• 26 Inspirational Quotes For Following Your Dreams
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    26 Inspirational Quotes For Following Your Dreams

    Every dream you possess has been put in your heart for a reason, and you owe it to yourself to see how far your dreams can take you. In this article, discover 26 inspirational quotes for believing in, trusting, and following your dreams.

    26 Inspirational Quotes For Following Your Dreams
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    Following Your Dreams

    When I was 7 years old, I was walking through the mall, holding my mom’s hand, peering into all of the different stores as we passed them by. Clothing store. Clothing store. Shoe store. Candy store. Bookstore . . .

    . . . wait.


    This is what I remember about that moment:

    I remember time moving in slow motion.

    I remember the softness of my mom’s hand in mine.

    And I remember an inner knowing swirling through my heart, unlike anything I’d ever experienced before.

    That was the moment I knew I was going to be a writer when I grew up.

    The space in this article isn’t quite enough to describe the journey I’ve been on since that moment. But I want to share this with you today:

    I spent years on the sidelines, watching other writers succeed, immersed in limiting beliefs that I wasn’t talented enough, not good enough, and that nobody would ever want to read anything I wrote. I feared that if I put myself out there, I’d only get rejected. I wanted so badly to be a real writer, but fear kept me from going after my dream.

    And I have so much love in my heart for that girl sitting on the sidelines. I know her fear and her pain. She wanted so badly for just one person to reach out and give her permission to enter the game. To tell her that these dreams were put in her heart for a reason and that she was worthy of living the life of her dreams.

    And you know what?

    My entire life changed when I stopped waiting for permission from someone else to step off the sidelines and instead received it from the only person whose permission mattered: myself.

    And that’s what I want you to know, especially if you have a dream in your heart but are hesitant to step forward and follow it.

    You don’t need permission to step out into the world.

    You just need to know that you are worthy of every single dream that’s been put in your heart.

    All it takes is one tiny moment of courage to take that first step. Then, when you step back and allow life to flow through you, you’ll see how the universe is giving you everything you need to succeed. It will lead you down the right path, one courageous step at a time.

    You have an incredible gift to offer this world. And the only permission you need to step off the sidelines and into the world is your own. And you are worthy. Unconditionally. Infinitely. Always.

    Below, you’ll find 26 inspirational quotes for believing in, trusting, and following your dreams. These are some of my favorite quotes that have given me a little extra loving push on my own journey, and I hope they can do the same for you.

    Follow Your Dreams Quotes

    Follow Your Dreams Quote

    1. “Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself. And no heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dream.”

    Paulo Coelho

    2. “You must find the place inside yourself where nothing is impossible.”

    Deepak Chopra

    3. “There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.”

    Paulo Coelho

    4. “Do whatever brings you to life, then. Follow your own fascinations, obsessions, and compulsions. Trust them. Create whatever causes a revolution in your heart.”

    Elizabeth Gilbert

    Follow Your Dreams Quote

    5. “The real joy in life comes from finding your true purpose and aligning it with what you do every single day.”

    Tony Robbins

    6. “Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart.”

    Roy T. Bennett

    7. “Dreams come true; without that possibility, nature would not incite us to have them.”

    John Updike

    8. “If you feel something calling you to dance or write or paint or sing, please refuse to worry about whether you’re good enough. Just do it. Be generous. Offer a gift to the world that no one else can offer: yourself.”

    Glennon Doyle

    Follow Your Dreams Quote

    9. “Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.”

    Joseph Campbell

    10. “You must disobey the voice in your head that says, I’m not ready yet.”

    Marie Forleo

    11. “The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling.”

    Fabienne Fredrickson

    12. “Do not wait until the conditions are perfect to begin. Beginning makes the conditions perfect.”

    Alan Cohen

    Follow Your Dreams Quote

    13. “Everything you want is out there waiting for you to ask. Everything you want also wants you. But you have to take action to get it.”

    Jack Canfield

    14. “Never allow waiting to become a habit. Live your dreams and take risks. Life is happening now.”

    Paulo Coelho

    15. “If you work really hard, and you’re kind, amazing things will happen.”

    Conan O’Brien

    16. “You have extraordinary treasures hidden within you. Bringing forth those treasures takes work and faith and focus and courage and hours of devotion. We simply do not have time anymore to think so small.”

    Elizabeth Gilbert

    Follow Your Dreams Quote

    17. “The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers. But above all, the world needs dreamers who do.”

    Sarah Ban Breathnach

    18. “The person with big dreams is more powerful than the one with all the facts.”

    Albert Einstein

    19. “Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life because you become what you believe.”

    Oprah Winfrey

    20. “You were born with everything you need to answer the call of your soul.”

    Marie Forleo

    Follow Your Dreams Quote

    21. “Allow your passion to become your purpose and it will one day become your profession.”

    Gabby Bernstein

    22. “One day you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted. Do it now.”

    Paulo Coelho

    23. “May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.”

    Nelson Mandela

    24. “The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.”

    Oprah Winfrey

    Follow Your Dreams Quote

    25. “When we have the courage to walk into our story and own it, we get to write the ending.”

    Brene Brown

    26. “If people are doubting how far you can go, go so far that you can’t hear them anymore.”

    Michele Ruiz

    Do you have any favorite inspirational quotes for following your dreams? Share your favorites in the comment box below!

    And for more inspirational quotes, plus a daily dose of positive affirmations and self-love, be sure to connect with me on Instagram and Pinterest!

    26 Inspirational Quotes For Following Your Dreams
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  • new year reflection questions
    Self Love

    25 New Year Reflection Questions to Support Your Life Journey

    In this post, discover 25 empowering New Year reflection questions to help you reflect on the past year and set goals and intentions for the year to come.

    new year reflection questions
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    New Year’s Resolutions

    “I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions. They never work. Haven’t you heard that most people quit their resolutions by the end of January?”

    Have you ever heard anyone say these words? Or maybe you’ve said them yourself. To be honest, I’m sure a version of my younger self once echoed these familiar words that I’d heard countless times before.

    Now though, I’m not such a big fan of them.

    Sure, maybe many people do quit their resolutions early on in the year.

    But you?

    You’re not everyone.

    And what other people do with their own resolutions has absolutely nothing to do with you.

    And furthermore – sometimes, letting go of a resolution you made weeks or months ago doesn’t automatically equal failure.

    For instance, you might realize that your chosen resolution doesn’t actually support your highest good. This happened to me a couple years ago, when I decided for my resolution that I was going to run my second full marathon. At the time, it seemed like a worthwhile goal for the year ahead.

    But as I started making training plans, I started to feel like my heart wasn’t truly in it.

    I realized that the time I’d have to dedicate to running would take away from hiking, cycling, yoga, and the other physical activities I enjoyed. I had only set this resolution because it felt like something I should do.

    But it didn’t actually align with what was in my heart.

    So I let go of that resolution and instead chose the path that felt right to me at the time.

    And I have zero regrets about that decision.

    Another argument people often have against New Year’s resolutions is that we should be able to make resolutions any time of the year. And I one hundred percent agree with this statement.

    But why can’t we do both?

    I think it’s fair to let yourself make and change your resolutions throughout the year while also embracing the new year as a time for new beginnings.

    Finally, it’s important to define what a New Year’s resolution really is. It doesn’t always have to be a quantifiable goal.

    Here are some New Year’s resolutions that you can’t quantify, but they all support your overall well-being:

    • To make more time for self-care
    • To be more compassionate with yourself
    • To make space for fun and play
    • To embrace your limitless creativity
    • To spend more time with the people you love
    • To open yourself up to opportunities for more self-love.

    So as you think about how you want to step into the new year, know that you don’t have to make some really big proclamation about all the monumental life changes you’re going to make. Sometimes, simply stating that you’re going to make more time for self-care or for creative activities is more than enough to support you on your life journey.

    Below, you’ll find 25 new year reflection questions that will help you approach the new year with a vision for who you want to be and what you want to accomplish. The first ten questions are focused on reflecting on this past year, and the rest of the questions are all about setting goals and intentions for this upcoming year.

    And remember, while this post is geared toward the new year, I’d definitely encourage you to come back to these questions as often as you want throughout the year to see how your answers change. (And know that if your resolutions do change, that’s okay – as long as they feel true and right to you.)

    New Year Reflection Questions

    • How have I grown in the past year? What led me to experiencing this type of growth?
    • What positive changes have occurred in my life in the past year that I’m most grateful for?
    • What are some obstacles and challenges I’ve experienced in the past year that I now feel grateful for, even if it was hard to appreciate at the time?
    • What are some hardships I’ve experienced in the past year, and in what ways have these hardships helped me to grow?
    • What risks have I taken that I’m glad I took?
    • What beliefs do I hold now that I didn’t hold a year ago? 
    • What was one of my absolute favorite moments from this past year? What did I love most about this moment? (You can list multiple moments if you’d like.)
    • What are 10 things about this past year that I feel truly grateful for?
    • How would I describe myself right now? What do I love most about the person I am?
    • How will I remember this past year? What lessons will I carry with me as I move forward in my journey?
    • What would I do in this next year if I knew I could not fail?
    • What’s still worth doing, even if I might fail?
    • What limiting beliefs or fears are holding me back from pursuing my dreams? How can I release these beliefs and/or fears?
    • What guiding principles, truths, and values will guide my journey over the next year?
    • How can I cultivate more gratitude and appreciation in my daily life?
    • What does self-care mean to me? What are some of my favorite self-care activities? How can I incorporate more self-care into my life over the next year?
    • How can I make space for more fun, play, imagination, and creativity over the next year?
    • When do I feel happiest? What brings me true joy? How can I allow more joy into my daily experience?
    • What’s one thing I can do in five minutes a day to support my body, mind, and spirit?
    • What does my ideal morning routine look like, and how can I build a morning routine that will set myself up for success?
    • How can I be kinder and more compassionate to myself over the next year? When my inner bully comes out, what can I do to show myself more kindness and love?
    • What do I need more of in my life? How can I make space for more of this in the next year?
    • What do I need to release in my life? How can I let go of these things/experiences/people/beliefs to make space for something new?
    • What’s something I’ve always dreamed of doing but haven’t done yet? Can I make this dream come true this year?
    • What’s on my lifelong bucket list? Which of these things could I do or accomplish over the next year?

    How are you reflecting on this past year and preparing to embrace the new year ahead? Share your favorite tips and practices in the comment box below.

    And for more resources on spirituality, meditation, manifestation, and all things self-love, be sure to connect with me on Instagram and Pinterest, where I’m posting positive affirmations and empowering messages daily.

