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35 Mindfulness Affirmations For Stillness & Presence

Below, discover 35 mindfulness affirmations to help you remain grounded, centered, and rooted in the present moment, no matter what’s happening in your external world. (Plus, download free printable affirmations to save and share!)

mindfulness affirmations
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What Is Mindfulness?

The simplest definition for mindfulness is the art of noticing.

To live in a state of mindfulness means to be present in the moment you’re in, allowing you to notice both your inner and outer worlds with conscious awareness.

To illustrate this, let’s imagine you’re out on a nature walk. Remaining in the present moment, you notice the colors of the trees surrounding you and the sky above you. You notice the sounds the birds make and the feel of the breeze against your skin. You also notice how you’re feeling inside; maybe you feel peaceful and serene, or maybe you’re feeling a little stressed and off-center. You acknowledge how you’re feeling and keep walking, accepting this moment exactly as it is.

This seems simple enough, but consider how easy it is to get lost in your own thoughts: to replay events from the past or worry about the uncertain future. It could be very easy to get through the entire walk without even remembering what you saw, felt, or heard.

Mindfulness allows you to stay grounded in the present moment, but it’s also a little more; in addition to your conscious presence, it also allows you to refrain from criticism or judgment. Through mindfulness practices, you can notice things in your inner and outer worlds without labelling them as right or wrong. For instance, if you noticed that you felt a little stressed and off-center on your walk, you wouldn’t label it as being “bad” or “wrong.” You would simply allow yourself to accept it, exactly as it is, without an urgent need to fix or change anything.

Mindfulness can be a profound practice for decreasing stress, improving your mood, increasing positive emotions, and improving your overall well-being. Meditation can be a powerful bridge to cultivating more mindfulness in your daily life, but you don’t have to meditate to be mindful; mindfulness begins simply by paying attention to both your outer world and your internal thoughts and emotions in the present moment (without judging any of it as right or wrong).

Below, discover 35 mindfulness affirmations to help you remain grounded in the present moment. These affirmations are also designed to create a sense of peace and stability and to remind you that everything you’re thinking, feeling, and experiencing right now is exactly right; nothing is wrong unless you label it as wrong. To learn more about mindfulness, click here for 10 practices to help cultivate mindfulness today.

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Mindfulness Affirmations

  • I am here.
  • I am present.
  • I am grounded.
  • In this moment, I have everything I need.
  • I am exactly where I am meant to be.
  • I am safe and secure.
  • I am rooted in this present moment.
  • I am strong, steady, and grounded.
  • I exist in this moment right now.
  • I am grateful for the breath that flows through my lungs.
  • My breath is my anchor.
  • I am breathing in strength. I am breathing out peace.
  • I feel peaceful, grounded, and secure.
  • This moment is exactly as it’s meant to be.
  • I am experiencing life through all of my senses.
  • I allow myself to focus on completing one step at a time.
  • My power is in the present moment.
  • I am not my thoughts.
  • I am not my fears.
  • I am viewing the world through the eyes of love.
  • All is well in this moment.
  • My heart is grateful, and my mind is at peace.
  • I will not worry about things I cannot control.
  • I focus on what I can control and let go of what I cannot.
  • I have the power to overcome my doubts, worries, and fears.
  • I allow myself to take things one moment at a time.
  • I am grounded, centered, and stable.
  • I know deep inner peace.
  • This day is a gift, and I accept it with my full presence and undivided attention.
  • I release worst case scenario thinking and choose to focus on this present moment.
  • When I’m feeling overwhelmed, I allow myself to step back and breathe.
  • I notice my thoughts and feelings without judgment or criticism.
  • Everything I feel in this moment is exactly right.
  • I take care of the future by taking care of the present moment.
  • I release my worries and allow myself to find peace in life’s quiet moments.
mindfulness affirmations
mindfulness affirmations
mindfulness affirmations
mindfulness affirmations
mindfulness affirmations
mindfulness affirmations
mindfulness affirmations
mindfulness affirmations

Do you have any favorite mindfulness affirmations to remain grounded, peaceful, and rooted in the present moment? Share your favorites in the comment box below!

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mindfulness affirmations
Pin this for later! 35 Mindfulness Affirmations For Stillness & Presence
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