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    40 Friday Affirmations To End The Week With Positivity

    Below, discover 40 Friday affirmations to end the week with a mindset of gratitude, hope, and positivity. Allow these affirmations to become your anchor at the end of each week as you open your eyes and discover the miracles and magic unfolding in your life in this very moment. (Plus, don’t forget to download your free printable affirmations below!)

    Friday affirmations
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    Ending The Week With Positivity

    No matter what happened this week, you always have control of your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. In fact, this is true at all times. In all moments, you are the only one who has any power over how you feel. And through all experiences, you choose your perspective; you get to choose whether you view your life experiences through a positive or negative lens.

    So why should you choose positivity? Well first, I want to make it clear what it means to choose positivity. First and foremost, this does not mean glossing over or suppressing any heavy feelings you may be experiencing. It doesn’t mean pretending the bad doesn’t exist. And it doesn’t mean ignoring uncomfortable truths when they arise.

    What it does mean is that in all situations, especially in ones that seem negative on the surface, you can find opportunities for lessons and growth. It means that even if you didn’t get exactly what you want this week, you still choose faith and hope. It means knowing that you have the courage to handle all experiences with strength and grace. And it means knowing that nothing outside of you can affect what happens inside of you unless you let it.

    You can have a hard day and still feel so grateful for this life you get to live.

    You can have a negative encounter with another person and know that their low and even toxic energy has nothing to do with you.

    You can experience a setback and still trust that somehow, in some way, you’re still moving forward, even though it doesn’t always feel like it.

    Below, you’ll find 40 Friday affirmations to end your week with a positive mindset. Some of these affirmations are focused on how you approach this brand new day. Others are geared toward cultivating a perspective of gratitude and positivity for the week as a whole. And you’ll find a few that are all about releasing your worries and using the weekend to focus on fun, play, and self-care.

    Use these affirmations throughout your Friday to help you end the week on a positive note and maintain a perspective of hope, trust, and gratitude for this life you get to live. (And don’t forget to download your free printable Friday affirmations below!)

    Friday Affirmations

    • I approach this new day with joy, gratitude, and excitement.
    • I am thankful to end this week on a positive note.
    • I begin and end this day with a grateful heart.
    • No matter what happens, I will offer my best self today.
    • As I move through this day, I pledge to spread my light wherever I go.
    • I choose to release my worries about the future and focus on the present moment.
    • I hold the lessons I learned this week close to my heart and carry them with me as I move forward.
    • Where focus goes, energy flows, so I focus on peace, success, and positivity.
    • Today, I choose to feel calm, grounded, peaceful, and secure.
    • I can accomplish anything I focus on.
    • I feel peaceful and relaxed knowing I am exactly where I am meant to be.
    • I open my eyes and discover the miracles that surround me every single day.
    • I inhale positive energy and exhale my fears.
    • I am choosing courage over fear and faith over doubt.
    • I feel good about the path I’m on and the life I’m creating for myself.
    • Good things are happening all around me.
    • Everywhere I look, I see hope and possibilities.
    • I am excited to experience the magic and wonder of this day.
    • I am always headed in the right direction.
    • I am grateful for the challenges I’ve faced this week, as they’ve allowed me to grow.
    • My strength is greater than any struggle.
    • All of my problems have solutions.
    • My ability to conquer challenges is limitless. My ability to succeed is infinite.
    • Everything I do today is enough. (And so am I.)
    • All experiences I’ve encountered have shaped me to be the highest version of myself.
    • I trust that the Universe gives me exactly what I need at exactly the right time.
    • I am trusting. What’s meant for me is already mine. I am exactly where I’m meant to be.
    • When I end this day, I am able to leave work behind me.
    • I choose to focus on what makes me feel good.
    • My mind, body, and soul are my top priorities.
    • I am leaning into fun, rest, relaxation, and play.
    • I am allowed to feel good.
    • I am allowed to choose joy.
    • As I end this week, I am able to reflect upon my experiences with gratitude and positivity.
    • I choose to see the best in every situation.
    • This weekend, I am releasing my worries and making self-care my top priority.
    • My heart is grateful and my mind is at peace.
    • I find beauty and pleasure in the little moments.
    • Everything is exactly as it’s meant to be.
    • All is really well.

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    Friday affirmations
    Friday affirmations
    Friday affirmations
    Friday affirmations
    Friday affirmations
    Friday affirmations
    Friday affirmations
    Friday affirmations

    Do you have any favorite Friday affirmations you like to repeat at the end of a long week? Share your favorites in the comment box below!

    And for more resources on spirituality, meditation, manifestation, and all things self-love, be sure to connect with me on Instagram and Pinterest, where I’m posting positive affirmations and empowering messages daily.

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    Friday affirmations
    Pin this for later! 40 Friday Affirmations To End The Week With Positivity