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    How To Use Abundance Checks (With Free Printable)

    In this article, you’ll discover what abundance checks are, whether they actually work, and how to use abundance checks to manifest financial prosperity. Plus, download your free printable abundance checks below!

    abundance checks
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    What Are Abundance Checks?

    Abundance checks (or cheques) are blank checks that you can use to aid you in manifesting financial prosperity. Usually, these will be digital checks like the free ones you can download at the bottom of this article. If you prefer, you can use your own checkbook or create your own checks, either digital or handwritten.

    On your abundance check, you’ll write your name on the “Pay to the Order of” line. Then, you’ll write down the amount of money you’re going to manifest on the “Amount” line. (I’ll go into more detail on how to fill out these checks below.)

    Abundance checks can be powerful tools for supporting your manifestations and helping you to align with the energy of pure, limitless abundance. They’re also a great way to set intentions and decide what exactly you want to manifest in your reality.

    Below, we’ll cover whether abundance checks actually work, how to fill out your abundance check, and more tips to get the most out of your checks. Plus, you can download your free printable abundance checks and start discovering the power of this profound manifestation tool today.

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    Do Abundance Checks Work?

    In a word: yes.

    The most famous example of an abundance check manifesting in real life is the story of how Jim Carrey wrote himself a check for ten million dollars when he was still a broke, largely unknown actor. He gave himself three years to receive this money, dating it for Thanksgiving 1995.

    So what happened?

    As he told Oprah Winfrey, just before Thanksgiving 1995, he found out he was going to make ten million dollars for his role in Dumb and Dumber.

    So what’s the secret?

    As Jim Carrey himself told Oprah, you can’t just visualize something and then do nothing. He worked hard. He believed in himself. He continually visualized his dreams manifesting in his reality.

    And that’s what it comes down to.

    Are you willing to open your mind and believe in your own innate ability to manifest the life you desire? Can you choose to consistently vibrate at the frequency of abundance rather than scarcity? Do you believe that the universe wants to support you in your manifestations?

    Abundance checks work to the degree you’re willing to believe that they work. But don’t just believe in the check itself. Believe in yourself. Believe in this infinite universe. Believe that you are absolutely worthy of pure, limitless abundance. (Because you are always, always worthy.)

    You can watch the clip of Jim Carrey’s story in this interview on Oprah.com here. (I definitely recommend it!)

    To learn more about creating a life of true abundance, be sure to check out my review of Mindvalley’s Unlimited Abundance program here. In this review, I cover what you can expect in this online course, plus I give you my authentic experiences, outcomes, and recommendations. I definitely recommend checking this one out!

    How To Fill Out Your Abundance Check

    • First, decide what date you want to put at the top of the check. The date you write here is completely up to you. You can choose a date in the future (either a random date or one that holds special meaning to you) or write today’s date on your check. You can also write a word such as Today or Now. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the exact amount will show up today. Rather, it means you have faith that it’s all aligning for you and in the process of manifesting.
    • Choose the dollar amount you want to write on the check. Pick a number that feels really good to you! Some people recommend choosing a number that seems reasonable to your conscious mind (basically, something that you feel confident in manifesting). I think the most important thing is to pick a number that excites you and feels really positive. Write the number on the “Amount” line and in the box on the right-hand side of the check.
    • Fill out the “Memo” field. You can approach this two ways. The first method is to fill out the memo field as the reason why the Universe is giving you this money. You’ll see this in the first example below: “For being your authentic self and sharing your gifts with the world.” The second method is to fill in what the money is going to be used for. So if you want to manifest five thousand dollars for a vacation, you might write “Dream vacation” in the memo field.

    Here are two examples showing how the abundance check might be filled out:

    How To Use Your Abundance Check

    So once you have your abundance check, what do you do with it?

    Again, this is all about your personal preference. Some people like to look at their checks every day, while others prefer to store it somewhere safe where it isn’t always in front of them.

    Personally, I like to keep my checks in my wallet, as this practice feels really positive and powerful for me.

    However, if seeing your check every day gives you anxiety (or causes you to obsessively wonder when your manifestation is going to come), it might be better to store it somewhere you won’t constantly be looking at it.

    An important aspect of manifesting is being able to let go and surrender your manifestations to the universe, not worrying about when your manifestation is going to arrive. So if you find yourself in worry mode, just place your abundance check somewhere safe, preferably somewhere that has good energy. You can even put a piece of citrine, pyrite, or another powerful gemstone with it to amplify the energy of the check.