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    new year reflection questions
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  • blog banner with title: 25 Epic Morning Affirmations to Create a Beautiful Day
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    35 Epic Morning Affirmations To Create A Beautiful Day

    In this article, discover 35 powerful morning affirmations to help you remain calm, confident, and courageous as you step into a beautiful new day filled with limitless possibilities.

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    Morning Affirmations

    How do you speak to yourself in the morning? What thoughts run through your mind as you’re getting ready for the day? When your mind wanders, where does it go?

    And most importantly, do you use your energy to lift yourself up or tear yourself down?

    For many of us, we spend our mornings replaying events of the past or worrying about the future. We run through our to-do lists. We wonder if we’ll have enough time to squeeze in everything we need to get done for the day.

    These thoughts are normal, and you definitely shouldn’t judge yourself if you find yourself always returning to stressful, worrying thoughts in the morning.

    But you also have the power to change this narrative.

    You have the power to choose your thoughts. To decide how you want to feel as you get ready for the day ahead.

    Your morning sets the foundation for next 12 to 24 hours. This is when you can consciously direct your energy and create a mindset that feels truly uplifting and empowering.

    And incorporating positive affirmations into your morning routine can have a profound effect on how the rest of your day unfolds. By repeating these empowering words, you lift your vibration and create a positive energy field within and around you. In turn, you open yourself up to receiving even more beautiful experiences throughout your day.

    What makes affirmations such a powerful tool in the morning is that they can uplift your mindset without taking any additional time out of your day. This is great if you don’t have a lot of extra time before you need to head out the door.

    The key here is being willing to notice how you’re speaking to yourself in the privacy of your own mind, then intentionally directing your thoughts to a better-feeling place.

    Below, you’ll find 35 epic morning affirmations to uplift, inspire, and help you to create a beautiful day. Use these affirmations to cultivate a positive mindset filled with confidence, strength, and inner peace.

    And remember: you control your thoughts. You control how you get to feel. Your emotions, beliefs, and how you show up for each new day is entirely up to you.

    How To Use Affirmations In The Morning

    Before you dive into the affirmations, here are a few suggestions for how you can add affirmations into your morning routine:

    • Write down some of your favorite uplifting affirmations on post-it notes and stick them to your mirror to read as you get ready for your day
    • Repeat affirmations to yourself while you’re in the shower, getting dressed, and eating breakfast
    • Write down 3 empowering affirmations each morning in a journal or notebook; continue to repeat these affirmations throughout your day
    • Set up phone notifications to go off throughout your morning with positive affirmations written on them. Commit to reading each one. You might even set it so that the first one goes off with your alarm so it’s the very first thing you see before you begin your day.

    35 Powerful Morning Affirmations

    • I wake up today feeling strong, confident, and empowered.
    • As the sun rises, so does my energy.
    • I approach this day with joy and excitement.
    • Today is a gift, and I embrace it with positivity.
    • I can handle anything that comes my way today.
    • I am equipped with all the tools I need to succeed.
    • I embrace the fresh start and new beginning that this day offers.
    • I am confident, courageous, and thriving.
    • I inhale courage and exhale fear.
    • I am strong in mind, body, and spirit.
    • I trust that everything is always working out for my highest good.
    • I am always headed in the right direction.
    • Good things are happening all around me.
    • I believe in myself, my talents, and my abilities.
    • No matter what happens, I will offer my best self today.
    • I make the best and most out of everything that comes my way.
    • I courageously walk through every open door of opportunity.
    • I choose to seek the good in every situation.
    • Every experience I have today perfectly supports my growth.
    • Everything I do today leads me to a better tomorrow.
    • Every little step I take makes a big difference.
    • Where focus goes, energy flows, so I focus on peace, success, and positivity.
    • I am tuned into passion, positivity, and prosperity.
    • I feel peaceful and relaxed knowing I am exactly where I am meant to be.
    • I am a kind, loving, powerful force in the world.
    • I am boldly stepping into my power and fearlessly shining my light.
    • I am fearless in the pursuit of what lights up my soul.
    • I am committed to my own peace.
    • I love the person I am, and I love the person I’m becoming.
    • I choose to be happy right now.
    • I am worthy, inside and out.
    • I am enough, just as I am.
    • I can climb this mountain.
    • I can do hard things.
    • Everything I’m looking for I can find within me.
    affirmation card that says "i wake up today feeling strong, confident, and empowered"
    affirmation card that says "today is a gift, and i embrace it with positivity"
    affirmation card that says "i can handle anything that comes my way today"
    affirmation card that says "i trust that everything is always working out for my highest good"
    affirmation card that says "no matter what happens, i will offer my best self today"
    affirmation card that says "every experience i have today perfectly supports my growth"
    affirmation card that says "everything i do today leads me to a better tomorrow"
    affirmation card that says "i am boldly stepping into my power and fearlessly shining my light"

    What are your favorite morning affirmations to help you set the foundation for a beautiful day? Share your favorites in the comment box below!

    And for more resources on spirituality, meditation, manifestation, and all things self-love, be sure to connect with me on Instagram and Pinterest, where I’m posting positive affirmations and empowering messages daily.

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    How To Design A Morning Routine For Manifestation

    In this article, discover six powerful practices for creating your ideal manifestation morning routine. Plus, get suggestions for how to incorporate these practices into your morning whether you have just five minutes or an entire hour to dedicate to your personalized plan for embracing the new day with positive energy. (And don’t forget to download your free morning routine template below!)

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    Creating Your Ideal Morning Routine

    It wasn’t that long ago that my morning routine looked something like this: wake up, shower, inhale coffee, get dressed, brush my teeth, grab my lunch, and rush out the door.

    The idea of meditating or journaling before work was completely foreign to me.

    Who had time for that?

    But when I started my first remote job, I realized that I no longer needed to hurry out the door to commute to work.

    I suddenly had time.

    Time to take a few deep breaths before rushing into the day. Time to sit and write down my thoughts. Time to check in with myself before I checked in with the outside world.

    When I finally made space in my life for a morning routine that included the various elements I discuss below, my entire life changed.

    Not instantly. Not overnight.

    But within months, I stepped back and realized that something inside me had shifted. It was subtle yet enormous.

    Instead of living externally, constantly reacting to the world around me, I was living internally, influencing my outer world with my thoughts, beliefs, and perspective.

    When it comes to manifestation, a well-rounded morning routine is one the most underrated tools in your manifestation toolkit. By creating a morning routine that supports you mind, body, and soul, you set a positive foundation for the entire day ahead.

    In this article, you’ll discover six powerful practices you can incorporate into your manifestation morning routine to help you feel empowered and uplifted as you prepare for your day.

    Don’t have a lot of time in the morning? That’s okay! I also offer suggestions for how to fit these practices into your schedule whether you have five, ten, twenty, or sixty minutes.

    And for more guidance on creating your ideal morning routine, you can learn about how to use a morning routine checklist to help you stay on track of your goals here.

    Plus, don’t forget to download your free printable morning routine template below!

    In This Article

    internal advertisement to learn more about the Dreams, Goals, & Manifestation printables

    Manifestation Morning Routine Components

    Positive Affirmations

    A positive affirmation is a present-tense affirming statement that’s designed to boost your self-belief and support your overall well-being: mind, body, and soul.

    Here are a few examples:

    • I am worthy.
    • I am enough.
    • I am competent, capable, and strong.
    • I am equipped with all the tools I need to succeed.
    • I am true to myself, always.
    • I accept all of myself.
    • Who I am, exactly as I am, is truly beautiful.

    Affirmations are great because there are so many ways you can incorporate them into your morning routine, and they’re especially versatile if you’re pressed for time.

    You can write some of your favorite uplifting affirmations on post-it notes and stick them to your mirror to read as you get ready for your day.

    You can also write them in a bullet journal or on a notepad.

    And if you don’t want to write them down, you can silently repeat them to yourself as you’re eating breakfast.

    And finally, you can even set them up as notifications on your phone to pop up just when you need them in the morning.

    Positive affirmations are the cornerstone of a well-rounded manifestation morning routine, as they’re a quick and easy way to lift your vibrations and align you with your desired emotions without taking any time at all.


    My favorite way to describe visualization is intentional daydreaming. You might also consider it daydreaming on purpose.

    In manifestation, visualization allows you to simulate the experience of already having your desires in the present moment. This is a profound practice to help you get clear about what you want and begin vibrating at the frequency of your desires today.

    So why should you include visualization in your morning routine?

    Among other benefits, visualization increases your motivation, helps you to become more mentally resilient, opens your creative mind to previously unseen possibilities, and helps you to vibrate at the frequency of your desires, thus activating the Law of Attraction. (You can read more about the benefits of visualization in this article.)

    If you’re new to visualization practices, one of the best ways to start is by using a guided meditation. You can find some of my favorite guided meditations for manifesting here. I personally use the InsightTimer app for all of my guided meditations. (That’s not an affiliate link. I just truly love this app and recommend it wholeheartedly.)

    You can also spend a few minutes looking at your vision board and immersing yourself in the positive feelings of having your desires today.

    For instance, if a brand new Tesla is on your list, imagine yourself driving that Tesla. Feel the smooth steering wheel beneath your fingers. Imagine how good it’ll feel when you’re driving that car on the freeway. See if you can spend at least 30 to 60 seconds focusing on each item on your board.


    Gratitude is another practice that can take as much or as little time as you want.

    Many people set the intention to focus on gratitude as soon as they wake up in the morning:

    “Thank you for another new day and for the air in my lungs. Thank you for my beating heart. For my safe home. For a restful night’s sleep. Thank you for all the love that’s within and all around me.”

    This is an incredibly powerful practice. How many times have you woken up and immediately started clicking through mental to-do lists, feeling stressed and anxious about all that needs to get done?

    Gratitude is a way to shift that narrative.

    It’s about being in the present moment rather than living in the past or worrying about the future.

    And even more, it’s about focusing on all that you have rather than seeing big gaping holes of lack everywhere you look.

    Here are a few ways you can incorporate gratitude into your morning routine:

    • Create gratitude lists. Every morning, list 1 to 3 things you feel grateful for that day. If you want, you can get a special notebook for this purpose; you can also used lined paper, notecards, sticky notes, or whatever you have lying around.
    • Have a dedicated Gratitude Box. Each morning, write one thing you’re grateful for on a slip of paper. Insert the slip into a small box or mason jar. Then, at the end of a year, remove the 365 pieces of paper and read through them, feeling that wave of appreciation wash over you all over again.
    • Keep a gratitude journal. You can write down several things you’re grateful for each morning, or you can focus on one thing and write all the aspects of that thing that you especially appreciate.
    • Simply acknowledge your gratitude. You don’t necessarily have to write it down. As you’re showering, eating breakfast, or commuting to work, you can think about all the things in your life that you feel thankful for.

