay, I might mostly just be saying this because that’s what happened to me.)

    But it does follow the laws of manifestation, which say that the more we give our attention to something, the more we attract that thing to us. This includes both things we do want and things we don’t want.

    Do you have any of those I refuse to’s in your life?

    Let yourself gently probe them. What’s the source for this requirement? Is it rooted in fear? Or negative past experiences? Are you worried about how you’ll be perceived by family or friends?

    And finally, ask yourself if it might be worth it to release those old requirements and open yourself up to all kinds of possibilities.

    Limiting Belief: “I opened my heart before and ended up heartbroken. I can’t put myself through that kind of pain again.”

    If this is you, know that you’re not alone. I know exactly how this feels.

    And I can’t promise that you won’t get your heart broken again.

    But when you close your heart, you close yourself off to a lot of incredible people who simply want the chance to get to know you. Maybe even to love you. And I promise, there are people in the world who would love the chance to love you.

    I know it’s not as simple as me saying, “Let them.”

    So I’ll say this: you are worthy of unconditional love. If you can’t let others love you right now, I hope you’ll at least give and accept love to and from yourself. Because you are worth it.

    Love Affirmations

    Below are 35 positive affirmations to attract unconditional love into your life. Use these affirmations as your anchor to guide you to your very own love story.

    • I am worthy of an epic love story.
    • I deserve to be loved exactly as I am.
    • I attract love by being my authentic self.
    • Love flows to me easily and effortlessly.
    • I am open to attracting even more love in my life.
    • I am able to freely accept love into my heart.
    • I am easy to love.
    • It is safe for me to open my heart to another.
    • My heart is open, loving, and pure.
    • I live in love.
    • Love is always flowing my way.
    • Love is being drawn to me at this very moment.
    • I am aligned with the energy of love.
    • The more love I give, the more I receive.
    • I am grateful for all the love I receive.
    • I openly give and receive love every single day.
    • I find love everywhere I look.
    • I am surrounded by love.
    • I am worthy of pure and deep love just as I am.
    • I am free to be my true self with another.
    • I am tuned into the vibration of pure love.
    • Every single part of me is worthy of unconditional love.
    • I am prepared to receive great love into my life.
    • I am open to finding love in unexpected ways.
    • I allow myself to be loved.
    • I am an incredible partner.
    • I am attracting love into my life right now.
    • I choose love and love chooses me.
    • I radiate pure love.
    • Love is drawn to me.
    • The love within me is eternal and limitless.
    • Everyday, I am attracting more love into my life.
    • I am destined for great and everlasting love.
    • My love story is only just beginning.
    • This is the start of something magical.
    love affirmations
    love affirmations
    love affirmations
    love affirmations
    love affirmations
    love affirmations
    love affirmations

    Want more uplifting affirmations? Be sure to connect with me on Instagram, where I post daily affirmation stories every single morning. And be sure to follow me on Pinterest where I’m pinning positive affirmations and empowering quotes every day!

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