    Here are some ways you might use your abundance check:

    • Store it in your wallet, and each time you see your check in there, feel all the positive emotions of having that amount of money right now.
    • Hang it up on a bulletin board and take some time to look at it each day. Visualize the experience of receiving this amount of money, and tune your energy to the frequency of pure abundance.
    • Place it in a drawer, a lockbox, or somewhere safe. Surrender your desires to the universe, and walk forward in faith and trust.

    Tips & Tricks For Making Your Abundance Check Work

    • My favorite trick to amplify the power of an abundance check is to add a bit of manifesting oil to the check after I’ve written it. Manifesting oils are blends of essential oils and herbs formulated to aid you in manifesting your desires. You can learn more about different types of manifesting oils and how to use them here.
    • Another one of my favorite ways to use an abundance check is in conjunction with the pillow method for manifestation. Place your check under your pillow for 7 to 10 days. Each night before you fall asleep, visualize receiving this money, allowing the positive energy of this beautiful abundance to flow through you.
    • An important aspect of manifestation is following your intuition. Sometimes, your intuition will guide you to follow a certain path, take a certain action, or do something that you wouldn’t normally do. When you feel these inner nudges, trust them! That just may be the universe guiding you to the exact amount of money you’ve asked for. You can read my complete guide to tapping into your intuition here.
    • And make sure that after your intuition speaks to you, you take inspired action!
    • And finally, as with all manifestation practices, make sure you’re regularly checking in with yourself. What vibrations are you currently emitting? Are you vibrating at the frequency of abundance? Regularly practice allowing pure, abundant energy to flow through you. Visualization is a powerful tool to help you with this. (And here, you’ll find 50 abundance affirmations to support your journey and help you manifest a limitless life.)

    Download Your Free Abundance Checks

    Are you ready to start unlocking the power of abundance checks?

    You can either save the image above or click here to download your free PDF file. In this PDF file, you’ll find a sheet that has three blank abundance checks on the first page as well as a slightly larger check on the second page. You can print and use these pages as many times as you’d like!

    These digital files are completely free for your personal use. I know it’d be annoying if I slapped a giant “zannakeithley.com” tag on your abundance check, so I left that off the check itself. I just ask that if you do share these on your website or social media, you link back to this website or tag me. I’d love to see your abundance checks in action!

    And finally, no newsletter signup is required to access this free printable. (I know that can be annoying, too.) But I do definitely encourage you to sign up for my newsletter, as every single time I create a new freebie like this one for the blog, I also send it to my newsletter subscribers. Additionally, I also send a printable affirmation calendar to my subscribers at the beginning of each month!

    Have you ever used abundance checks to manifest financial prosperity? Share your tips and experiences in the comment box below!

    And for more manifesting tips, daily affirmations, and lots of positive vibes, be sure to follow me on Pinterest and Instagram.

    abundance checks
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  • abundance affirmations
    Affirmations,  Manifestation,  Self Love

    50 Abundance Affirmations to Create a Limitless Life

    In this post, discover 50 powerful abundance affirmations to embrace your limitlessness and create a life of pure joy, peace, love, and prosperity. Let these affirmations light up every cell of your being and remind you that you are always worthy of true, infinite abundance.

    abundance affirmations
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    What is Abundance?

    For financial abundance affirmations, check out 50 Money Affirmations to Manifest Limitless Abundance.

    What is abundance?

    For most of my life, I associated abundance with something that existed outside of myself. A life of pure abundance meant I’d have more than enough external “things” to survive and thrive.

    An abundance of food meant I’d have more than enough food to feed my family. An abundance of space to live in meant I’d have more than enough space for myself and my loved ones to live. And an abundance of money meant having more than enough money to live comfortably and financially support others.

    Even an abundance of the intangible things seemingly resulted from the tangible. The intangible includes an abundance of happiness, freedom, peace, creativity, and love.

    An abundance of happiness, I believed, would come when I worked in the career of my dreams and had everything I ever wanted.

    And an abundance of freedom would come when I had enough money to live the life I desired.

    And an abundance of love would come when I met someone who loved me unconditionally and when I had a large community of people to love me at all times.

    What I’ve learned in my journey is this:

    I had it backwards all along.