    You can learn about the benefits of gratitude and why it’s an especially powerful practice when it comes to the Law of Attraction in this article.

    Daily Intention Setting

    One of the most profound practices you can do each day to support your manifestations is to set daily intentions.

    Unlike a goal, which is the thing you ultimately want to manifest into your reality, an intention is how you want to be as you work towards your goals.

    For instance, if you want to manifest financial prosperity, you might set the intention to be the embodiment of abundance in your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

    Set a daily intention that feels good to you. And if you find that you’ve strayed from your intention (i.e. you’re not being the embodiment of abundance like you had intended), that’s okay!

    As soon as you have that realization, you can simply choose to return back to your intention and realign with the thoughts, feelings, and overall frequency of your desired manifestation.

    Here are some examples of intentions you can set:

    • Today, I will be present in every moment.
    • I will hold strength in my heart and clarity in my mind.
    • I will be my most authentic self in all moments.
    • As I move through this day, I will choose love over fear.
    • I will accomplish everything I focus on.
    • I will take deep breaths and inhale confidence when I feel anxious or nervous.
    • Today, I will succeed in everything I do.
    • I will accept all opportunities that come my way.
    • I will ask myself in all moments, “How can I serve?”
    • In all moments, I will find things to be grateful for.
    • I will be the highest version of myself.
    • I will spread kindness in my words and actions.


    If you’re ready to skip this section because you don’t think you have time for journaling, don’t leave just yet. You might be surprised by all the journaling tactics you can do in just a few minutes.

    I cover different types of manifestation journaling extensively on this site, so I’ll briefly summarize a few journaling practices and link to each corresponding article below.

    • Scripting: Scripting is the practice of writing about your dreams and desires in story-like form, as if you already possess everything you want to manifest right now. For instance, if you want to manifest a specific job, you can write as if you’re living a day in that dream job. The key to unlocking the magic of scripting is to truly feel the positive emotions of already having everything you desire. Then, carry these positive feelings with you throughout your day. To learn more about scripting and download a free Law of Attraction scripting template, click here. Estimated Time: 10 to 20 minutes.
    • 55×5 Manifestation Method: To practice the 55×5 Manifestation Method, choose an affirmation, then write down your chosen affirmation 55 times in a row for 5 days straight. For example, if you want to manifest a trip to Hawaii, your affirmation might be, “I am so grateful that I’m going on my dream vacation to Hawaii!” On Day 1, grab a journal or notebook and write this affirmation 55 times in a row. Days 2, 3, 4, and 5 – same thing. And again, allow yourself to feel the positive emotions attached to this affirmation as if it’s already come true. To learn more about the 55×5 Manifestation Method, click here. Estimated Time: 10 to 20 minutes depending on the length of the affirmation.
    • 369 Method: To practice the 369 Method, choose an affirmation just like what you’d use for the 55×5 Manifestation Method. Write down your affirmation 3 times in the morning, 6 times in the afternoon, and 9 times in the evening. Do this for 21 days in a row. As you write it down, maintain high vibrations and make sure to be consistent. You can learn more about the 369 Method here. Estimated Time: 3 to 5 minutes.


    One big plus meditation has going for it? You can actually incorporate almost all of the practices above in a ten-minute meditation.

    You’ll find guided meditations dedicated to gratitude, positive affirmations, visualization, or setting daily intentions.

    And you’ll even find manifestation meditations that include all of these components in one track.

    If you’re first starting out with meditation, I highly recommend using an app to help you get started. Many of these apps have beginner meditations to introduce you to the different concepts, often focused especially on breath work.

    Here are a few of the best ones that you can try out today:

    Finally, before you get started, know that this is not a competition. Nobody gets extra credit for meditating longer or being more still than everyone else. Ten minutes (or even five) is all you need to start a morning meditation practice.

    And please, please know that meditation is not about being perfect.

    My mind wanders all the time when I’m meditating. And that’s okay!

    Meditation teaches us to notice those moments, acknowledge them, and gently allow ourselves to come back to the present moment, over and over again.

    Suggested Morning Routines (Based On Time)

    We all have our non-negotiables when it comes to our morning routine.

    Some of these are for personal hygiene and cleanliness reasons, like showering, brushing teeth, and moisturizing routines. Drying and straightening/curling hair, putting on makeup, and picking out the perfect outfit might be components of your morning routine. And you might also like to sit down and eat a real breakfast before you head out the door.

    Only you know what your non-negotiables are, so factor in the time it takes to complete these tasks as you decide how much time you can realistically dedicate to your morning routine.

    And know that it’s okay to start small.

    If you’re able to wake up ten minutes earlier to add a ten-minute manifesting practice to your day, that’s incredible. Truly. By taking that seemingly small step, you show the universe that you’re committed, focused, and persistent.

    Just the very act of committing to yourself is going to open up so many amazing opportunities and experiences for you. Over time, you may want to add another five minutes or find new ways to maximize your time. You’re in the driver’s seat here, and you get to decide what’s right for you.

    Five Minutes

    • Complete the Morning Routine template below!
    • Or, instead of the template, you can spend your five minutes practicing visualization. Then, as you’re getting ready for the day, you can mentally go through your gratitude list, recite some uplifting positive affirmations, and set an empowering intention for the day.
    banner to download your free manifestation morning routine template

    Ten Minutes

    • Complete the above Morning Routine template. Then, with any remaining time, do a short visualization practice. You can use your vision board or complete a five-minutes guided meditation. For extra positivity, keep repeating positive affirmations as you get ready for the day.

    Twenty to Thirty Minutes

    • Do a ten to fifteen minute meditation. Then, complete the Morning Routine template. If you have any time remaining, add some extra affirmations or do a one-to-two minute visualization. Keep reciting affirmations and internally focusing on the things you’re grateful for as you shower, eat breakfast, and commute to work.

    Forty Minutes

    • Do a ten-minute meditation. Then, complete twenty minutes of journaling. With the remaining time, complete the Morning Routine template. Keep affirming your worthiness and focusing on all the wonderful things you feel grateful for as you finish getting ready for the morning.

    Fifty to Sixty Minutes

    • Complete thirty minutes of journaling, then a 10 to 20 minute meditation (or vice versa). Use any remaining time to complete the Morning Routine template. Or, if you prefer, you can use a separate notebook to write down your intentions for the day. Keep focusing on gratitude and positive affirmations as you get yourself ready in the morning!

    Are you ready to create your perfect manifestation morning routine? Share your ideal routine in the comment box below! And for more manifesting tips, daily affirmations, and lots of positive vibes, be sure to follow me on Pinterest and Instagram.

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  • affirmations for procrastination
    Affirmations,  Self Love

    30 Affirmations For Procrastination & Self-Discipline

    Below, discover 30 powerful affirmations for procrastination to help you cultivate meaningful self-discipline, complete your tasks, and give yourself the true freedom you seek.

    affirmations for procrastination
    Pin this for later! 30 Affirmations For Procrastination & Self-Discipline

    Overcoming Procrastination

    We’ve all experienced moments of procrastination throughout our lives. We procrastinate schoolwork, job assignments, household chores, going to the gym, and all the tedious tasks on our daily to-do lists. But it’s not just the small things we put off. Sometimes, we put off having that hard conversation. We avoid trying that new thing we always kind of wanted to do but have been scared to try because of all the uncertainties associated with doing something we’ve never done before. And we’ll also even procrastinate taking the first step to living our dreams, often because of fear of failure and not wanting to make mistakes.

    There’s a difference between taking a rest day to give yourself a mental break from all your daily tasks (these are often needed) and avoiding something that you know needs to get done. You’ll know the difference from how it feels. A rest break will feel like a soulful sigh of relief; procrastination will feel like a heavy weight bearing down on your body that just won’t go away.

    Procrastination has affected us all at some point, but you have the power at any point to change your story. You control your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and actions. So at any moment, you can choose to step away from procrastination and step into the life you want to create for yourself.

    Here are some tips for overcoming procrastination:

    • Remember your why. Why are you doing this task in the first place? Why does this matter? If you do this one thing, what will you gain?
    • Release perfection. One of the biggest barriers to getting started is the fear of making mistakes. Give yourself permission to be imperfect, make mistakes, and learn as you go.
    • Don’t wait for the right time. There will never be a “right” time, and you’ll likely never feel truly ready. Do it anyway.
    • Remember that discipline generates freedom. When you approach all your tasks with discipline, especially the ones you don’t want to do, you’re freeing up your future. (Plus, you won’t have the weight of the task still sitting on your shoulders, reminding you that it needs to get done.)

    Below, discover 30 affirmations for procrastination to help you complete your tasks and master self-discipline. Anytime you find yourself avoiding a task, return to these affirmations as a reminder that everything you do today leads you to an even better tomorrow.

    Affirmations For Procrastination

    • I am grounded, focused, and attentive.
    • I am equipped with all the tools I need to complete the task in front of me.
    • I have the ability to focus on what needs to get done.
    • By taking care of this present moment, I set myself up for a beautiful future.
    • I can accomplish everything that needs to get done today.
    • I allow myself to focus on one small step at a time.
    • Every small step I take makes a big difference.
    • I am competent, committed, and consistent.
    • I can do anything I set my mind to.
    • I am positive, proactive, and productive.
    • By finishing my tasks now, I give my future self the gift of freedom.
    • Every act of discipline creates more freedom for my future.
    • My future self will thank me for all that I’m doing right now.
    • Everything I do today leads me to a better tomorrow.
    • I release negative thoughts and choose to approach each task with confidence and positivity.
    • I take care of the future by taking care of the present moment.
    • I can accomplish anything I focus on.
    • I approach my tasks with confidence and enthusiasm.
    • I free myself from the paralysis of perfection.
    • I give myself permission to be imperfect.
    • The best time to start something new is right now.
    • My ability to conquer my challenges is limitless. My potential to succeed is infinite.
    • I am unafraid to try and fail. I welcome the growth that comes from these experiences.
    • I am able to release negative thoughts and feelings that do not serve me.
    • I may stumble, but I never stay on the ground.
    • I may make mistakes, but I don’t quit.
    • All of my problems have solutions.
    • I can do hard things.
    • I believe in me.
    • I’ve got this.
    affirmations for procrastination
    affirmations for procrastination
    affirmations for procrastination
    affirmations for procrastination
    affirmations for procrastination
    affirmations for procrastination
    affirmations for procrastination
    affirmations for procrastination

    Do you have any favorite tips, empowering words, and affirmations for procrastination and self-discipline? Share your tips in the comment box below!

