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    100 Positive Affirmations for Women That Actually Work

    In this article, discover 100 positive affirmations for women divided into eight categories: Confidence, Self-Love, Saying No, Facing Adversity, Living a Joyful Life, Faith & Trust, Body & Health, and Relationships. Plus, download your free printable affirmations below.

    100 Positive Affirmations for Women
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    What Is An Affirmation?

    An affirmation is a positive affirming statement that’s designed to boost your self-belief and support your overall well-being: mind, body, and soul.

    The standard format for reciting a positive affirmation is to begin with two simple yet powerful words:

    “I am.”

    For example, here are some commonly used I am affirmations:

    • I am worthy.
    • I am enough.
    • I am strong.
    • I am beautiful.
    • I am whole.
    • I am loved.

    While the standard “I am . . .” formula is the most popular method for creating affirmations, there are a ton of creative ways to formulate an empowering affirmation.

    For instance, here are some other ways you might start an affirmation:

    • I can . . .
    • I accept . . .
    • I believe . . .
    • My (life, heart, body, worthiness) is . . .
    • I release . . .
    • I have . . .
    • All is . . .
    • Everything is . . .
    • I feel . . .

    The best affirmations are always the ones that resonate deeply within. They shouldn’t feel like surface-level words that you’re just saying but don’t really feel are true. The words you recite should connect to the deepest part of you. They should push past the layers of armor you wear to protect yourself from hurt and pain. They should speak to the truth of who you are and cultivate a sense of profound peace within.

    In This Article

    When To Use Affirmations

    One of my favorite things about affirmations is that they can be used pretty much any time and any place. For instance, you can make it a habit to recite a few empowering affirmations every morning when you roll out of bed. You can recite them in the shower, during your morning commute, while you’re working out, as you’re standing in line at the grocery store, and whenever you have a few quiet moments of peace.

    So there really is no “right” place or time to use affirmations. Find a practice that works best for you.

    In the beginning, you might need to make it a consistent habit to remind yourself to use affirmations. If you find that you’re having a hard time remembering to recite affirmations, you can set up phone reminders during the day so you don’t forget.

    Another great practice is to write empowering affirmations on post-it notes and stick them in places you’ll see throughout the day.

    I mentioned some of these above, but here’s a list of places and times when you might find it useful to use affirmations:

    • Upon waking up in the morning
    • In the shower
    • Getting ready for work
    • While driving/commuting
    • Working out
    • Taking your dog on a walk
    • Cooking dinner
    • In your daily journaling entry
    • Standing in line at the grocery store
    • Brushing your teeth
    • Settling down to sleep
    • Before (and during) a big event
    • Whenever you find yourself being overly self-critical

    I firmly believe that when it comes to any self-care practice, whether it’s using affirmations, meditating, working out, or even allowing yourself an evening of rest, it’s when we feel like we don’t have time that we usually need these things the most.

    So if you feel like you’re too busy for affirmations, see if you can take just a few moments to step back. Breathe. Then, find the words that you need most in that moment and affirm them to yourself.

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    How To Make Affirmations Work

    Affirmations aren’t difficult to use in your daily life, but there are a few key tips and tricks to making affirmations work so that you’re actually getting the most out of them. Here are some best practices for using affirmations.

    Stay In The Present Tense

    The reason “I am” statements have become the cornerstone of most affirmation practices is because they’re firmly rooted in the present tense. When you say, “I am worthy,” you’re affirming that you are worthy right now, just as you are. It’s not, “I was worthy before I got that bad grade on that test.” And it’s also not, “I will finally be worthy when I get hired for my dream job.” You are worthy right now. Always.

    Feel The Positive Emotions

    An affirmation isn’t just about the words you’re reciting. The emotions behind the words are just as important. These positive emotions shouldn’t feel superficial. The confidence and strength you feel when you say an empowering affirmation should come from a deep inner power. Whether you say the words silently or out loud, breathe them into your body and let them fill every cell of your being.

    Don’t Force It

    And to go with the bulletpoint above, an affirmation only truly works if you believe what you’re saying. The truth is, not all affirmations are going to resonate, and that’s okay. Don’t force yourself into reciting an affirmation because you feel like you’re “supposed” to. You’ll know whether the words are right for you by the way they make you feel.

