369 Manifestation Method

How to Tap Into the Magic of the 369 Manifestation Method

In this article, learn all about the magic of the 369 Manifestation Method: what it is, why so many people use it, and how you can complete it in six easy steps. Plus, get some bonus tips on what to do after you’ve completed all the steps!

369 Manifestation Method
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What Is The 369 Manifestation Method?

The 369 Method is a simple yet effective manifestation method that utilizes the power of journaling, affirmations, and your own energetic vibration. It’s partially based in numerology, as the numbers 3, 6, and 9 all have ties to manifestation:

  • 3: Your direct link/connection to the Universe; your ability to co-create with the Universe
  • 6: Your inner strength and power to create the life that aligns with your passion and purpose
  • 9: Your ability to release negativity, let go of the past, and move forward into the future.

So what exactly makes this manifestation method so special? To answer this, let’s first define what manifestation is (and what it isn’t).

What Manifestation Is

  • Manifestation is the practice of vibrating at the frequency of your dreams and desires as if you already possess them in this present moment.
  • Manifestation is a process that requires aligning with your intuition and taking inspired action.
  • Manifestation is a process of co-creation. It’s about surrendering and trusting the Universe to deliver the best possible outcome for the highest good for all. Even if your desire doesn’t come exactly as you had envisioned, you can step back and trust that this is because the Universe is delivering something even better than you can imagine.

What Manifestation Isn’t

  • Manifestation is not simply daydreaming and creating vision boards without purpose or intention.
  • Manifestation is not about sitting back and wishing really hard that your dreams will come true without actually doing any real work. (Note that while I use the word “work” here, true manifestation will always feel good and right. It isn’t “work” in the sense of hustling and tiring yourself out all the time. It’s work based on being in alignment with the divine flow of the Universe.)
  • Manifestation is not about controlling the outcome or trying to get things to happen on your timeline. True manifestation is all about being in a state of flow with the Universe. Some things may happen quickly. Other things may take a little longer. But no matter what, the timing is always exactly right.

The reason why the 369 Manifestation Method is so powerful is because it allows you to align with everything in the What Manifestation Is list above.

First, it helps you to vibrate at the frequency of your desires, thus becoming a magnet for more of these positive vibrations to come to you.

To understand this further, it helps to understand how the Law of Attraction works.

The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like—the vibrations, beliefs, and emotions we put out into the world are what we receive in our lived experiences. So by consistently aligning with the vibration of how you want to feel, you attract more of what you desire to show up in your outer world.

Second, by completing this practice morning, afternoon, and night, you keep it at the forefront of your mind throughout the day. This helps you to remain aligned with your intuition and identify opportunities for inspired action.

And lastly, this is the perfect practice for co-creating with the Universe. It allows you to get clear about what you want to manifest (i.e. set an intention). Once you’ve identified what you want to manifest, you can communicate this to the Universe using your affirmation. The Universe, in turn, will guide you on the best possible path to receiving your dreams.

So how exactly do you complete the 369 Manifestation Method? Read below for the six simple steps to follow to carry out this practice, plus get a few bonus tips that will guide you on what to do after you’ve completed all the steps.

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6 Steps To Complete The 369 Method

Step 1: Decide What You Want To Manifest

The very first step to complete the 369 Manifestation Method (and the first step in manifesting in general) is to decide what exactly it is you want to manifest.

Do you want to manifest the job of your dreams? The perfect partner? A specific amount of money?

The key here is to be specific while leaving a little wiggle room for the Universe to work its magic.

For instance, if you want to manifest your dream job, see if you can define what exactly that job is. Do you want to become a book editor for young adult novels? Hone in on that specific vision but see if you can keep your options open when it comes to who exactly you work for and some of the other more minor details.

After all, there may be a really great opportunity for you out there that you just don’t know about yet. Don’t limit yourself by focusing on only one specific path.

One great way to phrase all of your desired manifestations is to ask that it comes in the energy of love and for the highest good for all. That way, you know you’ll receive the best possible outcome for yourself and for the world.

Step 2: Turn This Into An Affirmation

Once you know what it is that you want to manifest, it’s time to turn your desire into an affirmation.

The key here is to create an affirmation that expresses how grateful you are to already have your desire in the present moment.

So it’s not, “I will be so happy when I’m finally a book editor for young adult novels.” Instead, it’s, “I’m so happy and grateful that I have my dream job as a book editor for young adult novels.”