    And for more resources on spirituality, meditation, manifestation, and all things self-love, be sure to connect with me on Instagram and Pinterest, where I’m posting positive affirmations and empowering messages daily.

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  • goal affirmations
    Affirmations,  Manifestation,  Self Love

    45 Goal Affirmations For Achieving Your Dreams

    The path to your goals begins with a vision, self-belief, and the courage to take the first step. Below, discover 45 empowering goal affirmations to help you gain confidence and unlock your inner strength as you step forward on the path to achieving your most heartfelt dreams.

    goal affirmations
    Pin this for later! 45 Goal Affirmations For Achieving Your Dreams

    Achieving Your Goals

    It starts with a dream: a vision of a life that excites you. That lights you up. That brings you to your knees.

    You write down this vision and turn it into a goal, and you decide what you need to do to achieve this goal.

    From this goal, you create a plan. Your plan isn’t complete, though. There are holes where you’re not sure how you’ll get from A to B. You might call these holes uncertainties at first, but in time, you discover they’re actually possibilities. They help you to remain open to the unexpected. To find opportunities where you didn’t see them before.

    You follow this plan, one small step at a time, trusting your intuition to guide you forward. And it may happen in a single grand moment, or it may sneak up on you unexpectedly, but one day, you’ll look around in awe as you discover the vision you once had is now your reality. You created this. You made the abstract real and the impossible possible. And you never needed any special powers or abilities to get here. It all happened because you had a vision and the courage to take the first step.

    This is the path to achieving your dreams. What was once a vision in your mind becomes a goal, and from that goal, you create a plan to help you get from where you are now to where you want to be. The key is to not make your plan too narrow. Don’t confine yourself to one possible path, but leave a little room for the unexpected. You may find that there are roads that will lead you to your goals that are even faster (and more enjoyable) than your original plan if you keep an open heart and open mind.

    It all starts with a vision, self-belief, and the courage to take the first step.

    You are worthy of achieving your biggest, most heartfelt goals. Below, discover 45 empowering goal affirmations to help you gain confidence and unlock your inner strength as you step forward on the path to creating the life of your dreams.

    And for help setting goals aligned with your purpose and passions, be sure to check out my article on skillandcare.com, 7 Effective Goal-Setting Techniques – Master The Goal-Setting Process. This article offers practical guidance on using goal-setting methods to master the goal-setting process. You can use the helpful tips and associated resources in this article to help you set, plan, and commit to all of your short-term and long-term goals.

    manifestation printables learn more

    Goal Affirmations

    • I am ready, willing, and able to achieve all my goals.
    • I have the courage to begin, and I have the courage to succeed.
    • I turn my dreams into goals, my goals into plans, and my plans into reality.
    • I confidently and fearlessly believe in myself.
    • I can do anything I set my mind to.
    • I am motivated, persistent, and successful.
    • I can accomplish anything I focus on.
    • I believe in myself and my ability to succeed.
    • I am confident in my abilities.
    • I have what it takes to be successful in all that I do.
    • There is no limit to what I can achieve.
    • I am equipped with all the tools I need to succeed.
    • I focus my vision on my goals, aspirations, and dreams.
    • I refuse to settle for less than I deserve.
    • I am the only one responsible for giving myself the life I want.
    • I am capable of creating the life I can’t stop thinking about.
    • I decide my destiny.
    • I am passionate about the dreams that light up my heart.
    • I allow myself to take bold jumps and daring leaps.
    • Every small step I take makes a big difference.
    • I am aligned with my passions and committed to achieving my dreams.
    • I am capable of doing more than I even realize.
    • I release limits and boundaries. I embrace potential and possibilities.
    • I free myself from fears and limiting beliefs that keep me from accomplishing my goals.
    • I may make mistakes, but I don’t quit.
    • I use failure as a stepping stone to success.
    • I view obstacles as opportunities to achieve more.
    • I am committed, consistent, and courageous.
    • I am competent, capable, and strong.
    • I courageously walk through every door of opportunity.
    • I can accomplish anything I focus on.
    • I am more than enough.
    • I can succeed. I will succeed.
    • I am wildly capable of achieving great things.
    • I am focused, motivated, and committed.
    • I work hard, trust my intuition, and succeed on purpose.
    • I am brave, bold, courageous, and strong.
    • I am worthy of all my biggest goals and dreams.
    • I already have what it takes.
    • I make my own magic.
    • I have what it takes to succeed and thrive.
    • I can do hard things.
    • I believe in me.
    • I can and I will.
    • I’ve got this.
    goal affirmations
    goal affirmations
    goal affirmations
    goal affirmations
    goal affirmations
    goal affirmations
    goal affirmations
    goal affirmations

    Do you have any favorite empowering goal affirmations? Share your favorites affirmations in the comment box below!

    For more positive affirmations, manifestation tips, and self-love tools, be sure to follow me on Pinterest and Instagram. And don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter for a weekly dose of self-love and inspiration!

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  • journal prompts for goal setting
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    33 Journal Prompts for Goal Setting & Future Planning

    Below, discover 33 profound journal prompts for goal setting, planning your future, and taking the first steps toward creating the life you desire. Use these prompts to help you build an actionable roadmap to your ideal future.

    journal prompts for goal setting
    Pin this for later! 33 Journal Prompts for Goal Setting & Future Planning

    Setting Goals

    Most of us have short-term and long-term goals for our lives. These goals might include positive career movement, financial success, living in the place you’ve always dreamed of, and/or building healthy personal relationships.

    But how often do you take the time to write your goals down? It’s easy to lose sight of your goals in the midst of your daily life. When dealing with external demands, thinking about your long-term goals sometimes seems less urgent.

    But it shouldn’t be.

    Your goals matter. Every dream, desire, passion, and objective that’s been placed inside you has been put there for a reason. And you owe it to yourself to follow it as far as it will take you.

    Below, you’ll find 33 journal prompts for goal setting and future planning. I’ve also included some tips on how to use these journal prompts as well as resources throughout the article to help you with achieving your goals. Let these journal prompts and resources guide you in creating a life that fulfills your heart and supports your mind, body, and spirit.

    Manifestation Workbook & Printables

    Looking for help to get you started with reaching your goals? I’ve created several resources that include goal-setting activities and powerful manifestation exercises.

    The Dreams, Goals & Manifestation Printables are a PDF file filled with 153 content pages that are completely dedicated to helping you manifest your dream life. While you can use this as a workbook, it’s more of a combination between a workbook and a yearly planner in which you get to control the order of the pages and how you want it to look. With these printables, you’ll find multiple calendars, worksheet pages, and goal-setting tools that you can use over and over again, not just month after month but year after year

    For a smaller version of these printables in workbook format, check out The Ultimate Manifestation Workbook.

    manifestation printables learn more

    How to Use These Journal Prompts

    • To start, find a quiet spot where you won’t be interrupted. Allow yourself to truly connect with your inner self. It doesn’t matter if it’s morning, afternoon, or evening; what matters is that you’re able to devote this time to you. See if you can dedicate at least ten to twenty minutes solely to journaling.
    • You can answer just one question at a time or several in a single journaling session. It will just depend on the type of question and what kinds of answers it reveals within. (Just don’t rush it!)
    • If you find yourself straying from the question a little, that’s okay. You might be on the verge of discovering something within yourself you hadn’t realized before.
    • Finally, enact a “no self-criticism” rule while you’re journaling. Let’s say that as you write, you realize that you haven’t been making any positive movement toward your goals in the past six months. Don’t judge yourself here. Instead, choose to show yourself compassion, and acknowledge the fact that you’re making progress now.

    Journal Prompts for Goal Setting

    • What are three short-term goals that I have? What can I do to ensure I meet my short-term goals?
    • What are three long-term goals that I have? How can I ensure I meet my long-term goals?
    • Is there anything that scares me about my goals?
    • Why is it worth it to me to push past my fears to achieve my goals?
    • If I could be doing anything with my life right now, what would I be doing?
    • What’s stopping me from doing the things I truly want to do?
    • What unique skills, talents, and qualities do I possess that make me qualified to do what I want to do?
    • What are my top five priorities in my life right now?
    • Are my current life priorities aligned with my goals?
    • What would I need in order for my priorities and goals to be in alignment? How can I give myself what I need?
    • What goal can I achieve in the next year?
    • What steps do I need to take to achieve this goal?
    • What goal can I achieve in the next five years?
    • What steps do I need to take to achieve my five-year goal(s)?
    • What goals do I have for the next month?
    • How can I manage and prioritize my time to meet my monthly goals?
    • What’s one small step I can take each day for the next seven days to help me meet my monthly goals?
    • Where do I see myself in one year?
    • Where do I see myself in five years?
    • Where do I see myself in ten years?
    • If I created a vision board right now, what would be on it?
    • What holds me back from living the life I imagine?
    • How can I cultivate more self-confidence and self-belief?
    • Which of my goals mean the most to me?
    • Why does this goal mean so much to me?
    • How can I ensure I reach this goal?
    • Are there any goals I once had that no longer align with my vision of my life?
    • Is it okay to release a goal that no longer aligns with what I want?
    • In my ideal future, where would I live? What would I be doing? Who would I spend my time with?
    • Is my ideal future possible? Why or why not?
    • What do I need in order to achieve my ideal future, and how can I give myself what I need?
    • Why is it worth it for me to always pursue my goals?
    • What gives me confidence? How can I tap into my inner confidence to take the leap to achieving all my goals and dreams?

    For manifesting tips, daily affirmations, and lots of positive vibes, be sure to follow me on Pinterest and Instagram! And don’t forget to check out the Dreams, Goals & Manifestation Printables and The Ultimate Manifestation Workbook, available now in my online shop!

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  • what does it mean to manifest something

    What Does It Mean to Manifest Something?

    So what does it mean to manifest something? In this post, I answer that question, plus give you some tips and tricks to start manifesting your best life today!

    what does it mean to manifest something
    Pin this! What Does it Mean to Manifest Something? (An Introductory Guide to Manifestation)


    Where did you first hear about the practice of manifestation?

    You may have read about it while scrolling through Instagram, or maybe you saw a manifestation quote on your Pinterest feed that resonated with you. Maybe it was referred to in a book or article, or a friend mentioned that they’ve been practicing it with incredible results.

    Usually, when one discovers manifestation, it isn’t because they’re actively looking for answers or a solution to help guide them in their lives; it’s because somehow, in some way, manifestation finds them.

    My discovery came through a pull I felt in my heart that just wouldn’t go away.

    Years ago, in high school, I remember a friend’s mom was reading The Secret. I have vague memories of this parent talking it up excitedly, and I listened with mild curiosity, but when I left that day and shut the door behind me, I left the memory of the book behind, too.

