root chakra journal prompts
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30 Journal Prompts to Open and Heal Your Root Chakra

Below, discover 30 powerful root chakra journal prompts to heal your body’s energy center for strength, stability, and securityPlus, be sure to scroll to the bottom of this page to sign up for your free printable root chakra affirmations and journal prompts!

root chakra journal prompts
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Healing the Root Chakra

Have you ever felt insecure about your place in life? Maybe there are things happening outside of you that make you feel like you’ve lost your sense of control. Or maybe uncertainty about your future means you’re constantly living in a state of worry and fear.

I think most of us, at some point in our lives, have experienced these unsettling feelings. It’s especially common to get caught up reliving mistakes of the past or worrying about the future.

Unfortunately, while those worries and fears usually come from a place of self-preservation, they take us away from the present moment and do little to support our total well-being.

That’s why doing the deep, inner work to heal the source of what makes you feel uncertain, scattered, anxious, disconnected, and/or fearful is so important. And that all starts with the root chakra.

Located at the base of your spine, your root chakra is your energy center for safety, stability, groundedness, strength, and ease within your own body. When your root chakra is open, it means that your basic physiological and safety needs are being met and you have the resources you need to survive.

Beyond this, it also signifies that you feel firm in your place in life. This doesn’t mean everything is absolutely perfect. Rather, it means that you feel confident and secure with where you are and where you’re going. You have the strength and self-trust to continue down your sacred path, wherever it may lead.

The root chakra acts as your foundation. Your body’s other six main energy centers open you up to creativity, confidence, love, communication, intuition, and spirituality. But in order for these chakras to stay open and balanced, your foundation must first be stable and secure.

So when we talk about chakras, we have to start with your first chakra. Your base. Your foundation. Your root.

Because once the ground beneath you is stable, that’s when you can really begin to not just survive but thrive.

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How to Use These Journal Prompts

The 30 root chakra journal prompts below are designed to help you get in touch with your innermost self so you can gently probe and explore your deepest feelings and beliefs.

Specifically, these prompts correlate with the primary attributes of the root chakra and what may be blocking it in this moment.

Some of the prompts may resonate more than others, so feel free to skip around and answer the ones that feel most relevant for you.

Note that some prompts may take only a few minutes to answer while others may take a little longer. If possible, try to set aside some time where you’re not distracted, allowing you space to fully get in touch with your innermost self.

And last but not least: set the intention to make your journaling practice a judgment-free zone. Have compassion for yourself. The fact that you’re showing up today and setting aside time for growth and healing is incredible. I hope you recognize that, and I hope you’re able to show yourself gratitude for the strength and courage it takes to do this kind of work. It isn’t always easy, but it’s always worth it.

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Root Chakra Journal Prompts

  • What are my basic needs to survive? Do I have easy access to all of these needs, or is there anything I struggle to attain?
  • Has there ever been a time in my life when my basic needs of food, water, warmth, rest, security, and safety weren’t met? How did I feel during this time?
  • What can I do to ensure my mind, body, and spirit feel safe despite external circumstances?
  • What can I do to ensure my basic physiological and safety needs are always met?
  • What basic needs are met in my life, and what makes me grateful for each one? (Write one to three sentences for each need, describing why you’re grateful for it.)
  • What in my external world helps me to feel safe? What about in my internal world?
  • What does it mean to me to be grounded? How can I cultivate the feeling of being grounded in my life?
  • In the middle of a busy and hectic day, what can I do to help myself to feel centered?
  • When the world feels chaotic, how can I remain rooted firmly to the ground?
  • Describe yourself as though you are a tree, with roots that keep you secure to the ground no matter how the wind blows.
  • What does strength mean to me? What makes me feel strong? When do I feel strongest?
  • What does it mean to me to be rooted in the present moment?
  • What practices can I incorporate into my daily routine that will increase mindfulness and help me to remain in the present moment?
  • Are there any situations, places, or common experiences in my life that don’t help me to feel rooted, secure, safe, and/or grounded? What can I do to help myself in these moments (or change the situation)?
  • Visualize your highest self walking through a beautiful, open field with your bare feet touching the ground. Describe this experience, including how it makes you feel.
  • Write a compassionate love letter to your body. Use affirmations to affirm that you feel safe, supported, and at ease in your body.
  • In what ways does my body always take care of me?
  • Finish this statement: “I build my life upon the foundation of _____.” Describe all the positive feelings and beliefs that create the foundation for which you build your life upon.
  • What does it mean to me to be firm in my place of life?
  • Do I feel like my loved ones support me? Do I feel like the Universe supports me? What do I need to feel more supported?
  • Why is important to me to feel supported by loved ones and the Universe?
  • Reflect on this statement and what it means to you: “Every cell of my body supports my total wellbeing.
  • When my energy feels depleted, what can I do to nourish and rejuvenate my body, mind, and spirit?
  • What can I do every morning to increase my energy and greet the day with enthusiasm and vitality?
  • Who is my truest, most authentic self?
  • How can I become one with my true self in each and every moment?
  • What fears or limiting beliefs hold me back from living as my truest, most authentic self?
  • How can I use my inner peace, calm, and sense of groundedness as a superpower to help the people around me?
  • Why is having an open and balanced root chakra important to me?
  • What does an ordinary day as my most grounded and secure self look like? How do I carry myself through the day? How do I treat others and myself? Write about this day in detail.

Have you used any of these journal prompts? Share your experiences in the comment box below!

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root chakra journal prompts
Pin this for later! 30 Journal Prompts to Open and Heal Your Root Chakra
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