    Abundance isn’t something that purely exists outside of me; abundance exists within.

    And this is true for you, too.

    You are deeply connected to an eternally abundant Universe. True freedom comes by understanding that the abundance you seek exists within.

    You don’t gain freedom through gaining financial affluence from external forces. You become free when you realize you have all the affluence you’re looking for inside you. And when you’re able to cultivate a feeling of true affluence and prosperity within, you’ll start seeing more of it in your outside world.

    This is true for every intangible and tangible thing you’ve ever desired. You already possess the power to have everything you’ve ever dreamed of and more. When you cultivate true joy, love, peace, passion, purpose, and freedom inside yourself, you’ll see these things reflected back to you in your outside world.

    Below, you’ll find 50 abundance affirmations to embrace your limitlessness and create the truly abundant life you’ve always desired. As you repeat these affirmations, let them light up every cell of your being. Know that you are always worthy. You are infinitely powerful. You possess everything you need to create the most beautiful life you can imagine.

    manifestation printables learn more

    Abundance Affirmations

    • I am aligned with the energy of pure abundance.
    • I am connected to the endless abundance of the Universe.
    • I build my life on the foundation of joy, abundance, and unconditional love.
    • My life is bursting with joy, love, and prosperity.
    • My heart is awakened to a world filled with limitless abundance.
    • Everywhere I look, I see hope, abundance, and new opportunities.
    • I release limits and boundaries. I embrace potential and possibilities.
    • My mind is free of limiting beliefs and open to the flow of everlasting abundance.
    • I make space for love, abundance, and prosperity to flow to and through me.
    • I effortlessly attract a limitless abundance of joy, love, peace, and prosperity.
    • I live in a world filled with infinite love, and that love continually flows to and through me.
    • Every cell in my body vibrates with love and abundance.
    • All the good I put out, I gain back tenfold.
    • I create everflowing abundance through joy, gratitude, and self-love.
    • My positive attitude, unwavering trust, and fearless self-belief brings me unending success.
    • I am able to freely accept abundance into my life.
    • I allow the flow of abundance to move effortlessly through me.
    • I surrender control and allow abundance to flow into my life in unexpected ways.
    • Abundance is my true nature.
    • Abundance is my essence, my foundation, and my being.
    • I am open to the flow of abundance in all areas of my life.
    • I am open to attracting even more abundance into my life.
    • Everything I need to create infinite abundance is within me.
    • I am clearing space for a new chapter, filled with incredible experiences and limitless abundance.
    • I am constantly attracting the flow of abundance.
    • I choose abundance, and abundance chooses me.
    • I am aligned with the energy of abundance.
    • Abundant energy flows freely to and through me.
    • My abundance cannot take away from another’s, and another’s abundance cannot take away from my own.
    • There is more than enough abundance to go around.
    • I am rich in health, wealth, peace, and prosperity.
    • The energy of abundance flows to and through me at all times.
    • I am vibrating positive, loving, abundant energy, and I attract this same energy in return.
    • I am aligned with the highest frequency of abundance.
    • I am deserving of all the wonderful abundance coming my way.
    • I am grateful for the infinite prosperity that overflows into my life.
    • I am open to receiving everything I could ever dream of and more.
    • I am tuned into passion, positivity, and prosperity.
    • The path ahead of me is filled with an abundance of love, joy, passion, and peace.
    • I am connected to an endless source of innovation, inspiration, and creativity.
    • I have access to a limitless source of health, happiness, and love.
    • I focus my vision on creating a life of passion, prosperity, and purpose.
    • I believe in miracles, magic, and limitless possibilities.
    • I am worthy of infinite abundance.
    • I am worthy of abundance in all areas of my life.
    • I find true freedom when I look within for the abundance I seek.
    • I am grateful for the infinite abundance that continually flows into my life.
    • I am thankful to live a truly abundant life.
    • I open my heart to receiving a lifetime of pure abundance.
    • am abundance.

    To learn more about creating a life of true abundance, be sure to check out my review of Mindvalley’s Unlimited Abundance program here. In this review, I cover what you can expect in this online course, plus I give you my authentic experiences, outcomes, and recommendations. I definitely recommend checking this one out!

    abundance affirmations
    abundance affirmations
    abundance affirmations
    abundance affirmations
    abundance affirmations
    abundance affirmations
    abundance affirmations
    abundance affirmations

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