    And then one winter, over a decade later, it came back to me.

    I didn’t read about it in an article or social media post. None of my friends or family members had read it, at least not that they had spoken about. There were no mentions of this book anywhere in my current life.

    There was just that one single memory of my friend’s mom in high school, someone I hadn’t seen in ten years.

    It started out as a random thought I had in the middle of a normal day, but then it kept coming back over and over again. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I knew I needed to read that book.

    So I purchased it, and I decided to read one chapter every morning as part of my daily routine. The funny thing was, I really didn’t even know what it was about. I had a fuzzy understanding that it had something to do with the concept that what you put out into the world is what you get back, but that was the extent of my understanding.

    So little by little, one chapter at a time, I started reading this book. And while I’d love to say that it was a glorious and amazing experience, it wasn’t. At least, not always. You see, I’ve been a perfectionist my entire life, and when I discovered the concepts in this book, a feeling of dread overcame me.

    If what this book said was true, I realized, then I’d been doing everything wrong my entire life. Clearly, I was attracting horrible stuff to me. How could I be living life wrong for so long? (Okay, I may have been a tad overdramatic. I’ve since learned that I never once lived life wrong. I’ve needed every single bump and fork in the road to get me to where I am today. I have always been exactly where I’m meant to be.)

    The other part that I had a hard time with was the idea that I needed to have positive thoughts all the time. I loved this idea, but again, my inner perfectionist took it too far. I thought it meant I could only have positive thoughts 100% of the time and that a single negative thought would attract more negativity. I believed I needed to suppress any bad emotions deep inside. It turns out, this wasn’t true either, but I’ll talk more about that below.

    The Secret didn’t teach me everything I needed to know about manifestation, but it introduced me to the concept. And afterwards, I was guided to other teachers who offered new viewpoints, perspectives, and teachings. But the greatest teacher has been my own life experiences. The more I believe in my own power to create anything I desire, the more it plays out in my daily life.

    But first: what exactly is manifestation?

    manifestation quote

    What is Manifestation?

    So what does it mean to manifest something?

    To manifest something means to visualize your dreams and desires and to vibrate at the frequency of your desires as if they’ve already come true.

    So if you dream of finding a romantic partner, and you imagine that a romantic partner will make you feel loved, cherished, and adored, you wouldn’t wait until a romantic partner enters your life to feel those positive emotions; you’d choose to feel loved, cherished, and adored right now.

    Like attracts like, so when you choose to feel these positive emotions throughout your day, you’ll attract more of this to you.

    So if you want to attract abundance, become the embodiment of abundance right now.

    This is, in essence, what manifestation and the Law of Attraction is:

    What you think, you become.

    What you put out, you get back.

    You may have heard the phrase, “Thoughts become things.” And while this is partially true, it’s incomplete. The truth is, feelings become things. So if your positive thoughts cause you to vibrate positivity, you’ll attract more of that positivity to you. These go hand-in-hand, though, because it’s hard to have a positive thought and a negative feeling, and vice versa.

    Now that you know the basics of manifestation, below I’ll go a little more in depth about how to manifest your desires.

    manifestation quote

    Manifestation “Recipes”

    Ask, Believe, Receive

    The “recipe” for manifestation that’s often cited and followed is this: Ask. Believe. Receive. Here’s how it’s broken down:


    In order to manifest something, you must know what you want. How do you get clear about what you want? Journaling is a powerful way to get in touch with your inner self so you can discover what you truly desire. Visualization is another powerful tool in your manifestation arsenal. Sit in calm and peaceful silence, and take some time to visualize your desires. See yourself walking through a day in your dream life. Feel all the positive emotions, and see all the little details that fill your heart with joy. When you’re done with your visualization, let it go. Release it to a higher power, and trust your path. That’s essentially how you fulfill the “ask” part of manifestation, but you can also ask through prayer or speaking/writing to a higher power.

    One powerful way to ask is to visualize or state your desire, and then say, “And so it is.” By saying this, you’re saying that your manifestation is already coming true, and you’re able to let it go in faith, confidence, and trust.


    After you’ve let go of your desire and released it to the universe, step back. Take a deep breath. Then smile, knowing all of your dreams are coming true. This step can be tricky because we often either over-complicate or oversimplify what it means. We over-complicate it by getting restless and impatient. We think our dreams haven’t been heard, so we ask and ask again. But asking over and over again shows a lack of belief, and it usually comes with some negative feelings within that can attract more negative experiences.

    But this step can also be oversimplified. Believe doesn’t mean sit around and do nothing. It means listening to your inner knowing and taking inspired action when your intuition calls you in a certain direction. This can be scary, but when you have trust in your path, you know in your heart that all will work out exactly as it’s meant to.


    Again, this step can be both oversimplified and over-complicated. Technically, in this step, you don’t actually have to do anything except receive your desire. Which is pretty amazing, right? Except we often get in the way of our own receiving due to our deeply ingrained limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs might be a fear of success or a fear of failure. Due to these limiting beliefs, self-sabotage can be common until you’ve done the deep inner work to heal the root of what’s stopping you from receiving what you deserve. (Another limiting belief? That you aren’t worthy or deserving of your dreams. Which is always, always untrue.)

    manifestation printables learn more

    My Manifestation Formula

    My manifestation formula is similar to the Ask, Believe, Receive combination I discussed above, but I try to break down what you should be doing during each part a little clearer:

    Set an intention. Believe in yourself. Raise your vibrations. Listen to your intuition. Take inspired action. Trust.

    Here’s a quick run-through of my manifestation formula:

    Set An Intention

    An intention is the desired outcome you wish to materialize in your physical reality. There are no rules for intentions. They can be big or small. They can be realistic or far-reaching. And they can be concrete or abstract. The only thing that matters is that they exist.

    Sometimes, your intention might be for a specific concrete object like a new car or house. You might set an intention to find true love. Your intention might be set on your dream job or opportunities for travel. Maybe you want to positively touch the lives of one million people. Maybe you want to make one person’s day every day.

    Know that intentions are put in your heart for a reason, and it’s your right to follow those intentions as far as they will lead you.

    Believe in Yourself

    This could arguably be the first step in manifesting anything you want in your life, but truthfully, self-belief doesn’t have a starting or ending point. It’ll carry you through the entire process. When it comes to creating the life you desire, it’s important that you feel able and worthy of your dreams coming true. But I promise, if you find that you don’t feel 100% able and worthy all the time, it’s okay; you don’t have to be stuck where you are forever. With a little bit of conscious effort and little steps every day, you can cultivate this inner self-belief until it becomes so ingrained within you, you can’t imagine ever feeling unworthy again.

    Raise Your Vibration

    Manifestation means to vibrate at the frequency of your desires as if your dreams have already come true.

    When you visualize, you see your perfect dream life right in front of you. And you also feel the positive feelings associated with that dream life.

    But it doesn’t stop there: you can then carry all of those positive feelings with you throughout the day.

    To manifest love, embody the feeling of being unconditionally loved. Feel joyful, grateful, supported, protected, and peaceful. Feel it now. The more of this positive energy you put out into the universe, the more it’s returned to you.

    To manifest financial prosperity, discover the feeling of being financially prosperous within. If you associate financial prosperity with the feeling of freedom, allow yourself to feel free now. Today. And keep returning to that feeling as much as possible.

    Another way this is often phrased is, “Live as if.”

    Live as if you’ve already connected with the love of your life. Live as if you’ve already received financial prosperity. Live as if you have the dream car, the dream house, the dream wardrobe. All of it. Live as if you’re living the life of your dreams, and slowly, you’ll discover the life of your dreams is already yours.

    scripting journal

    Listen to Your Intuition

    What is your intuition?

    It’s that feeling deep within when you know something is or isn’t right. It’s that voice that tells you to send that email, pick up that book, or talk to that stranger in the coffee shop. It’s a gentle nudge from the universe that comes in the forms of feelings, images, sounds, and thoughts.

    Many people write off manifestation and the Law of Attraction because they believe it’s simply pasting images to a vision board and hoping really hard it all comes true. But that’s not it. That’s why this step and the next are so important.

    Everything you put on that vision board can come true, but you must learn to trust your intuition to guide you. That’s where this can get tricky. Because sometimes, your intuition can tell you to do things that seemingly make no sense. Like when I followed my intuition to quit my well-paying job to become a full-time writer, even though I had zero prospects and no idea how I’d keep paying the rent. But I trusted my inner knowing, and my dreams have manifested (and are still manifesting) in ways I never imagined.

    Following your intuition requires trust. Trust the universe. Trust your inner knowing. Trust that you have all that you need inside you.

    Take Inspired Action

    You’ve set your intention. You’ve cultivated self-belief. You’ve vibrated at the frequency of your desires. And you’ve allowed your inner knowing to speak to you.

    Now, it’s time to act.

    Inspired action is the action you take based on your intuition. 

    This part can be exciting and exhilarating. And it can also be really, really scary.

    This is when you walk into your boss’ office and tell her that you’re giving your notice.

    Or when you turn down that job with the high pay that doesn’t feel right for a chance at something better.

    This is when you set up your profile on that dating app.

    This is when you approach that really successful person in your field and ask them to be your mentor.

    And most of all, this is when you say “yes” to an opportunity that puts you out of your comfort zone.

    Even though you may feel nervous about performing this action, you don’t question it. You know you’re doing the right thing because of the way it feels.

    When your intuition is nudging at you, listen. Follow it. And then act on it. You’ll be amazed at what happens when you stop insisting things have to be done your way and open yourself up to the Universe’s plans for you.


    This is another step that really encompasses the whole journey from beginning to end. Manifestation takes trust. You can’t manifest something into your experience without trusting that it’s coming to you. Otherwise, it’s likely you’ll give up before you’ve really even started.

    Trust that everything is working out for you.

    Trust that the universe has your back.

    And trust yourself.

    You are capable of so much more than you realize.

    manifestation quote

    Is My Manifestation Working?

    I like to think that when your manifestation is working, you know it deep inside. One of the signs your manifestation is working is a sense of deep inner peace. There’s a moment when everything just clicks, and you’re able to step back and surrender control, knowing that everything is working out for you.

    You may also experience signs and synchronicities along your journey. Signs and synchronicities are signs of alignment. For instance, you may repeatedly see the same number pattern over and over again. A book may fall off the bookshelf in front of you. Someone you were just thinking about calls you. You start to find money on the ground.

    If you’re not seeing any signs, you can also ask for a sign. One way to do this is to say, “Dear Universe, please send me a clear, gentle, loving sign that I’m on the right path and my manifestation is on its way.”

