Law of Attraction Scripting Template (Free PDF Template)

Law of Attraction Scripting Template (Free PDF Template)

Download your free Law of Attraction scripting template, plus get tips & advice for how to script your dreams and desires into existence below!

Law of Attraction Scripting Template (Free PDF Template)
Pin this for later! Law of Attraction Scripting Template (Free PDF Template)

What Is Scripting?

Whether you’re new to the Law of Attraction or an experienced manifestor, scripting is a worthwhile practice to help lift your vibrations, elevate your emotions, and align you with the frequency of your dreams and desires. It’s also a beneficial practice to help you set intentions and get clear about what exactly you want to manifest.

So what exactly is scripting?

Scripting is a combination of visualization and journaling. In this practice, you write about your dreams and desires in story-like form, as if you already possess everything you want to manifest. For instance, let’s say you want to manifest your dream job. When you sit down to script, you’d write about your day as if you have your dream job right now, in the present moment. Here are just a few ways you could approach this:

  • You could write about receiving the phone call offering you your dream job as if it just happened or is happening right now.
  • You could also write about your perfect first day on the dream job.
  • Or you could even write as if you’ve been working in this dream job for a while now, and you’re absolutely loving it.

The key here is to write as if you’re already living your dreams and desires right now in this present moment. You’ve made it. You have everything you can dream of and more. There is no more waiting; it’s all here for you, and all you have to do is reach out and grab it.

Below, learn more about the benefits of scripting, plus get tips and prompts to help you get started today. And be sure to download your free Law of Attraction scripting template. In this template, I take you through the different components that should be added to your script. After you complete the forms in this template a few times, you’ll have all the tools you need to complete your own powerful scripts.

Start Scripting Your Dream Life With The 30-Day Manifestation Journal

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Benefits Of Scripting

So why exactly should you add scripting to your manifestation practice? Here are the key benefits of scripting:

  • Aligns your frequency with your desires: In scripting, you don’t simply write the words down and leave them there; you allow yourself to feel all of the positive emotions of having your dreams in the present moment. When you do this, you get on the same wavelength of your desires, which attracts more positive things, people, and experiences to flow into your life.
  • Raises your vibration: It feels good to feel good. By raising your vibrations, you’re inviting more good-feeling vibes into your inner and outer worlds.
  • Helps you set intentions: One of the first steps in manifestation is to get clear about what you want. Scripting your dream life allows you to figure out exactly what you want in full detail.
  • Engages your sacral and third eye chakras: How often do you get to engage in creative practices? How often do you use your imagination in your daily life? Through scripting, you get to let your inner creative being shine, allowing you to engage with your energy centers for creativity (sacral) and imagination (third eye). In many ways, scripting can engage all of your chakras, as it allows you to feel safe, strong, confident, loved, and abundant. When your chakras are open and energy is flowing through you with ease, you’re in closest alignment with your highest, most authentic self.
  • Builds confidence: One of the biggest barriers to manifesting your dreams is your own self-doubt. When you script, you not only increase your own positive emotions, but you lift your confidence and show your mind that you can do it. This is why elite athletes often practice visualization exercises repeatedly before a big game or event. By the time the event actually comes, they’ve done it so many times in their minds, they feel confident in their abilities and know they can perform at the highest level.

Tips For Scripting

  • Use your five senses: To fully immerse yourself in your script, write about the experience using all of your senses. What do you see, feel, smell, touch, and taste? If you want to manifest a new car, you could write pages simply detailing how it feels to sit in and drive this car using all of your senses.
  • Use only past and present tense: Write about each experience as if it’s happening right now (or just happened). For instance, if you’re scripting a day in your dream life, you could imagine it’s the end of the day and you’re journaling about everything that happened that day. Or you could write as though you’re walking through this day right now. The key is to feel as if this experience belongs to you now, not in an intangible future.
  • Express gratitude: When you express gratitude, you’re essentially telling the Universe, “More of this please.” More love. More joy. More freedom. More abundance. In your script, frequently express gratitude for this incredible life you get to live.
  • Don’t just write; feel: I alluded to this above, but it can’t be emphasized enough. The key to making scripting work is to feel all of the positive emotions of having your dreams and desires right now. Let these feelings light up every cell of your being. And when you’re done, continue to carry them with you throughout your day.
Law of Attraction Scripting Template (Free PDF Template)
Click the image to download your free Law of Attraction scripting template!

Scripting Prompts & Ideas

There’s a limitless amount of scenarios you can script. To help get you started, I’ve listed several below. If you’re serious about scripting and want to jump start your manifestations today, I definitely recommend checking out my 30-day manifestation journal. In this digital resource, you’ll receive 30 unique scripting prompts, plus 30 daily pages to express love and appreciation, acknowledge your daily miracles, and more! This 67-page PDF document also has editable fields that can be typed directly into on your phone, computer, or tablet. (Or you can print and write by hand, if you prefer!) Learn more here.

Scripting Ideas

  • A day in your dream life
  • The phone call that changes your life (for the better)
  • Meeting your soulmate
  • Your first date with the love of your life
  • Walking through your dream house
  • Driving your dream car
  • Your perfect vacation
  • A day in your dream job

Download Your Free Law of Attraction Scripting Template (PDF)

Are you ready to start scripting your dream life? Click here to get your free Law of Attraction scripting template!

And if you’re looking for help to get you started with manifesting your dreams, I’ve created several resources that incorporate powerful exercises and practices to manifest the life your heart truly desires.

The Dreams, Goals & Manifestation Printables is a PDF file filled with 153 content pages that are completely dedicated to helping you manifest your dream life. While you can use this as a workbook, it’s more of a combination between a workbook and a yearly planner in which you get to control the order of the pages and how you want it to look. With these printables, you’ll find multiple calendars, worksheet pages, and goal-setting tools that you can use over and over again, not just month after month but year after year

And for a smaller version of these printables in workbook format, check out The Ultimate Manifestation Workbook.

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Have you ever manifested something through scripting? Share your experiences in the comment box below!

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Law of Attraction Scripting Template (Free PDF Template)
Pin this for later! Law of Attraction Scripting Template (Free PDF Template)
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