how to manifest on paper

How To Manifest On Paper For Life-Changing Breakthroughs

In this article, discover how to manifest on paper in five easy steps to experience life-changing breakthroughs. Plus, get bonus steps and more resources for manifesting love, abundance, and more.

how to manifest on paper
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What Is Manifestation?

At its foundation, manifestation is creation.

You are a creator. Throughout your life, you’ve been creating your reality through your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. This may be hard to see at first. After all, if you were the creator of your reality, wouldn’t you have everything you want by now?

But it doesn’t really work like that. As the late Wayne Dyer once said, “You don’t attract what you want. You attract what you are.”

So there may be a lot of things you really want in life: love, success, abundance. But in order to experience these things in your outer world, you first need to cultivate these feelings within you.

This is where conscious manifestation comes in.

Conscious manifestation is the practice of visualizing your dreams and desires and vibrating at the frequency of your desires as if they’ve already come true. This means you’re intentionally creating a beautiful inner world so that it spills into your outer world and creates something extraordinary outside of you.

Or to break it down even further—do you really want to experience more success in your life? Then you first need to tap into the feeling of success inside of you. When you close your eyes and imagine yourself at the pinnacle of success, how does that feel? How does your heart respond? What changes happen inside your body?

Now, can you continually tap into this feeling each day? Can you find the place inside yourself where you have no limits? Can you begin creating and living your dream life within your mind and body before it materializes outside of you?

This is manifestation. And it isn’t always easy.

It requires you to continually become conscious of what’s happening inside yourself and choose your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. One way to help you continually realign with your desired state of being is through playing different manifestation games. And one of the simplest activities you can try today? Manifesting on paper.

Below, learn how to manifest on paper in five easy steps. Plus, get bonus steps and more resources to help you manifest your dreams and desires.

And to help you develop a long-term manifestation practice that really works, be sure to check out the Dreams, Goals & Manifestation Printables, a digital resource completely dedicated to helping you manifest your dream life. With these printables, you’ll find multiple calendars, worksheet pages, goal-setting tools, and manifestation exercises that you can use over and over again, not just month after month but year after year

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How To Manifest On Paper

Step 1: Script Your Dream Life

Arguably the most powerful method for manifesting on paper is the act of scripting. Scripting is the practice of writing about your dreams and desires in story-like form, as if you already possess everything you want to manifest.

It’s kind of like writing a journal entry, except instead of writing about your current life, you write about the life you want to live as if you’re already living it.

So if you want to manifest love, you might write about how you’re living with the love of your life in your dream home. When you do this, you’ll only write in past or present tense.

If you’re writing in past tense, you might recount the day you met your partner. You could also write as though it’s the end of the day, and you’ve just had your first date with your perfect person.

If you’re writing in present tense, you can write about a day in the life with your partner. You might also write as if you’ve just woken up in the morning and want to express gratitude for having this person in your life.

If you want to see how this looks in action, you can check out some scripting examples for inspiration. I’ve also created a free Law of Attraction scripting template to help you get started.

The key to making scripting work is to feel all the positive emotions of having your desires right now in this present moment.

So if you’re writing about how happy you are to spend your life with this perfect person, allow yourself to feel truly joyful and grateful for all that you have. Give yourself permission to feel loved, cherished, and adored by this perfect person. Insert gratitude throughout your script, and end it by thanking the universe for delivering to you all your deepest dreams and desires.

If you want to get started with scripting today, be sure to check out 30 Perfect Days, a digital manifestation journal available in my online shop. For each day, you receive a unique scripting prompt that will help you to live as if you already have your dreams and desires right now. Additionally, you’ll find space for daily gratitude, acknowledging the miracles that appear in your everyday world, uplifting affirmations, and more.

scripting journal

Step 2: Use The Pillow Method For Manifestation

After you’ve completed Step 1, take the script you’ve written and place it under your pillow. Before you go to bed, visualize your desired manifestation in your mind’s eye. Imagine having this desire right now, feeling all the positive emotions of your dreams coming true. Let this be the last thing you think about before falling asleep, allowing it to sink into your subconscious brain.

Continue this practice for about 7 to 10 days, or until it feels right to remove it.

Step 3: Keep A Daily Gratitude Log

There is no “secret” to making your manifestations come faster, but the closest thing to it is practicing gratitude. Gratitude is the practice of acknowledging the daily gifts and miracles you receive with sincere appreciation.