    Finally, one last sign that your manifestation is working that may seem a little weird is that everything suddenly seems to get . . . worse. Now I know, it’s nobody’s favorite thing to hear. I’ve manifested love, abundance, and my dream job, and I experienced heartbreak, pennies in my bank account, and failure all before things turned around. So if you feel in your bones that you’re on the right path, and things suddenly take a turn for the worse, don’t panic and turn back. Don’t give up and decide manifestation just doesn’t work for you.

    Keep going just a little bit further. You’re almost at the top of the hill, and everything you’ve been dreaming about is on the other side.

    manifestation quote

    Tips & Tricks for Manifestation


    Gratitude is the highest vibration you can offer. Whenever you find yourself sliding back into negative thought patterns, take a deep breath and think about all that you have to be grateful for. Instead of focusing on what’s going wrong, focus on what’s going right. This will lift your vibrations and help you to cultivate a feeling of deep inner peace.

    A magical sentence that I’ve discovered time and time again to be true is this: the more you feel grateful, the more positive things you attract into your life to be grateful for.

    Release the “How”

    I had a hard time with this one for a long time. I had dreams and visions, but I believed I knew the only path that would get me to what I wanted. I didn’t trust there could be other paths that I just didn’t see yet. The truth is, the how doesn’t really matter. The Universe will figure out the how, and it’s often in unexpected and surprising ways. Your job is simply to listen to your intuition and follow it when you feel that inner nudge telling you where to go next.

    Live “As If”

    I mentioned this above, but it can’t be emphasized enough. Live as if your dreams have already come true. Live as if everything you desire is already yours. Live as if you are everything you want to be and more.

    Give to Receive

    Do you want to manifest love? Give love to others. (And yourself.)

    Do you want financial prosperity? Donate and give money when you feel called to.

    Do you want unconditional happiness? Give your smile freely to others. Make someone’s day. Be a light in someone else’s world.

    Everything you put out in the world is what you get back. Know that what you give will come back to you, often in miraculous and extraordinary ways.

    manifestation quote

    Common Misconceptions About Manifestation

    That It’s All About Looking at a Vision Board

    Not true. It takes positive vibrations, trust, self-belief, following your intuition, and taking inspired action. The vision board can be an awesome tool for helping you to visualize your dreams and lifting your vibrations, but there’s more to manifestation than simply staring at pictures.

    That You Can’t Have a Single Negative Thought

    This was my misconception after I read The Secret. I thought ALL negative thoughts would do me in. Again, not true. Suppressing negative emotions isn’t healthy, and it will only keep that negative energy inside you. In order to release it, you must let yourself feel it. Don’t fall into the trap of toxic positivity.

    That It’s Hard

    Manifestation can feel hard sometimes, but that’s usually when you’re impatient or don’t really trust that you can actually create your own reality. At the heart of manifestation is living a joyful life, focusing on gratitude, and aligning with your highest and truest self. And when you know that your manifestation is coming, it doesn’t feel hard; you feel truly peaceful. So don’t give up on manifestation if people tell you it’s hard. Instead, go into it with the mindset that it can be easy, joyful, and fun.

    manifestation workbook guide learn more

    Further Reading and Resources

    If you want to learn more about resources that can help you with manifestation, check out these blog posts:

    And here are some helpful articles from other sites:

    Do you still have questions about manifestation? Have you ever had success manifesting anything into your reality? Leave a note in the comments below!

    For more manifestation tips, plus a daily dose of positive affirmations and self-love, be sure to connect with me on Instagram and Pinterest! And don’t forget to check out these items in my online shop:

    what does it mean to manifest something
    Pin this! What Does it Mean to Manifest Something? (An Introductory Guide to Manifestation)
  • manifestation not working

    Manifestation Not Working? Here’s Why (& How to Fix It)

    What do you do when you feel like you’ve done everything right, yet your desires still aren’t manifesting in your reality? In this article, discover the six major factors behind your manifestation not working, plus I offer some powerful tips and journal prompts that will help you release blockages to your desired manifestation today.

    manifestation not working
    Pin this! Manifestation Not Working? 6 Essential Reasons Why (And How to Fix It)

    You Are Worthy

    I often hesitate before writing these types of blog posts. Why? Because I don’t want to write something that reads like a top-10 list of everything you’re doing wrong in life. I don’t want you to read this and think that you’ve failed in any capacity or that you’ve taken a single wrong step in your journey. My goal is always to motivate, encourage, and inspire, and I don’t want to spark a single bad feeling inside you.

    I want to write this blog post because I feel called to do it and I think it could be really helpful if you’re feeling lost or stuck in your manifestation journey, but I want to preface it with these words first:

    You have not done a single thing wrong, and you have certainly not failed. Even if your manifestations don’t seem to be working. Even if you’re not receiving any signs or synchronicities from the Universe. Even if you feel utterly lost and unsure where to go next.

    You. Have. Not. Failed.

    This is all part of your journey. This moment, right now, wherever you are, is exactly as it’s supposed to be.

    Mistakes are a gift. We have to make them in order to grow and learn from our experiences. We have to experience the downs to appreciate the ups even more.

    Life is messy. Being a human is messy.

    And in the messiness, there is divine beauty.

    So wherever you are right now, embrace it. Love this moment. The Universe didn’t guide you to this blog post because it wanted to show you everything you’re doing wrong.

    The Universe guided you to this post because it loves you deeply, wholly, and unconditionally, and it’s wrapping its loving arms around you and showing you that you are treasured, cherished, and adored. And, I’m guessing, it also wants you to stop being so hard on yourself.

    So as we go through the bullet points below, please, please don’t read any of it and view it as proof of failure. Don’t berate yourself and think, “How stupid could I be? Why have I been doing this wrong the whole time?

    Instead, think this:

    I’ve been on a journey that’s been filled with ups and downs, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. I’m grateful for each lesson I’ve learned because it’s helped me to grow stronger and more resilient. I release all self-judgment and self-criticism, and I choose self-love. I am so unbelievably grateful that the Universe guides me to the people and resources to support my journey. This is exactly where I am meant to be, and my life just keeps getting better every day. All is really well.

    Got it?

    Then let’s begin!

    manifestation printables learn more

    Manifestation Not Working?

    If you’re reading this right now, I’m guessing you already know about manifestation and the Law of Attraction, so I’m going to skip the intro and dive straight into the good stuff: why isn’t your manifestation working?

    There’s a list of reasons why your desires may not be manifesting in your experience immediately, and luckily, you already have everything you need within you to get yourself back on track.

    I was going to write that I’ve been guilty of pretty much every single thing I’ve listed below at some point or another, but I think guilty is a pretty strong word. Because guilty connotes that I did something inherently wrong, and trust me when I say, there is absolutely nothing wrong with you if you find that any of the items below ring true for you.

    This is a journey. We have to go through the hard stuff to get to the good stuff. The lessons you learn along the way make you wiser, and ultimately, it’s going to make your future manifestations even easier.

    Because we often learn best by doing, right?

    So have compassion for yourself. You’re not guilty of anything. I’m just here to help you get realigned so you can unleash the incredible manifesting power you have within.

    Below, I’ve listed six reasons why your manifestation may not be working. I’ve also included introspective questions/journal prompts that will help you release any blockages to receiving your desired manifestation, plus tips and exercises you can use to get past whatever hurdle may be blocking your desires from being received.

    And I know you’re probably annoyed with me saying this by now, but I’m going to keep saying it over and over because it’s so important: if you find any of these reasons might be why your desired manifestations aren’t coming true, don’t waste a single moment dwelling in negative energy.

    Simply thank the Universe for showing you what you need, say a few uplifting affirmations, remind yourself how awesome you are, and make a plan for how you’re going to shift your mindset going forward.

    I believe in you. Wholeheartedly. Unequivocally. Without a single doubt.

    You got this.

    Reason #1: Not Listening to Your Inner Knowing

    I have a lot of history with this particular reason for why my manifestations weren’t working, and I think this might be one of the hardest ones on this list.


    Because sometimes, your intuition tells you to do some really out-there, seemingly crazy, out-of-your-comfort-zone things.

    Like when my intuition told me to leave my steady job in the quaint town I lived in where I was pretty happy to move to a different state, where I’d have to find a new job and a new place to live, and I had zero guarantees of happiness.

    Or when my inner knowing nipped at the edges of my mind for months, telling me to leave one of the best jobs I’ve ever had (that paid me the most money I ever made) to dedicate myself full-time to my writing career (which, at the time, was less of a career and more of a distant daydream) where I was going to be making $0 starting out.

    In both of those situations, it took me a long time to finally listen to my inner knowing and take that next step. And that’s okay. In fact, I’d say it’s pretty normal. Why? Because we’re human, and listening to our hearts over our logical minds doesn’t always come easy.

    Sometimes, you have to sit in the uncertainty for a while before you can move forward. For me, it took months of sitting in that uncomfortable comfort zone before I finally took a leap. For you, it might take less time, or more.

    And that’s okay. Like I said, we’re all human. I think it’s more than okay to question that little voice in your head and make sure this is truly the next right step for you.

    The important thing isn’t how long it takes. The important thing is that ultimately, you do listen.

    Because you know so much more than you think you do, and you owe it to yourself to live the life you know you’re meant to live.

    You deserve to live the truest, most authentic, most beautiful life you can imagine.

    You deserve a life of unconditional joy, love, peace, prosperity, and abundance of all good things.

    You deserve to be truly, truly happy.

    You just have to take that first step.

    And that first step often entails following your inner knowing, even if it’s taking you somewhere that doesn’t seem to make sense. Just follow it. You can take that first step and still be afraid; that’s okay. My first steps are usually more tentative and shaky than confident and steady.

    But you owe it to yourself. You owe it to yourself to create the life you truly love, and that’s going to take some trust and faith. Just know this: the first step is always the hardest. But the more you do this, the easier (and more fun) it gets. I promise.

    Learn How to Trust Your Inner Knowing

    So how exactly do you start trusting your intuition for these really big things in life?

    I learned that in order to trust my inner knowing for the big things, I had to start with the little things.

    Start with a normal day when you don’t have anything out-of-the-ordinary scheduled. Set an intention to follow your intuition throughout the day.

    When I started this practice, I’d start with my morning runs. As I’d run around the neighborhood streets and sidewalks, I released expectations of my route and let my inner knowing guide me on my route. My intuition told me whether I should turn or go straight or even slow down.

    And most of the time, nothing happened. Which was kind of the point. I wasn’t following my intuition on those runs in order for something to happen. I was simply honing my intuition so that when the day came that I did need to listen to it, I’d be ready.

    And that day came.