    Use Modifications

    Now, there may be some affirmations you really do want to recite with confidence, but something isn’t clicking.

    Maybe you realize that deep down, you don’t really believe the words. And that’s okay.

    Think of it this process like climbing a ladder.

    Let’s use this affirmation as an example: “I am beautiful, ravishing, and radiant.”

    Maybe you try to say it, but the words don’t feel super comfortable for you. You notice doubts popping up in the back of your mind. First, don’t judge yourself. This doesn’t mean anything is wrong with you. Know that this is totally normal.

    In these situations, I like to modify the affirmations to work for me. One of my favorite modifiers is to use the phrase, “I am open to . . .” So in this situation, you might say, “I am open to seeing myself as beautiful, ravishing, and radiant.

    Use your modification for a while until you feel ready to take the next step. Maybe the next rung on the ladder is, “I am starting to see how beautiful, ravishing, and radiant I truly am.

    You can take as many steps up the ladder as you need before you reach the original affirmation. This is your journey, so you get to set the pace.

    Here are some of my favorite modifiers for affirmations:

    • “I am open to . . .”
    • “I am willing to . . .”
    • “I am learning how . . .”
    • “I am becoming . . .”

    Positive Affirmations For Women

    Are you ready for your affirmations?

    Below, you’ll find 100 positive affirmations for women, divided into eight categories: Confidence, Self-Love, Saying No, Facing Adversity, Living a Joyful Life, Faith & Trust, Body & Health, and Relationships.

    As you read through these affirmations, notice which ones resonate the most with you. You can repeat these affirmations either in your head or out loud.

    Affirmations For Confidence

    • I am competent, capable, and strong.
    • I am equipped with all the tools I need to succeed.
    • I achieve my goals. I overcome my challenges. I live with passion.
    • I release the storylines holding me back. I can do anything.
    • Every day, I become more confident, compassionate, and courageous.
    • I am worthy of being chosen.
    • I am fearless in the pursuit of what sets my soul on fire.
    • I am capable of surpassing all my expectations and achieving everything I set my mind to (and more).
    • I wake up today feeling confident, strong, and empowered.
    • I’ve come this far, and I want to see what happens when I don’t give up.
    • I am the only one who can determine my self-worth.
    • I am ready, willing, and able to have everything I want.
    • The world needs my light. I am unafraid to shine.
    • I am capable, strong, worthy, and always enough.
    • I can achieve whatever I set my mind to.
    • I can and I will.

    Want more? Get 50 empowering affirmations for confidence and success at work to instill positivity, confidence, and peace within during the workday.

    Affirmations For Self-Love

    • I fully love and embrace who I am now, even as I continue to grow.
    • I am proud of who I am.
    • I release anything that doesn’t support my highest good.
    • I am fully and unconditionally loved for being exactly the person I am right now.
    • I am open to rediscovering myself for who I am now, not who I was.
    • I stay true to my authentic self. I will never abandon myself.
    • I am always deserving of love.
    • I honor my heart. I honor my energy. I honor who I am.
    • The world needs more of me, not less.
    • My love for myself is bold, fierce, and unconditional.
    • I am far stronger than I realize.
    • I choose authenticity over perfection.
    • I am a caring, compassionate, loving human being, and I am doing the best I can. And that is enough.

    Check out 75 self-love affirmations (with a free printable!) to celebrate your worthiness.

    Affirmations For Saying No

    • I am allowed to say no to things that do not serve my highest good.
    • I am allowed to say no to anything that doesn’t support my ultimate wellbeing.
    • I am allowed to say no, and I don’t have to give a reason.
    • When I say no to anything that doesn’t support my wellbeing, I’m saying yes to myself.
    • I give myself permission to do what is right for me.
    • Saying no does not make me a bad person.
    • The people who love me want me to be happy, and they will support me no matter my decision.
    • No is not a four-letter word.
    • My no deserves respect, whether or not I give a reason.