Now, these miracles don’t have to be really big things. Even something like a perfect cup of coffee or a beautiful morning sky can be something you show true thankfulness for each day. And the fact that you get to wake up to a brand new day with your breath flowing in and out of your lungs? That, too, is a miracle.

As you wait for your manifestations to appear in your reality, don’t sit around obsessing over when and how they’re going to come. Instead, live your life with joy and true gratitude in your heart. Express appreciation for all that you have and all that’s coming. Gratitude and love are the highest vibrations on the emotional guidance scale, and the quickest way to receive what you desire is to express thankfulness for what you already have.

One method for expressing gratitude is by writing one to three things you’re grateful for every single day. As you write down your gratitude list, allow the feeling of sincere appreciation to spread through your body.

Step 4: Write Down Your Signs & Synchronicities

Every single day, you’re receiving signs from the universe.

Sometimes, the signs are really obvious (like a book falling off a shelf right in front of you), and sometimes, they’re a little more subtle (like your own intuition leading you in a certain direction).

As you begin your manifesting journey, you’ll also receive signs and synchronicities. Consider these signs to be messages from the universe, letting you know your manifestation is on its way.

The signs you receive might come in the form of numbers and number patterns, coins, objects, symbols, or dreams. Start noticing and writing down the signs you discover in your daily life. This will keep you feeling motivated and encouraged, and it will also help you to relax a little more.

Receiving a sign is like a deep, loving hug from the universe—a reminder that you are always loved and taken cared of.

To learn how to know if a sign is from the universe, what to do after you receive a sign, and how to ask for a sign, you can check out my article on receiving messages from the universe.

Step 5: Use Manifesting Oil To Amplify Your Manifestations

My favorite way to amplify my manifestation practice is to use manifesting oil on my paper. Manifesting oil is a blend of essential oils, herbs, and other natural sources that are specifically created to help you manifest your desires.

To use manifesting oil, simply add a drop of oil to your scripts, journal pages, and anything else you write down. I especially like to use it when I’m doing the pillow method (by adding the oil to the page and then placing the paper under my pillow).

You can learn more about essential oils and oil blends for manifesting your desires here.

Bonus Methods For Manifesting On Paper

Manifestation Affirmations

In addition to the practices above, use manifestation affirmations daily to amplify your intentions. You can use a blend of standard mindset affirmations, such as I am worthy, as well as future pacing affirmations, such as I am so grateful to be a successful entrepreneur making $20,000 a month.

Write down your affirmations and use a bit of manifesting oil on your paper. Don’t forget to feel what you’re affirming within. (For instance, if you affirm that you’re a successful entrepreneur, don’t just say it—really feel it.)

Here are some articles to help you with affirmations for manifestation:

55×5 Manifestation Method

To use the 55×5 Manifestation Method, choose an affirmation, then write down your chosen affirmation 55 times in a row for 5 days straight. For this practice, instead of using a mindset affirmation, use an affirmation like what I wrote above: “I am so grateful to be a successful entrepreneur making $20,000 a month.”

If this is your chosen affirmation, you’d write those exact words 55 times in a row on Day 1, then another 55 times in a row on Day 2, and then repeat on Days 3, 4, and 5. Like with all affirmations, make sure you truly feel the words within as you write them down.

If you want to get started on this practice today, I’ve created a simple 55×5 Manifestation Worksheet you can either print out or type into directly on your phone, tablet, or computer. (If you have some manifesting oil, you might prefer to print it out so you can use the oil on the pages.)

369 Method

In the 369 Method, you choose an affirmation and write it down 3 times in the morning, 6 times in the afternoon, and 9 times in the evening. Do this for 21 days in a row. As you write it down, maintain high vibrations and make sure to be consistent. I also find it helpful to say my affirmation aloud throughout the day.

Learn more about the 369 Method here.

Recap: How To Manifest On Paper

  • Step 1: Script your dream life
  • Step 2: Place your script underneath your pillow for approximately 7 to 10 days.
  • Step 3: Keep a daily gratitude log as you wait for your manifestation to appear.
  • Step 4: Write down the signs and synchronicities that show up in your daily life.
  • Step 5: Use manifesting oil on your paper to amplify your manifestations.
  • Bonus: Use the 55×5 Manifestation Method and 369 Method to enhance your manifestations.

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how to manifest on paper
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