    One day, I was running around a neighborhood several blocks from my own when I felt a tug in my heart telling me to stop running. I didn’t know where it came from, but because I’d been doing this practice for a while, I didn’t question it. I listened and stopped.

    About three seconds later, a car pulled out from the driveway directly in front of me. The car was obscured by a treeline, so I wouldn’t have seen them and they wouldn’t have seen me. If I had kept going, it would’ve hit me.

    I encourage you to find small moments where you can hone your intuition. Maybe when you’re at the grocery store, instead of going aisle by aisle, you can let your inner knowing guide you through the store. And remember, nothing actually has to happen for it to work.

    You’re simply sharpening your skills and learning how to trust your intuition for the little things so that you’ll trust it more for the big things.

    Journal Prompts

    Below, I’ve listed 8 journal prompts to help you work through your doubts and uncertainties. If you don’t want to write down your answers, I’d recommend finding a quiet and safe space where you can have a conversation with yourself as you work through these questions.

    • What is my inner knowing telling me to do?
    • What’s stopping me from taking that next step?
    • What’s the worst thing that can happen if it doesn’t work out?
    • What’s the best thing that can happen if it does work out?
    • Is the worst thing that can happen worse than living the rest of my life always wondering what could’ve happened?
    • How do I feel in my comfort zone? Is it truly comfortable, or is it a discomfort zone?
    • What’s one kind thing I could do for myself to make it easier to take the next step?
    • What could I ask of the Universe that would help me in this moment? (For instance, you could ask the Universe to send you a sign or message.)

    Reason #2: Lack of Trust

    This one kind of piggybacks off reason #1, but it’s different in many ways.

    Lack of trust can come in all kinds of forms.

    Lack of trust can be not following your intuition, like I talked about up above.

    Lack of trust can be not truly believing that any of your desired manifestations are going to work out for you.

    Lack of trust can be taking unnecessary steps to try to control the outcome instead of surrendering to the Universe’s plan.

    Lack of trust can also be constantly asking the Universe for signs because you’ve let anxiety and stress take over, and you need constant reassurance that everything will be okay.

    Now, I want to make a couple things very clear:

    Trusting the Universe, especially at the beginning, can be really, really hard.

    And there is absolutely nothing wrong with you if you’ve had a difficult time releasing your worries to embrace more trust.

    Your personal relationship with the Universe (or God, Source, All That Is, the Divine, or any name you prefer to use) does not grow to its fullest potential in a single day. It’s a journey. And your spiritual journey is unique and belongs solely to you, so don’t compare yourself to where other people are on their respective journeys. Just focus on your own.

    How do you know if a lack of trust might be blocking you from receiving your manifestations? Consider these questions:

    • Do you listen to your inner knowing, even when there are no guarantees of positive results?
    • Are you able to surrender to the Universe, or do you try to control every situation and outcome in your life?
    • Do you feel anxious and worried when you think about the future?
    • Do you do anything that doesn’t align with your inner knowing, but you feel is the “logical” thing to do?

    Whatever your answers are, don’t be hard on yourself. Nobody ever said trust was easy. And if they did, they’re wrong.

    There’s also a strong possibility that it isn’t the Universe you don’t trust; it’s yourself.

    This can be especially true if you’re not aligned with your inner knowing, as discussed in Reason #1.

    Maybe you also stepped outside your comfort zone in the past and seemingly failed, so now you’re scared to do it again.

    Below, I give you some tips plus journal prompts that will help you to cultivate more trust with the Universe (and with yourself).

    Learn How to Cultivate Trust

    The first thing I want you to do is to think about all the times everything did work out for you. This is part of one of the journal prompts below, but I think it’s especially important to begin with. What are some past experiences when the Universe showed up for you and gave you everything you needed? Describe the times when you stepped out of your comfort zone and succeeded (and possibly even thrived).

    Immerse yourself in all of the incredible experiences when you could trust yourself and the Universe.

    Now, if you’ve never asked for a sign before from the Universe, this is the perfect time to do so. Take a few deep breaths and put your hand on your heart. Then say, “Dear Universe, please send me a gentle and loving sign of alignment that I’m on the right path and my manifestation is on its way.

    (You can, of course, substitute the word “Universe” for your preferred term for a higher power. You can also be more specific about what your desired manifestation is, if you wish.)

    After you’ve asked for your sign, release it, and be on the lookout for signs and synchronicities that answer your request. For more on signs and synchronicities, check out my blog post here.

    As I alluded to above, asking for too many signs all the time can be an indicator of your distrust, so I’d recommend only asking for a sign when you truly need it.

    Journal Prompts

    • How would I describe my relationship with the Universe right now?
    • What blocks and/or barriers are preventing me from trusting the Universe?
    • What do I need to release in order to cultivate more trust?
    • What are some past experiences I’ve had where the Universe showed up for me and provided me with everything I needed?
    • What could I ask of the Universe that would help me to release what no longer serves me so I can embrace more trust?
    scripting journal

    Reason #3: Scarcity Mindset

    If your desired manifestation isn’t working, that doesn’t mean you’re not manifesting anything into your experience. In fact, you’re actively manifesting new people, places, things, and experiences every single day.

    Look around you. You’ve created all of this.

    Your entire life is a result of your own manifestations.

    Manifestation doesn’t just happen when it’s intentional. Manifestation happens all the time. That means whatever you’re putting out into the world, you’re getting back (whether you mean to or not).

    That’s why it’s important to understand what the scarcity mindset is and why it may play a key role in preventing your desired manifestations from coming true.

    A scarcity mindset is when you’re continually focusing on the absence of your desired manifestation.

    Let’s say you want to manifest money. To be even more specific, let’s say you want to manifest $1,000 within the next week. You’re doing everything right: you set an intention, visualize your manifestation coming true, cultivate self-belief, and take inspired action.

    But every day that passes that you don’t have that extra $1,000 in your hands, your heart sinks a little more. You check your bank account every morning and all you see is the lack of that $1,000 in your account. You become obsessed with the idea that you don’t have that $1,000 yet.

    This is a scarcity mindset. And it may very well be hindering your manifestations, because every time you think about not having that $1,000, you project lack, scarcity, and absence out into the world.

    And because that’s what you’re projecting, that’s what you’re getting in return.

    More lack.

    More scarcity.

    More absence.

    So what do you do? How do you release the scarcity mindset?

    You have to learn how to surrender and let go.

    The truth is, in manifestation, you don’t actually have to do a whole lot. Ask. Believe. Receive. That’s it. But as humans, we tend to overcomplicate things. It’s hard for us to just sit back and trust that good things are going to happen for us. So we try to get involved, and by getting involved, we often get in our own way.

    In order to release the scarcity mindset, you need to stop getting in your own way.

    That means stop looking for proof of the absence of your desired manifestations, and instead, just relax and be. And if you need to do something, then the best active thing you can do to help yourself is to focus on abundance.

    When you check your bank account, focus not on that lack of $1,000, but instead on the abundance of money you have (and that’s coming your way).

    Focus on an abundance of love. Of peace. Of gratitude. Of kindness. Of compassion. Of freedom. Of creativity. Of passion. Of prosperity. Of positivity.

    When you focus on scarcity, you project scarcity into the world.

    But when you focus on abundance, you project more abundance.

    And what you project is what you receive. Every. Single. Time.

    How to Release the Scarcity Mindset

    Visualization is my favorite tool for releasing the scarcity mindset and cultivating an abundance mindset.

    A few times a week, commit to a visualization practice for at least ten minutes a day. During those ten minutes, close your eyes in a quiet, safe place, and visualize what abundance looks like to you. See yourself living your most abundant life, and feel the good feelings associated with that visualization. And remember, abundance isn’t solely tied to money. This can also be an abundance of love, peace, freedom, creativity, and anything else that feels good to you.

    If you’d prefer, you can also write these visualizations down. (Just remember to use the present tense. For instance, instead of, “I will be living my most abundant life,” you’d say, “I am living my most abundant life.“)

    Journal Prompts

    • What feelings, emotions, thoughts, and vibrations do I project out into the world on a daily basis?
    • What am I projecting right now?
    • Are there any situations in my life right now where I tend to have a scarcity mindset?
    • How can I flip my scarcity mindset into an abundance mindset?
    • How can the Universe support me right now?

    Reason #4: You Haven’t Let it Go

    I don’t want to repeat too much of what I just wrote above, but this kind of goes hand-in-hand with what I just wrote.

    Ask. Believe. Receive.

    Those are the three most essential, foundational components of manifestation.

    But we tend to be impatient creatures, so often, our intended manifestations go more like this:

    Ask. Believe. Get impatient. Ask again. Ask some more. Okay, I’m really going to believe this time. Wait. Nothing’s happening. Ask once more. And maybe again, in case I wasn’t heard the last time.

    Know that when I write this, I’m not attacking or accusing you. Mostly, I’m lovingly teasing myself, because this is often how my desired manifestations have gone in the past.

    The active part of your manifestation is in the asking. After that, you just get to sit back, chill, feel really good, live a beautiful and abundant life, focus on your own joy, and let the Universe do the heavy lifting.

    The problem arises when we continually ask and ask again.

    I like to imagine that my dream is this beautiful, bright light that I release into the stars; it drifts away into the bright, starry sky until I can no longer see it. That’s what it means to let it go.

    But when I continually ask and ask again, I’m not giving my dream any time to float away from me. I’m holding onto it, not surrendering this vision to the Universe.

    To be clear, you don’t need to stop visualizing your dreams. Visualization is a wonderful way to lift your vibrations and feel the positive emotions of your intended emotion. And if you have a vision board, I definitely encourage you to keep looking at it as a way to lift your vibrations.

    But you don’t need to keep asking for your desire to come true. The Universe has already heard you. It’s working behind the scenes, bringing everything together in extraordinary ways.

    So once you’ve asked, let it go. Trust. Release control, and know that you are exactly where you are meant to be.

    How to Release Your Dreams to the Universe

    For me, the best way to release my dream, surrender, and let go is to visualize the dream physically leaving my body and floating away until I can no longer see it.

    You can imagine that your dream is a bright ball of light. Or maybe it’s a brightly colored balloon. Maybe it takes the shape of a beautiful bird. There’s no wrong answer here, so find something that feels right to you.

    Now, you’re going to release your desire into the universe just once. You can softly whisper your desire if you wish. Then imagine this desire slowly floating or flying away, up into the sky, into the clouds or the starry night, until you can no longer see it.

    Once it’s gone, let it go.

    You’ve done all you need to do.