    Affirmations For Facing Adversity

    • I may stumble, but I never stay on the ground.
    • I may make mistakes, but I don’t quit.
    • All experiences I encounter shape me to be the highest version of myself.
    • I am able to find lessons in my losses.
    • I am grateful for adversity because it allows me to grow.
    • There is a benefit and an opportunity in every experience I have.
    • My strength is greater than any struggle.
    • I use failure as a stepping to success.
    • Even when something doesn’t happen how I wanted, I know I’m on the right path.
    • I choose to find hopeful and optimistic ways to look at obstacles and roadblocks.
    • All of my problems have solutions.
    • I rise in the face of adversity.
    • I am resilient.

    Affirmations For A Joyful Life

    • I hold the key to my own happiness.
    • I embrace the miracles, magic, and adventures of today.
    • Regardless of my external circumstances, I choose to cultivate happiness within.
    • Today, I allow myself to live in the moment and release any worries about the past or future.
    • I am creating the life of my dreams.
    • I am at peace with my past. I am in love with my present.
    • I stand in the joy that I cultivate from within.
    • I allow myself to dream big, knowing I am always worthy.
    • I deserve infinite joy. Infinite joy is my birthright.
    • I deserve to live a joyful, vibrant, passionate life.
    • I vibrate positive, loving, abundant energy, and I attract this same energy in return.
    • Life is beautiful. I have time. There is no rush.
    • Happiness is my birthright. I choose to be happy. I deserve to be happy.

    Affirmations For Faith & Trust

    • Love, courage, and faith are my superpowers, and they will carry me as far as I want to go.
    • I trust that everything I need comes to me at exactly the right place and time.
    • Everything is unfolding for me in perfect timing. I release worry and choose to trust.
    • I am trusting. What’s meant for me is already mine. I am exactly where I’m meant to be.
    • All that I seek I can find within me.
    • I know these dreams were put in my heart for a reason. I trust my path.
    • I trust my inner knowing in the face of uncertainty.
    • I choose faith over fear and peace over perfection.
    • I trust and believe that everything is always working out for my highest good.

    Looking for more? Discover 40 beautiful affirmations for faith, hope, and trust.

    Affirmations For Body & Health

    • I am grateful for this body and all that it is capable of.
    • No matter what, my body is always worthy of love and respect.
    • My body is my home, and I promise to always build it up and never tear it down.
    • My body is a gift.
    • I honor my body by trusting the signals that it sends me.
    • I love the strong, powerful, divine human staring back at me in the mirror.
    • I am radiant when I smile.
    • I am strong in mind, body, and spirit.
    • I feel safe in my body.
    • I make healthy choices for my body that are rooted in love.
    • I am allowed to take up space.
    • I am open to loving my body and seeing all of its beauty.
    • I am radiant. I am stunning. I am beautiful.

    Want more uplifting affirmations for your body and health? Discover 42 body-positive affirmations for total self-acceptance. Plus, get 50 positive workout affirmations to affirm your strength before, during, and after your workout.

    Affirmations For Relationships

    • I am worthy of beautiful friendships and lasting relationships.
    • I am surrounded by people who love me just as I am.
    • I find love everywhere I look.
    • My presence is delightful to others.
    • I am loved for all my flaws and imperfections.
    • I deserve a partner who loves, honors, and respects me.
    • No matter what, I always deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.
    • I am worthy of being cherished, treasured, and adored.
    • I am worthy of true and lasting love.
    • Unconditional love is my birthright.
    • I seek connection, not validation, from others.
    • I am free to be my true and authentic self in all my relationships.
    • My friendships are fun, joyful, and rooted in pure, unconditional love.
    • Love is my birthright, and I will not settle for less than I deserve.
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    Free Printable Affirmations

    Save the images below to keep them handy on your phone or laptop, or print to hang them up on your fridge or in your office.

    And if you want to download the entire PDF file of these images, just click here. This digital file is completely free for your personal use. I just ask that if you do share this file on your website or social media, you link back to this website or tag me.

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    a list of positive affirmations for self-love
    a list of positive affirmations for saying no
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    a list of positive affirmations for faith and trust
    a list of positive affirmations for body and health
    a list of positive affirmations for relationships

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