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    How to Release Limiting Beliefs (and Create New Beliefs)

    In this post, learn how to release limiting beliefs using several powerful practices. These practices will not only help you release your limiting beliefs, but they’ll allow you to make space to create new, empowering beliefs that will serve you as you step into a new chapter.

    How to Release Limiting Beliefs (and Create New Beliefs)
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    What is a Limiting Belief?

    A limiting belief is a deep-seated belief that holds you back from realizing your true potential and living your fullest, most authentic life.

    Limiting beliefs can come in many forms. Here are a few examples:

    • There are already thousands of wellness coaches out there. I don’t have anything special to offer to stand out from the crowd. I’ll never be able to compete.
    • I’ll get back on the dating scene someday, but nobody’s going to love me the way I am now. First, I need to lose twenty pounds. My physical self has to be in peak shape to be loved.
    • Only really lucky people get to have that kind of success. I’ll never make it.

    Do any of these sound familiar? Or have you experienced similar types of thoughts that have held you back from taking the next step personally or professionally?

    Most of the time, you’ll find that your limiting beliefs are rooted in fear: fear of rejection, fear of abandonment, fear of not being enough, fear of failure, and even fear of success.

    But know this: you are not your fears.

    And you have the power to rise above your limiting beliefs and fears. What held you back yesterday doesn’t have to continue to hold you back today.

    Below, you’ll discover how to release limiting beliefs using several powerful practices. You can use one or two of these practices, or you can try them all and see how they feel for you.

    Even more importantly, these practices don’t just help you release limiting beliefs; they allow you to create new, empowering beliefs that will guide you in your journey forward into a new, more freeing chapter.

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    How to Release Limiting Beliefs (5 Methods)

    Make a Reframed Beliefs List

    One of my favorite ways to release limiting beliefs is to make a list of new, reframed beliefs.

    To do this, you can use a sheet of paper or pull up a blank document on your computer. Make a table with two columns.

    Title the first column, Old Limiting Beliefs. Title the second column, New Reframed Beliefs. You can also use the titles, Limiting Beliefs I’m Releasing and Empowering Beliefs I’m Embracing.

    Under the Limiting Beliefs column, write down all of the limiting beliefs that have held you back. Maybe there’s just one or two really big ones, or there may be several you want to write down.

    Now, what’s the opposite of those limiting beliefs you just wrote down?

    In the next column, turn every limiting belief into a new, positive, empowering belief. Essentially, you’re writing a powerful affirmation here. If your belief is that you’re not good enough, affirm that you are good enough. Write what feels good and right to you.

    Repeat these new reframed beliefs as often as you need to. You might decide to look at them every morning and recite your empowering beliefs aloud.

    Here’s an example of how your list might look:

    Old Limiting BeliefsNew Reframed Beliefs
    I’m not talented enough to make it. Why even bother?I have what it takes to succeed and thrive. I’m more than enough.
    Nobody will want to date someone like me. I shouldn’t even try.I have so many amazing qualities to offer. There’s someone out there looking for exactly someone like me.

    Burn Your Limiting Beliefs List

    Another practice that might feel cathartic for you is to take the limiting beliefs list you wrote above and burn it. Let this be a representation of you letting go of your limiting beliefs and making space for something new in your life.

    If you do this, I recommend still finding a way to turn those limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs. After you burn your limiting beliefs, you can make a list of positive affirmations that represent your new beliefs. Instead of focusing on the negative energy of your old beliefs, focus on the fresh energy of your new beliefs. Let this new energy carry you forward into your next chapter.

    How to Release Limiting Beliefs - five practices to release limiting beliefs on zannakeithley.com

    Visualize Releasing Your Limiting Beliefs

    Another one of my favorite practices for releasing limiting beliefs is to envision myself throwing my limiting beliefs off a cliff and watching them disappear.

    To do this, find a quiet, safe spot where you won’t be interrupted. Close your eyes. Imagine you’re standing at the edge of a cliff. Below is a deep chasm—you can’t see the bottom. Now, invite your limiting beliefs to come forward. See them with non-judgmental awareness.

    This means you don’t criticize yourself for having these beliefs. You don’t place labels on these beliefs as bad or wrong. Simply see them, just as they are.

    You might even send a little love to your limiting beliefs and acknowledge the ways in which they tried to serve you. For instance, you might say, “I recognize that you were trying to protect me from getting my heart broken, but I no longer need your service anymore.”

    Next, release these old beliefs into the chasm below. Watch them until they disappear. Feel yourself getting lighter without the weight of these fears pressing down on you.

    Now you have space to create new, positive beliefs. Create your new beliefs in love, kindness, and courage, knowing you have the strength to step into the life you were always meant to live.

    Journal Your Feelings

    Instead of making a list, it might help you to explore your limiting beliefs in journaling.

    Journaling allows you the time and space to explore the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back. It also allows you to probe these beliefs and ask, “Is it true?”

    For instance, you might discover that the belief that you’re not talented enough has been holding you back from pursuing your dreams. But once you start writing about it, you realize that you’ve just been using this fear to stay small.

    And you also realize that it absolutely is not true.

    You are talented enough. And you have what it takes to succeed—you just had to recognize it for yourself.

    Explore your limiting beliefs with love and compassion through journaling. And in your writing, you can release these beliefs and create new beliefs that support your mind, body, and spirit.

    Here’s a few questions to ask yourself as you journal:

    • What’s stopping me from taking the next step to pursuing my dreams?
    • What fears do I possess?
    • What beliefs am I clinging onto?
    • If these limiting beliefs didn’t exist, what would I do?
    • Are these limiting beliefs actually true?
    • What new, empowering beliefs am I creating today?

    Express Gratitude for Your Limiting Beliefs

    One way to overcome your limiting beliefs is to make them a little less intimidating. And you do this by recognizing that limiting beliefs aren’t 100% bad, scary things.

    You possess these limiting beliefs for a reason. Most likely, they were protecting you from something. Take some time to explore how these limiting beliefs may have been trying to serve you. You can write this in a journal, create a list, or simply think about your answers.

    Then, thank these limiting beliefs for the ways in which they served you. Afterwards, you can use any of the practices on this list to release them, or you can simply say, “I’m ready to release you now.”

    Feel the space around you open up as you prepare to create new beliefs that are more in line with the life you want to live.

    Next Steps

    So you’ve released your limiting beliefs—what comes next?

    In the beginning, you may fall back into old thought patterns that don’t reflect where you want to go with your life. When this happens, don’t judge or criticize yourself. Rather, react with love and a whole lot of self-compassion.

    It helps to have positive affirmations on-hand that lift your vibration and help you to feel confident and empowered. Choose some of your favorite affirmations and save them to your phone (or print them out). Repeat them daily. To help you get started, I’ve linked to some of my favorite positive affirmations below.

    If you find yourself falling back into old, limiting beliefs, you can repeat any of the practices on this list. Remember that it took you years to cultivate these beliefs, so it will take time to release them fully. And that’s okay—in time, you’ll find that your old beliefs are slipping further and further away from your mindset, until you no longer fall back to them anymore.

    For even deeper healing as you let go of your limiting beliefs and embrace new, empowering beliefs, be sure to check out the Releasing Limiting Beliefs workbook. Begin writing your new story today.

    And for positive affirmations, self-love tools, manifesting tips, and spiritual resources, be sure to follow me on Pinterest and Instagram.

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    How to Release Limiting Beliefs (and Create New Beliefs)
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