    Journal Prompts

    • Do I release my dreams to the Universe, or do I continually ask for my dreams and desires over and over again?
    • What does it mean to me to let go, surrender, and release my desires to the Universe?
    • Have I had trouble letting go in the past? Why do I think this is the case?
    • What are some tools and practices I can utilize to let go of my desire and entrust it to the Universe?
    manifestation workbook guide learn more

    Reason #5: Self-Sabotage

    I know this one sounds kind of crazy, but it happens more often than most of us realize.

    Fear of success is as real of a thing as a fear of failure. But in some ways, it’s worse because it’s less talked about and thus more likely to go unnoticed.

    Fear of success usually doesn’t mean you’re afraid of actually succeeding; rather, it means you’re afraid of the changes that will occur in your life once you do.

    Because, whether we like it or not, our comfort zones form protective shells around us that keep us safe from the world out there.

    We know what to expect in our status quo world.

    But success?

    We have no idea what will come from success.

    What if it changes your relationships with your partner, family, or friends?

    What if it changes the routine you love so much?

    What if it changes your life in ways you can’t even imagine?

    There could be something even deeper at play here. For many of us, success is applauded and met with high remarks and praise when we’re children. But not all. It’s possible that success wasn’t applauded or rewarded when you were a child, and even worse, it could’ve been used against you.

    If you think this is true, it may be time to do some shadow work. Shadow work is the deep introspection you do to heal the unconscious part of your personality that may be suppressed and hidden away.

    I won’t dive too deep into shadow work today, but for more info on healing the shadow, check out this Shadow Work Guide from the incredible Liz at Liz in Lotus.

    If you think you may have unintentionally sabotaged your own manifestations due to a fear of success, don’t feel ashamed. Like I said above, this truly isn’t uncommon.

    The best thing you can do for yourself is to take the time to do some deep inner work to release the fears that aren’t serving you. The questions below will help you get started.

    Journal Prompts/Questions

    • When I was a child, how did the adults in my life react when I did something considered successful (i.e. got good grades or hit a home run)?
    • What are some examples in my life of times when I’ve been truly successful? How did others react to my success?
    • What do I love about my life right now?
    • What am I afraid might change in my life if I’m successful?
    • Are these fears rational?
    • Are there any conversations I can have with others that will help alleviate my fears of success?
    • What’s the worst thing that can happen if I’m successful?
    • What’s the best thing that can happen if I’m successful?
    • Can I trust the Universe’s plan for me?
    • Am I willing to release my fear of success to embrace my visions and dreams?

    Reason #6: You Just Need a Tad More Patience

    So what if you’ve read all the reasons I’ve listed above, and none of them seem to fit?

    What if you’ve set your intention, listened to your intuition, and taken inspired action to walk forward on this beautiful path leading you toward your dreams?

    What if you’ve asked and then let it go, surrendering your dreams to the expansive, infinite, loving Universe?

    What if you’ve cultivated a life of love, joy, and peace, and you send good vibrations out into the world every day?

    What if it feels like you’re doing everything right, and you’re pretty sure you’re on the right path, but nothing has happened yet?

    Then there’s a very good chance your manifestation is working; you just need a little more patience.

    And I’m going to take that one step further.

    What if you’ve done all those things . . . and suddenly, everything has gotten worse?

    For instance, you’re on the path of manifesting financial abundance, but your bank account is lower than ever, and you just got hit with some major unexpected expenses that are going to drain your finances even further.

    Or, you’re manifesting love, and you met a great person, but they decided they want something else, leaving you heartbroken in the process.

    Or maybe you’re manifesting your dream job, and there was an opening at the place you’ve always dreamed of working . . . but you didn’t get it.

    These aren’t actually signs that your manifestation isn’t working.

    In fact, it’s the opposite.

    Often times, one of the signs that everything is working perfectly for you and that your desired manifestation is this close to coming true . . . is you experience one of your lowest lows right before it happens.

    I know. It sucks.

    But it doesn’t.

    Not really.

    Because if you can learn to recognize this sign, you’ll start to see it as a gift.

    You’ll understand that the contrast of hitting the lowest of the lows will only make you appreciate and love the highs even more. Instead of getting caught up in anxiety, you’ll be able to step back and see how this moment is serving you. You’ll hand over your fears to the Universe and hear it gently and lovingly telling you, “I got you.”

    And if you allow yourself, you may even learn some profound lessons that will serve and support your journey as you continue to move forward in your manifestations.

    So have patience. Have trust. Know that you are being taken care of.

    If you’re looking for data and spreadsheets and quantifiable statistics that will tell you if your manifestation is on its way, I can’t give you that.

    What I can give you is this:

    You already know.

    Everything you’re looking for, you already possess.

    Make space in your life for silence. Listen to the gentle nudges and inner voice guiding you forward.

    You already know.

    You already know.


    Instead of tips and journal prompts here, I think what you may truly need here are some uplifting affirmations to remind you that you’re on the path, and all is really well. So here are a few of my favorite affirmations to remind me to have patience, surrender, and trust the process.

    • I honor my inner knowing and trust my path.
    • Everything is unfolding in perfect timing. I release worry and choose to trust.
    • I trust and believe that everything is always working out for my highest good.
    • I am peaceful. I am centered. I am grounded.
    • I am always gently held and lovingly guided by this Universe.
    • I release doubt and welcome faith.
    • I surrender control and allow the Universe’s loving presence to guide me.
    • I trust that everything I need comes to me at exactly the right place and time.
    • Everything is unfolding for me in perfect timing. I release worry and choose to trust.
    • I am trusting. What’s meant for me is already mine. I am exactly where I’m meant to be.
    • All that I seek I can find within me.
    • I know these dreams were put in my heart for a reason. I trust my path.

    For more manifesting secrets, daily affirmations, loving encouragement, and lots of positive vibes, be sure to follow me on Pinterest and Instagram! And don’t forget to check out these items in my online shop:

    manifestation not working
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  • Marie Forleo Quotes
    Quotes,  Self Love

    30 Inspiring Marie Forleo Quotes to Embrace Your Magic

    Looking for some powerful inspiration to lift your vibrations and guide you forward in your self-love journey? Check out 30 of my favorite Marie Forleo quotes, designed to help you step into your limitless power to create the life of your dreams.

    Marie Forleo Quotes
    Pin this! 30 Inspiring Marie Forleo Quotes to Embrace Your Inner Magic

    Marie Forleo

    Marie Forleo is a life coach, motivational speaker, and New York Times bestselling author of the books, Everything is Figureoutable and Make Every Man Want You.

    She is also the queen of producing irresistible, high-vibe, motivational quotes that will spurt you into action and help you to embrace your inner magic.

    To be honest, when I started out on my journey of personal growth, self-love, and creating the life of my dreams, I didn’t even know who Marie Forleo was. But as I was searching online for motivational quotes to add to my self-love toolkit, I stumbled across the first two quotes on this list.

    After that, I was hooked.

    Marie Forleo’s profound words are a powerful reminder of your limitless potential, immense power, and infinite ability to create the life of your dreams.

    Below, I’ve collected 30 of my favorite Marie Forleo quotes guaranteed to lift your vibrations and create everlasting self-belief within. Feel free to save, share, and come back to these words whenever you need to remember that you have the power to live the life that was always meant for you.

    Marie Forleo Quotes

    Marie Forleo quotes

    “The most powerful words in the universe are the words you say to yourself.”

    Marie Forleo quotes

    “What we say to ourselves in the privacy of our own minds, matters. It drives our behavior, which drives our destiny, which shapes our world.”

    Marie Forleo quotes

    “I win or I learn, but I never lose.”

    Marie Forleo quotes

    “Your potential is limitless. You are unique, valuable, capable, and worthy of the dreams in your heart. Most of all, you have what it takes to transform and transcend whatever challenges you face.”

    Marie Forleo quotes

    You always have more power than you think. Your mind is the most extraordinary tool you have to shape your reality.

    Marie Forleo quotes

    “Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally, it comes from what you do consistently.”

    Marie Forleo quotes

    “True fulfillment in life doesn’t come from what we get, it comes from what we give.”

    Marie Forleo quotes

    “Trust that feeling. It’s your life force. Your genius. Your destiny screaming to be realized.

    Marie Forleo quotes

    “Don’t let anyone tell you what you can’t do.”

    Marie Forleo quotes

    “Show up in every single moment like you’re meant to be there.”

    Marie Forleo quotes

    “The key to success is to start before you’re ready.”

    Marie Forleo quotes

    “You never feel ready to do the important things you’re meant to do.”

    Marie Forleo quotes

    “All progress begins with a brave decision.”

    Marie Forleo quotes

    “Nearly two decades later, I can say that the only thing that allowed me to take that leap was because a deeper, wiser part of me believed that somehow I’d be able to figure it out.”

    Marie Forleo quotes

    “To be responsible, keep your promises to others. To be successful, keep your promises to yourself.” 

    Marie Forleo quotes

    “Proactively bring passion to everything you touch, to everything you do. No matter what task is in front of you, bring as much enthusiasm and energy to it as you possibly can. Bring your full attention, your full presence, the Godlike quality that each of us has within, to every task in your day.”

    Marie Forleo quotes

    “I have never, ever, EVER met anyone who’s regretted following their heart.”

    Marie Forleo quotes

    “Just because someone doesn’t like what you do doesn’t mean no one else will. A person’s opinion is not The Truth, it’s their truth.”

    Marie Forleo quotes

    “There has never been and never will be another you. You have a purpose – a very special gift that only you can bring to the world.”

    Marie Forleo quotes

    “Your dreams aren’t made, or broken, by anyone but you.”

    Marie Forleo quotes

    “You were born with everything you need to answer the call of your soul.”

    Marie Forleo quotes

    “Showing up fully exactly where you are is the fastest way to get where you want to go!”

    Marie Forleo quotes

    “A fall is never final unless you stay on the ground.”

    Nine times out of ten, our fear is directive. It’s a signpost, pointing us in the exact direction our soul wants to go.

    Marie Forleo quotes

    “You must disobey the voice in your head that says, I’m not ready yet.”

    Marie Forleo quotes

    “When it comes to forks in the road, your heart always knows the answer, not your mind.”

    Marie Forleo quotes

    “Nothing exists in our world that does not first exist in our minds.”

    Marie Forleo quotes

    “All beliefs are a choice and choices can be changed.”

    Marie Forleo quotes

    “Never give anyone the power to control your emotions.”

    Marie Forleo quotes

    “Not having the best situation, but seeing the best in your situation is the key to happiness.” 

    For more profound quotes, plus uplifting affirmations, connect with me on Pinterest and Instagram! I’m pinning and posting empowering quotes, mantras, images, and affirmations daily!

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    Marie Forleo Quotes
    Pin this! 30 Inspiring Marie Forleo Quotes to Embrace Your Inner Magic