Here are some more examples of how you might phrase your affirmation:

  • My heart is so happy and full now that I’m sharing my life with my soulmate.
  • I’m so grateful the sellers accepted my offer on my dream house.
  • I can’t believe I’m going on my dream vacation to Hawaii.
  • I feel joyful and thankful now that I’m driving my dream car.
  • My heart is filled with gratitude for the 10 new clients I signed this month.
  • I truly appreciate the extra $5,000 I received in my bank account.

Step 3: Write Down Your Affirmation 3 Times In The Morning

Now, take your chosen affirmation and write it down three times in the morning. Do this in one sitting, preferably soon after you wake up. As you write down your affirmation, allow yourself to feel all the positive emotions of already having your desire in the present moment.

If you want to manifest abundance, vibrate at the frequency of pure abundance. If you want to manifest a loving, committed relationship, allow yourself to feel truly and deeply loved in this moment.

Then, as you step into this new day, carry these positive emotions with you and be the thing you want to attract.

Step 4: Write Down Your Affirmation 6 Times In The Afternoon

Set aside a few minutes in the afternoon to repeat what you did in Step 3, except instead of writing your affirmation down three times, you’ll write it down six times in one sitting. If you’ve lost some of the positive vibes you had cultivated for yourself in the morning, this is your opportunity to realign.

Once again, allow yourself to feel all of the powerful emotions of already having the thing you’ve written about in your affirmation. Carry this positive vibration with you as you continue your day.

Step 5: Write Down Your Affirmation 9 Times In The Evening

Shortly before bed, make some time to write down your affirmation again. This time, you’ll write it down nine times in a row in one sitting.

Just like the previous times, give yourself permission to feel as though your dreams and desires are already yours. Feel abundant. Feel loved. Feel peaceful. Feel free. Feel all of these positive emotions deep within every cell of your being.

Hold onto this positive vibration as you go to bed. See if you can let the positive thoughts and feelings of having your desires in the present moment be the last things you think and feel before you fall asleep. (This will allow them to sink deeper into your subconscious brain.)

Step 6: Repeat For 21 Days

Doing this practice for one day is powerful, but it’s all too easy to slide back into old negative thoughts and feelings. Repeat this exercise for at least 21 days in order to maximize your results.

By continuously vibrating at the frequency of your desire for 21 days, this vibration is more likely to become your vibrational set point. You’ll no longer have to consciously remind yourself to vibrate at the frequency of love and abundance because these feelings will become ingrained within you.

If you’d like to continue this practice a little longer, that’s totally fine. Some people like to do it for up to 33 days. Just don’t go on too much longer than that, as at some point, you’ll want to practice letting go. (See the bonus steps below for more details.)

And finally, remember to have patience. Just because you’ve done this practice for 21 or 33 days doesn’t mean the results will come in exactly 21 or 33 days.

One of the most important things to remember in manifestation is that you can’t control the timeline. Sometimes, what you want will come surprisingly quickly; other times, it takes a little longer.

The key is to release the desperate feeling of wanting it now and instead trust the Universe to deliver in perfect timing.

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Bonus Steps

  • Let Go: At some point, you’ll have to stop clutching so tightly to your desires and let go, trusting the Universe to guide you exactly where you’re meant to be. This is why I like to stop one round of the 369 manifestation method at 21 days. It may help you to visualize yourself physically letting go of your desire by imagining it as a beautiful paper lantern or balloon rising into the sky until it disappears.
  • Life As If: To “life as if” means to live this day as if all your dreams and desires have already come true. Essentially, keep vibrating at the frequency of your desires. If you want to manifest abundance, feel abundant now. If you want to manifest your dream job, dress like you already have it. Embody the person you want to be in your ideal vision of the future.
  • Take Inspired Action: And finally, take inspired action. Inspired action is action you take based on your intuition. It’s when you get a strong feeling about something and decide to follow it, even though it may not always make logical sense. It can also be when you receive a sign from the Universe, like a book falling off the shelf in front of you, and you pick up the book and receive any message it may have for you. And finally, it also means that when an opportunity presents itself and feels right, you follow it, even if you’re a little afraid. Answer the email. Send the application. Do the thing that scares you but could also lead you straight to your dreams.

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How to practice the 369 Manifestation Method in 6 steps
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